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Op-ed: Lifelong resident had enough

This news story was published on December 4, 2011.
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With the election of this new, very young council and current belligerent Mayor, my wife and I have decided to put our home up for sale and leave our life long residency in Mason City. We don’t do this with out much thought and a sense of sadness and loss.

We live on the east side of town and probably won’t be affected by toxins from this new experimental business being proposed. If the city gives them tax breaks we will.

Nonetheless, our disappointment in the attitude of the elected officials in Mason City has led us to believe the trend of the last two years will continue.

Our taxes have increased more in the last two years then any other time in our 45 years in our home. The irresponsibility of this new test business and the likelihood of a new multipurpose center being promoted will add more unnecessary tax burden to an already unbearable tax load.

Research shows us we can find comparable living with the same amenities without the ever-increasing tax burdens.

We have endured the additional tax burdens caused by Tax Increment Financing projects such as the Southbridge Mall, Indianhead (Wal-Mart), and Fareway to name a few.

More recent was the crazy expenditure of $100,000.00 the Mayor and City Council gave to the Harley-Davison motorcycle shop on South Federal.

The tax future does not bode well for the citizens of Mason City. We doubt there will be anything but a green light given to this new start up business and any other give away scheme this new group can think up.

We are not interested in being used any more and will move on.

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One Response to Op-ed: Lifelong resident had enough

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    manda Reply Report comment

    March 20, 2012 at 12:53 am

    i too have lived here all my life, in fact i was born at Mercy.
    i too have had enough of what is going on here in Mason city, to the point where i to am pulling up stakes and leaving.

    as much as don not like Minnesota, i have someone looking for a place for me to move my business to there.
    eveything i have in Iowa (Mason City) id either going to be moved or sold.

    once again i would like to personally thank Eric Bookmeyer for making a very hard decision VERY EASY.
    for the rest you, you put him there, now deal with it and i hope you all enjoy it