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OPINION: Mueller’s investigation will stop Trump’s appointment to Supreme Court

Listen up!

Due to Justice Kennedy’s recent announcement stating his intention to retire, Robert Mueller, Special Counsel investigating the Russian probe on several fronts, will prematurely bring his findings to the forefront. This will halt any chance Donald Trump might have to fill Justice Kennedy’s vacant seat.

If you think Robert Mueller is stupid, think again.

The republicans are acutely aware of this and already have compiled a possible roster to replace Kennedy, mirroring their own ilk. Now the race to shape the direction America takes for the next 40 years has commenced. Who do you think will win?

Peter Children
Mason City

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Hate Trump?
Trump did not: raise your taxes, quadruple the cost of food,
Stir a race war, leave soldiers in Bengahsi, send our navy to
fight for Al-Qaeda, arm ISIS and kill Christians, provide
financing and tech. To Iran’s nuclear program, give military
secrets to China, shrivel our military, betray our vets, cripple
Our economy, increase our debt to 20 trillion dollars, steal your
rights, violate the constitution, commit treason hundreds of times,
That was the Democrat Obama.

The author reminds me of another Peter from Clear Lake that hates loud motorcycles. Maybe they are related???? Yes.

Mueller is just doing his job for the SOCIALIST DEMORATS.

If Mueller doesn’t stop him the abortion law will be overturned. As for the tariffs they where in the works long before he took office. The cost of goods will rise due to inflation. A decade ago they built detention centers throughout the United States to hold large groups of people and this was before all these protests going on. Mueller ain’t going to stop sh!t. Hillary never stood a chance. So get out and protest. Vent some anger and get arrested. Then get your ass back to work. lol

Democrats were once a political party. Now they are an inexplicable Mental Heal Crisis that threatens the existence of the United States.

You sure repeat yourself a lot. You must be very simple minded.

Heal crisis? Like in a wound heal? Wow!

Try “health” if it is to difficult for you to understand.

Democrats were once a political party. Now they are an inexplicable Mental-Heath crisis that threatens the existence of the United States.

Heath crisis? Like in the candy bar? I like them!

So goes the farm….so goes the country. Take away the farm welfare and watch….there goes the
$80,000 pickup truck
$75,000 wife’s Cadillac Escalade
$500,000 condo in Cabo San Lucas
$300,000 renovation to the house.
$50,000 pool & hot tub.


If the farmer is buying the things you say, it’s it better by recycling funds back into the community rather than buying a CD and letting it sit on the sides line. Think of the hundreds…maybe thousands of jobs created to produce the items you stated verses walking into a bank to by a CD and thereby removing the currency from circulation?

Who needs Hollywood when we got this zany political theater unfolding right before our eyes. Like the gun fight at the OK Corral it will be down to the wire with mass media hysteria stoking the flames. One wonders who or what will be thrown into the mix as everyday provides a new twist and turn where strangeness is the new norm.

So goes the farm….so goes the country. Take away the farm support and watch food cost go through the roof

So goes the farm….so goes the country. Take away the farm welfare and watch….there goes the
$80,000 pickup truck
$75,000 wife’s Cadillac Escalade
$500,000 condo in Cabo San Lucas
$300,000 renovation to the house.
$50,000 pool & hot tub.

Back to their roots..peasants. Chasing Frankenstein with their trusty wooden pitchforks. Wind mills included. lol

Meanwhile the farmers are enjoying a lavish lifestyle courtesy of every US taxpayer.
If they did it on their own, great.
But they are not doing it on their own as the just love to suck off of the US taxpayer teat.
It is not Farm Subsidies….
It is Farm Welfare.

If China along with one or two other countries stop buying our farm products, the ethanol subsidy won’t matter. You’ll end up with a enormous surplus and the price or farm commodities will drop like a rock and with it will be the land value. That’s simple arithmetic it’s not difficult to grasp. Question is given the chance would you vote for Trump again?

Great comment.
But the die hard Trumpers that are left will just spout out some more BS…”build the wall”, “get rid of all the illegals by stealing their children”… “Nobody cares about the economy, infrastructure or anything really important”

That’s is all that the trump supporters limited intellect can handle.
And that is why Trump loves his base, not very bright, gullible as hell, ignorant as the day is long and they just love chugging down that Orange Kool-Aid.

“Nobody cares about the economy, infrastructure or anything really important”

Actually, people do care. But, the news media has flooded the air waves with anti trump news, and don’t report on anything else.

China’s program of slash and burn the Amazon to plant the world’s greatest soybean super field will be king!

Not quite, Jeff Bezos stopped them.
“I will never let any country harm Amazon” – Jeff Bezos

Which Amazon do you mean?

Let’s see my choice is too vote for open borders or law an order…..
mmmm that’s a tough one. Liberals are such idiots



Are you watching the ethanol subsidy? There is activity there. If it goes away, what is black gold today, will turn to tin overnight.

I could be mistaken (rare) but didn’t Trump get the farm vote? How’s that going?

Exactly, the farmers were all over Trump…MAGA my ass.
But now that the guy that they supported has bent them over and screwed them with his tariffs, they are all now whiny little bitches, groaning & moaning “Oh whoa is me”
Well tough shit boys, you elected that asshole.
I don’t blame Trump, as anyone with even an ounce of common sense knew what a disaster Trump would be.

How’s that going? Just peachy keen. Cash soybeans are $7.83 a bu. In July 2012 cash soybeans were over $17 a bu. Wasn’t that black guy president then?

Brazil soybeans rule the world. China’s super mega enormous, just build their own canal because the Panama Canal is so puny, ships could probable haul all of Iowa’s corp in one trip on a ship.Don’t they own a big chunk of our debt secured in bonds anyway. This is why we have a top man on the post in China. Go Terry!

What did he have to do with the price of soybeans?

He was smart enough not to piss off our biggest customer something every good businessman knows.


Yes but cotton prices were down, what does that tell you?

That you are challenged.

As we all are.


More #metoo fallout. One step forward two steps back. They will go after this abortion law just as Iowa has done. Stormy Daniels is the unwitting stooge in this big political circus act. The once esteemed FBI is being dragged through the mud with Mueller in the limelight. Immigration is one big fiasco keeping people all riled up seething with anger. The extravagant shopping at big department stores has now been reduced to getting your clothes in a box through Amazon and such. And to top it all off the Russians are coming..again. They have already been fishing at Kennebunkport with George. So, place your bets. Going with big money on this one. Sure thing.

KOSHER ? Like the corrupt clintons -obama- comey rosenstein -lynch – mueller – wassweman schultz – stoz – Bannon – half of the justice deptartment -40 % of the fbi – mueller works for the Anti American obama who thinks he;s still president and hillery who has not realized she LOST – what a group of felons who think they are smart – only the BUSINESS MAN TRUMP TOOK AND AUDIT AND THESE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO JAIL. (when the swamp begins to drain)

You truly are one ignorant & gullible fool.
So that means that you have the qualifications to be a Trump supporter.

Bannon????? Do you mean Steve Bannon?

Since I wrote this it seems things are moving much faster than anyone could have imagined. It now seems that chief justice Kennedy son is embroiled in something that’s not entirely kosher this could’ve been the reason for his fathers early retirement stay tuned.

Geez Pete ! Get cable TV – those fake corrupt democrap news channels are getting to you – Poor guy – Dementia ?

Pete your so full of your own liberal chit – kick Maxine out of your bed and take 2 more wiffs of that Mexican gold and sleep it off !

Mueller, “will prematurely bring his findings to the forefront.” Prematurely, either way, he’s been investigating this for over a year, it’s about time to tell what he’s found, or not.

If he had anything he would have released it long ago. The liberals would never sit on anything they think would hurt Trump. So far everything they have tried has failed.

That’s exactly what I think. Mueller is just stalling, hoping he will find, something, to save his ugly face. Imagine what his BS is costing the tax payers.

Allen you and Anonymous July 1, 2018 at 8:29 am sure do seem to want this out of the way quickly. Perhaps too quickly.
You forget that that Watergate scandal & investigation took over 2 years to bring down another corrupt & lying Republican President, one Richard M Nixon.

You Trump supporters just spew out whatever your Orange puppet master tells you and the hell with getting at the truth, eh?

Robert Mueller is very thorough and will get to the truth in due time.
It takes time to unravel all of the money trails, corruption and collusion that Trump is deeply involved in.

And that is something that makes Trump very nervous, as it well should.

Actually I’m not in a hurry, I’m just tired of reading/hearing about it in the news daily.

Allen, You calling mueller ugly is pretty comical considering where it is coming from.

Old Bodacious, the fired teacher looking in the mirror again.

Mule ear will be locked up with the rest of the anarchists

Does that include eric holder and clinton? I like that, it’s funny, “mule ear”.

I don’t think Muller is stupid, but you sure are. Senile old man.

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