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Grassley wants answers on how suspected Nazis got social security payments

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley
Iowa Senator Charles Grassley

WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Orrin Hatch are seeking details from the Social Security Administration and the Justice Department on Social Security benefits given to suspected ex-Nazis.  It’s unclear why the federal government allowed millions of dollars to flow to these individuals, including those who have left the country. Record-keeping discrepancies have exacerbated uncertainty and confusion over U.S. government practice and policy on allowing ex-Nazis to retain their Social Security benefits.

“We have introduced bipartisan, bicameral legislation to close the Social Security loophole in order to prevent this practice in the future and hope that it will become law soon,” Grassley and Hatch wrote in letters to each agency.  “However, there remain questions about DOJ’s actions and what will be done in current cases if the law is not passed before they are resolved.”

Grassley and Hatch asked for statistics in areas including the total number of Nazi suspects who received Social Security benefits after leaving the United States, how many suspected Nazis currently receive Social Security benefits and live outside the country, information on the potential outcome of certain identified cases, and details of interaction between the Social Security Administration and the Justice Department on the issue.

Hatch is the sponsor and Grassley is an original cosponsor of bipartisan, bicameral legislation to terminate Social Security benefits for Nazi persecutors who receive them because of a loophole in current law.  The practice appeared to be little-known in recent years until an Associated Press report exposed the practice, leading to scrutiny from Congress and public outcry.

The Grassley-Hatch letter to Social Security Administration Acting Commissioner Carolyn W. Colvin is available here.  The Grassley-Hatch letter to Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. is available here.

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We need an auditor that reports things to the congress and senate so this crap doesn’t happen, where these payments are going etc. This is bullshit. The Social Security Administration has no accountability. They seem to run on auto pilot.

@John-It is going to get worse. All those illegal immigrants that Obama gave the illegal amnesty to are going to be able to get all the Social Security benefits now, without ever paying a penny for them. The only change we got from Obama was Chump Change.

That is not true.

Yes, it is.

No, it isn’t. Do your homework, don’t let Fox News do it for you.

bodacious, I saw it on headline news, they will be getting benefits.

@Maybe-It is no use. Bodacious has been drinking the kool aid so long he can’t even understand what he sees.

@Bodacious-get off the left wing sites and you might learn what is really happening. Obama has already changed what he said was going to happen when he illegally signed this abortion. Of course he lied again. Now you can try to make excuses for him because the truth must really hurt a democrat like you.

It won’t be any satisfaction when the SHTF and the world collapses around us and then and only then will they see that they were lied to but by then it will be too late.

@Maybe-Did you ever notice that whenever Bodacious is proven wrong he just quits posting for a couple of days hoping everyone will forget how misguided he is. I can understand how he would certainly be embarrassed over the communist he voted for.

Like that old saying, “pride cometh before the fall”. I think that bodacious and many other democrats on here agree with us, they see that we are right but because of their pride they refuse to say so. That has to be it, pride because anybody with an IQ above 2 has to see what is going on and that they are being lied to.

@Maybe-so true, sad but true.

Read or ask your wife to read it to you, then find someone who can explain the facts to you.

LVS, a very smart man once described you perfectly:

‘The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering. Idiots are always dead sure about every damn thing they are doing in their life.’ Vasudev

@Bodacious-Oh that hurts. You spent all that time finding a left wing site that would lie for you. It must really be painful to be proven wrong so many times.Now you can go sulk for a few more days loser.

I found a website that explained all the good obama has done, they said unemployment was down to 5% and the national debt was down to 1.7 tilllion. You can find a website that will say anything you want.

LVS Ha Ha. And, maybe, I agree that you can find information wherever you look that will either collaborate what you want it to. You and I do that a lot. I will believe the truth as I believe it to and you will believe the truth according to wherever you find it. But at least I will read your link or watch the video.

@Bodacious-You poor guy. I looked at it I just don’t believe it. When I heard it myself on two separate news sources I am not going to ever believe anything you find on the internet. Now, take two aspirin and go to bed. You will feel better in the morning if you stay off those sites.

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