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Shots fired again in Mason City, police investigating

MASON CITY – More shots were fired again in Mason City over the weekend and police are investigating.

Shortly before noon on Saturday, September 28th, Mason City police officers responded to the alley east of the 300 block of North Monroe Avenue on a report of possible gunfire. None of the people involved in the shooting were at the scene when officers arrived.

No one was injured in the incident. Officers found shell casings from two different firearms in the alley.

Two search warrants have been served in the course of this investigation but no arrests have been made at this time.

This investigation is still active and anyone with information should contact the Mason City Police Department.

NIT previously reported on a shooting incident that took place on Sept. 21 that led to charges being brought.

A Mason City man was also shot earlier, and police continue to investigate that incident, as well.

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How many shootings have there been in this city??!!! City officials and the police are turning a blind eye to the decline and destruction of Mason City. Increased drug activity, burglaries, and shootings and they want to tell us Mason City is safe as ever, isolated incidents between parties…. well it is spilling over to our general population!! It is only getting worse as the days go on. The police department seems ill fitted to handle these situations. These thugs know that and the criminal activity will continue to spiral out of control. It is sad how city officials and our police have let our city become dangerous and run down.

If Russ didn’t rent to these people, someone else would. Wherever there what is a need, there will be someone to fill that need. Instead of crying like a baby on here about what’s happening, get off your lazy behind and do something about it. If you can’t fix the problem, or are to dumb to try, shut up.

He runs slum houses just to make a profit. Whenever he buys a property the whole neighborhood suffers. He should be run out of town on a rail. The city refuses to do anything because of the taxes he pays. Look at the junk yard he has on Monroe right in center of a housing area. Make him clean up his property and keep it clean. If all you can do is run off your big mouth STFU.

RUSSEL HARDY PROPERTIES!!! That scumbag no good slumlord needs to be stopped by the city from bringing cockroaches like that all the time! Most of his properties are filled with those no good live off taxpayers SCUMBAGS! They come here and sell drugs and do all the stabbings and shootings in this town!!!

In the article in the Globe Gazette the police chief stated our city is safe as it has ever been BULLSHIT.These people are shooting real guns it won’t be long before someone that is not involved is either hurt or killed.

And eventually a bullet will fly through some random house and strike a child. Gunfights will become common even in broad daylight. It’s almost as if the city has been abandoned. Left to rot. Just like a ghetto. Timid, tired, and scared city hall looks the other way.

Russell Hardy properties!!! When will the city stop this maggot slumloard from bringing in these cockroaches into our town???!!!

Its all about the $$$$ !!!!

Send the Chitcago and Deadtroit thugs back where they came from.

The city has seen better days. Send in the clowns.

Dumb Ass didn’t Blong here

Blong? You mean bong Lairy?

little shitco here we are, ship em in, bring mo drugs gang bangers.

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