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Mason City police hand out citations to employees at businesses that fail alcohol compliance checks

MASON CITY – Mason City police handed out citations to employees at local businesses that failed alcohol compliance checks.

On Saturday, December 7, 2019, the Mason City Police Department conducted alcohol compliance checks at local businesses that hold retail sales or on premises licenses issued by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division.

Three businesses sold alcohol to a person under age 21. Employees were cited for the violation and given a court date. The scheduled fine, surcharge, and court cost for selling alcohol to a minor is $735.00. Those cited include the following:

  • Victor Juarez-Diaz, age 36, at Northside Liquor, 1303 N Federal Ave
  • Raul Juarez-Rubio, age 43, at Liquor, Tobbaco and Grocery, 18 N Monroe Ave
  • Steven Zimmer, age 25, at HyVee Gas, 1503 4th Street SE

The Mason City Police Department would like to take this opportunity to remind liquor retailers to always verify that customers are of the legal age before selling them alcohol. When in doubt, request identification to verify date of birth of the purchaser. Refuse to sell to those without identification or those who may present questionable identification.

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Are minors fined for attempting to buy liquor?

Bout time northside got busted, they have been selling to minors for a long, long time

Town is full of:
Tattoo Parlors
Tanning Parlors
Alcohol Sales and
empty buildings….but we do have a 35 million dollar ice skating rink!!

Only thing left is the return of the strip joints.

…..and corrupted Law enforcement and county attorneys that forge warrants to make an arrest and get SUED and lose.
That should have been a front page story last year.

She was awarded $260,000 dollars after sheriff/county attorneys worked in cohorts to change and alter an active warrant to arrest her.. SOUNDS LIKE TRUMP AND THE FBI.

BUT that is hush hush at voting time…shhhhhhhhh

My reason for the offenders to attend the AA meetings was for them to hear how alcohol ruins lives and families. Maybe after hearing it for 50 hours it will sink in. Alcohol abuse is no joke.

The fine should be at least $1000.00 and attend 50 hours of AA meetings

And vehicle moving violations should lose license for 60 days and have to take defensive driving course.

Yes, Allen, this is just as asinine as your post.

Actually, I find Allen’s post directly on point. The current fines and actions do not go far enough to force compliance with the law.

We have these laws, not only locally, but on the state level as well, to keep booze out of the hands of underage people.

We all make mistakes as was the case of the HyVee clerk, the other business however thumbs his nose at our community on a wholesale basis.

He and his employees do not care who they sell to, be it booze or tobacco. In his case, the consequences are insufficient. He cares not, because he does not even live in our community.

I believe it prudent, that further violations should be met with the suspension of his license for at least 30 days. That might get these business owners attention.

I can go along with giving them a boot in the pants for repeats. I think 30 days for 2nd time 60 for third. The problem I have with Allen’s post, is the stipulation of attending AA meetings. I can go along with raising the fine to a grand, but not the meetings.

I agree with Allen on everything except the AA meetings. They are only good for someone who wants to change. Otherwise they are a waste of time and money.

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