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Mason City Harley Davidson dealership suffers in blaze (photos)

MASON CITY – Emergency responders raced to the Mason City Harley Davidson dealership Monday morning to deal with a blaze there.

Details are still coming in, however, most of the fire seems to have been confined to a large repair shed on the northwest corner of the property along 7th Street SW, just west of Federal Avenue. The fire seems to have started around 6 AM. The building appears to have suffered significant damage. Smoke was still billowing out of the structure at 10 AM. Firefighters were perched high on the extended arm trying to get a better look at the building and the fire source.

Ambulances and several fire trucks were waiting as other officials milled about the area. Federal Avenue from 8th Street SW to 7th Street SW was blocked by police.

Power was knocked out in the immediate vicinity. Alliant crews are now at the scene. North Iowa Community Credit Union closed due to the power outage.


























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Philly its not Mason City Harleys fault for loud pipes. Its no different than the drug dealers hear intown that sell their shit to people who in return go crazy and beat, rape, and just hurt their family. Didn’t some drugged/drunken lowlifes hurt your family?? Think about it Philly loud mufflers wont hurt you its just annoying.

Yes, my son-who was in the care of my estranged girlfriend, was murdered by a local Mason City man (possibly aided by girlfriend), and they were both known to be on methamphetamine at the time. But I disagree that loud tailpipes don’t hurt you. They cause great alarm, and can disrupt sleep patterns, creating an unexpected ‘anticipation anxiety’ which denies humans or wildlife the opportunity to settle into long term alpha brain wavelengths because of random disruptions.

And they are illegal precisely because they ARE annoying; it’s why the laws were drafted in the first place. The Iowa legislators knew that unbridled exhaust systems create widespread audible havoc, which greatly annoys and alarms citizens and wildlife in the communities. It’s why police used to enforce muffler laws strictly,but because of the Wars, and cable TV promoting chop shop bikes and muscle cars, a resurgence of muscle head motor sports began overshadowing laws in place

Harley Davidson does not sell new motorcycles that do not meet EPA standards for noise. Every new motorcycle that leaves Milwaukee has mufflers that are state legal. Any motorcycle that has loud exhaust was made that way by the owner. Actually, Iowa does not have a motorcycle noise limit, or dba limit. There is a federal law adopted sometime in the 70’s which makes it illegal to modify any exhaust system but is not enforced, possibly because of the cost/maintenance/training of the sound…

So it seems there are people out there that are blaming Harley Davidson for loud motorcycles, when they should be complaining about the people that own/ride them. I’m glad winter is here, we should have at least 6 months peace and quiet, no loud motorcycles. I wish that the vehicles with the huge sound systems would go away too. I also wish there were no more wars/killing, child molesters, rapists, drunk drivers, drunks that think they are superman, wife beaters, cigarettes, etc, etc, etc.

Harley Davidson is blamed (rightfully so) because they sell aftermarket illegal, loud tailpipe products and install them onsite, thereby becoming complicit in the violation of Iowa law. If the police, or Dept. of transportation weren’t apathetically biased, they’d go in there and shut down HD for doing this, but they don’t, because the fad has steam-rolled over laws in place. If they want it to be legal, go to Des Moines and try and change the law like everyone else has to.

And Allen, Harley Davidson workers know what they’re doing is illegal;they’re just enjoying a long fruitful period of public trending, and police complicity. Even the wives of mechanics know it’s wrong. I talked to one during the election. She told me her husband worked at HD in Mason City, and that she hated loud bikes, and wished he wouldn’t make them so loud, but was helpless to do anything about it. These guys KNOW. The Minerts know…EVERYONE KNOWS.

And seasonally Allen, you’ve got it backwards. If loud noise is to be tolerated it should be during the winter months, when everyone is inside. The summer months are when people and children like to go outside and enjoy the warm weather…in their yards, on their front porches, walking down sidewalks etc.

It should of said, cost/maintenance/training of the sound machine…

321.436 MUFFLERS, PREVENTION OF NOISE.Every motor vehicle shall at all times be equipped with a muffler in good working order and in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise and annoying smoke, and no person shall use a muffler cutout, bypass or similar device upon a motor vehicle on a highway.
723.4 DISORDERLY CONDUCT 2.Makes loud and raucous noise in the vicinity of any residence or public building which causes unreasonable distress to the occupants

Regardless if you like Harley Davidson, the owners, the employees, or the product they sell, why would anybody in their right mind think that this is great… Someone could have been seriously injured or killed in this fire. Even if they don’t rebuild and move out of town, there will still be HD motorcycles on city streets and highways…

it’s the drugs

I don’t think this is great. What I am doing is holding this organization responsible for the amount of serious degradation to quality of life towards peaceful, law abiding citizens who want to enjoy their communities and property, without being harassed and terrorized by unsympathetic, uncaring, selfish men and women who think nothing to spike their decibel levels down a residential or downtown street with flagrant disregard and impunity. To these charges HD is guilty as charged

You are just pissed off at them because you can’t handle alittle noise, grow a pair and deal with it. Ever hear of ear plugs?

What I’m pissed off about is the notion of selective enforcement of the law. If in fact everyone thinks loud tailpipes are the Bomb, then let the Iowa Lawmakers repeal muffler requirements…and let the Federal Noise standards be repealed. Do what everyone else needs to do if they want a law overturned: go to Des Moines or Washington and lobby lawmakers to change the law. I’m not into cliquish fads, and it seems the entire nation, including the cops are caught up in a loud FAD.

I’ve already won this debate numerous times over. I’ve pointed out numerous state laws violated and unenforced. It is only with thuggish brutishness that law authoritarians look the other way, steam rolling over Iowa Laws, to help their buddies rule the road. Marijuana users must spend millions of dollars, face hundreds of years in prison sentences and arrests to lobby to change the law, yet Harley riders break law with no consequences every day with flagrancy. Why?

Need more tax dollars or we will not rebuild

Pretty sure they have insurance.

Yeah, the insurance is called: City of Mason City Watching Your Back. Don’t bother looking for a policy yourself, as you can only secure one at the Country Club via invitation.

This is really to bad. A lot of folks depend on this business for a living and their recreation.

Come on Philly you are only speculating and pissed off about loud pipes. Grow up and use ear plugs.

Oh man…Christmas has come early. I guess Karma does work…takes a while, but works. Thanks Buddha. And btw, if you think I’m being mean spirited consider this Harley Davidson shop is responsible for sales and fitting of ILLEGAL, LOUD tailpipe aftermarket products designed to terrorize the public and make our summers miserable. Then again, insurance scams are always a possibility as well, and the Fire Marshall should thoroughly investigate this for signs of arson.

Oh, get a grip…

The court house worker who doesn’t want to favor the laws because she’s a culturally conformed woman who while personally annoyed by loud aggravating tailpipe noise on her streets and in her community, accepts that somehow it must be okay, since police aren’t doing anything about it. This woman works at the COURTHOUSE…where she sees people paying fines and going to jail and prison everyday. I’ve a word for such a trickster: FRAUD.

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