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Waterloo man sent to prison for burglary of Fertile home business

NORTHWOOD – A Waterloo man has been sent to prison for his burglary attempt in Fertile.

On November 23, 2018 at about 1:20 AM the Worth County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a robbery on the 100 Block of W Main Street in Fertile, Iowa. A Worth County Deputy arrived on scene to find the glass broken out of the front door. The owners of the property were present at the time of the break in. The owners scared off the intruder who fled out the front door running east on W Main Street on foot. The owners observed a vehicle soon after leave the Fertile Park area. The Worth County Sheriff’s Office conducted a full investigation along with the assistance of multiple law enforcement agencies to include; Clear Lake Police Department, Department of Public Safety, and Linn County Sheriff’s Office.

With the conclusion of a multi-jurisdictional effort, charges were filed against 36-year-old Jonathan Henry Martin of Waterloo, Iowa. Martin was charged with Burglary 1st Degree (b felony), Two counts of Theft 1st Degree (c felony), Theft 2nd Degree (d felony), Dominion/Control of Firearm/Offensive Weapon by Felon (d felony), and Criminal Mischief 3rd Degree (aggravated misdemeanor).

Martin later pled guilty to third-degree burglary and first-degree theft while the other charges were dismissed. He was sent to a state prison in Fort Dodge for up to 5 years.


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drop the gun charge? im sick of iowas courts. wanna get away with crime? be a meth head or sexual predator and iowa courts will slap you onthe wrist. some 19 yo girl who commited the “crime” of possessing pot…… iowa courts suddenly need to destroy her life with the full weight of the law her butt is grass. dont matter that major public opinion is that nobody half smart gives a damn about pot. we want the courts to charge violent drug addicts who break into family homes with stolen guns sentenced to the max for any and all of their criminal behavior i think the judges are pussies afraid to do the right thing and cops who write tickets or arrest ppl for anything other than violent crime or theft need new jobs. enforcing laws against victimless crime makes tyrrants not leo.

” cops who write tickets or arrest ppl for anything other than violent crime or theft need new jobs.”

So, I can come over and burn your house to the ground, and you would be fine with that?

You, my friend, are a moron. There has to be rules, rather we like them or not. There are to many people that would look for the above type of things just because they could get away with doing something shitty to some one else.

you can try. my family live there id call it attempted murder and shoot you on stand your ground. youre the moron. obviously arson is a violent crime. you keep being an internet smart/tough guy maybe someday youll impress someone. i dont need cops and consequence to do the right thing or defend myself. they need to be worried about heroin and violence. in your dumb hypo how would cops save my home from your arson? they have teleportation? cops dont fight fire. you are a stupid piece of shit pussy lol.

my understanding is youre supposed to shoot neck tattooed meth addicts when they break into your home or threaten your safety in the st. we have castle doctrine and stand your ground use them when need be. this aint rochester iowa wont ruin your life for self defense like your name is alexander. poor kid minnesota is out to get him becaus3 they value the lives of trash above those of real human beings.

Shooting them makes more sense than anything else.

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