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Op-ed: Voter ID leads to discrimination (by Peter Children)

The Globe brought out their big gun recently in a guest editorial. I know Todd Blodgett, been in his company a couple of times and found him to be very knowledgeable and a very accomplished writer.

In his guest view today he talks about voter ID; touchy subject…leads directly to discrimantion of the very poor in this country.  The very poor in our country have little identification; they don’t drive, they don’t have credit cards, they don’t have insurance, they don’t belong to any clubs.  All of the afore mentioned provides a card that in many ways identifies you. These people have little on their person that could identify them in the same manner you could.  But they’re not stupid, they want to vote and they know who they want to vote for; they want to vote for Obama.  Senator Mitch McConnals and the rest of the Republicans of the world don’t want them to vote, not now, not ever…..

I don’t think the founding fathers had voter ID’s in mind when they drafted the constitution.  Studies have proven that in nationwide elections far less than a fraction of one percent is attributed to voter fraud. Voter ID is a ploy to exclude a segment of our society and deny them their rights as citizens of this nation.

I totally agree with Todd that voting is the greatest privilege this country offers, far more important than boarding a plane or renting a car…but these people don’t rent cars or board planes…and he knows that. What they do is vote and the election of 2008 proved that overwhelmingly.

When Bush was president and the war was raging, he gave Haliburton “no bid” contracts; forget the fact that its largest shareholder and former C.E.O. was his Vice President Dick Chenny. A lot of the money we owe to China went to pay Haliburton who really really stuck it to us.

If Holder and Obama are guilty of anything, it is trying to protect the rights of the poor. If Nixion would have had the necessary proof of what Todd alleges, he would not have walked away, meaning it was and still is only conjure.  Look what went on in Florida with Bush and Gore….remember hanging chads?  In the end the Supreme Court decided the election.  Nixion was no stranger to breaking the law.  And if deportation was delayed for 215,000 illegal aliens it was not so they could vote for him because they cannot vote. Its public record that voter fraud in this country amounted to less than 50,000 that they think were able to vote illegally which isn’t even close to 215,000, in fact it is minuscule to the overall total votes cast.  One more thing; I have friends who live in Chicago and they are very honest people; we can’t be painting all people with the same brush…….


Peter Children

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