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What’s your favorite ad jingle?

MASON CITY — Come on, North Iowans. It’s time to sing along with some favorite commercial tunes:

“Don’t make, a big mistake, make it Lake, …”

How about this one:

“Zilge’s Appliance Center, where …”

And revving it up a bit,

“Auto Edge, the Leading Edge.”

Where would we be without the catchy jingles on radio and TV ads that we hear while driving around town or channel surfing?

Probably a lot more clear-headed. 😉

But they do tend to put a little spring in your step or maybe even a smile on your face, like when you’re hearing about Arby’s “Good Mood Food” or — this always makes me laugh ñ the “whole honkin’ cow” in the Taco Bell steak burrito commercial.

Some jingles are really good. We get them stuck in our heads, as they’re meant to do, and hum, maybe even sing them out loud, or drive straight to whatever store and buy-buy-buy. OK, maybe that’s pretty rare, but presumably they do influence us or they wouldn’t keep playing them, right?

They seem to be especially popular for hardware and do-it-yourself stores, perhaps to leave the listener with the impression that the project will be fun, if not a snap. “You’ve got a lot more going for you with Hank,” or “Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man.”

Then there’s the Menard’s “Save Big Money” slogan, indicating that you really can’t afford not to shop there. The one I really like is from Fleet Farm, where it’s so fun that you’ll want to go to store after store. “We’re going to another Fleet Farm — We love it!

There are many softer slogans, like “Ten Northern Iowa Coupons …” or “Heaven’s Best, carpet cleaning …” or the lovely ballad about fortifying your basement walls by calling the good folks at “Anchored Walls.”

Grocery shopping just wouldn’t be the same without thinking of all the helpful smiles in every aisle, or humming, “We’re Fareway, You’re family,” as you stride through the parking lot.

Judging by the amount of singing along in the car, some of the most popular jingles in my family are from Diamond Jo Casino, the robust “Overhead Door, Company of Mason City,” which the males all seem to love to belt out, or the “Oh-oh-oh, O’Reilley, Auto Parts” tune, punctuated by the hugely popular “Yeow” at the end.

The Casey’s “It’s all good” jingle is a great pick-me-up.

A few other winners are the catchy “Find Cars Dot Com — Click, Beep-beep, zoom;” Subway’s tasty “Five-dollar footlong” ads; First Citizens National Bank’s jazzy little tune, and MBT’s “All about you” jingle.

I’m sure a few others have popped into your head while reading this.

So …

How about a little poll?

Which on-air jingle is the best?
The Overhead Door Company of Mason City

Zilge’s Appliance Center

Lake Chevrolet

O’Reilley Auto Parts?

Do you have other favorites?

Respond with the name and we’ll put them in a future poll.|

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