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Opinion: Gatehouse can’t deliver, G8 suing our pants off, Bookmeyer got us in this mess, don’t be dumb, vote no

I read John Skipper’s thoughts this morning and I can see the analogy he is trying to lay out. This has turned into a real boondoggle – it’s more than that, Bookmeyer and his half of the council have turned this into a real cluster cluck.

It has his paw prints all over it and is easily identified from the stench that comes with everything he touches. Look back to the burning plant, he tried to push that through but thankfully failed.

Next came the pig people; if you read what NIT recently reported about China looking elsewhere for its pork, that entire industry could be in serious trouble. Hong Kong consumes 50,000 hogs a day…..if that is the case build the process plant and the confinement pens there.

The livestock business today is much different than it was when I was young. Today it is heavily laden with carcinogenic poisons that can kill you. And it doesn’t stop with the pigs and the chickens; it also permeates the grain industry. Cancer-causing drugs on the land to control the weeds… fluids sprayed on the ground go into the ground water and into the streams causing cancer that often kill the fish and us with it. The way to stop it is ban that type of agriculture within the state. Instead of trying to add to the yield by using chemicals….raise the prices on the crop. Farmers get cancer and so do their families probably in a higher proportion than the rest of the population. How do you expect to find a cure for cancer when every day we are aiding and abetting in the spread of this disease with the water we drink and the food we eat. People say there is a cure for cancer but the medical society doesn’t want us to have it. That’s Bullshit. you can’t stop cancer when you’re feeding it to the entire grocery industry.

We see on television fines imposed on the automobile industry that run into the hundreds of millions of dollars because they tried to cheat on the emission systems of the car they were selling. This happened to Volkswagen. We’re concerned with the air we breathe, that’s why we fined them for cheating. Why not fine the farmers
who use chemicals on the land and inject every pig with the fast growth additives? Want to know why? Because we have a strong farm lobby in Washington DC, our representatives are farmers themselves.

Can you grasp what I am saying? You can’t have your cake and eat it to. Some of the smartest people in the world live in America. The accomplishments made in the field of chemistry and medicine are unparalleled throughout the world. Why then doesn’t some research firm trying to develop chemicals to improve farming yields, with a focus on achieving the same results but, cancer free, the same way with the fast growth additives; why does it have to be carcinogenic?

Let’s go back to the issue at hand; the hotel and ice rink. The first thing that is missing here is honesty….the truth is absent and with it the due diligence that is part and parcel of every project. Here is the truth….the numbers are fictitious. There isn’t sufficient population to support this wet dream of Eric Bookmeyer. You could bus people in from out of town and it still would not cash flow. What’s on the table in front of you here is a quagmire; the final cost of it could run $35-$40 million. Stop and think, we are not short of hotel rooms and we have an ice facility at the fairgrounds. No more than $500,000.00 investment in the facility at the fairgrounds would make it look spectacular. Don’t be tricked into voting to put the city deeper into debt. Use your good judgment and vote against this proposal, soon the curse that Eric Bookmeyer brought to this community will be gone and with it, his subordinates. If you think about it we have our own form of cancer here, all we have to do is survive the next few months and our administration will be cancer-free. I am not including Brent Trout in this analogy, God knows he fell on the sword so many times for Bookmeyer it’s a wonder he didn’t bleed to death.

Now Gatehouse is in arrears in delivering their development outline….and the former developer G8 is suing the city….this has Bookmeyer all over it and his ventriloquist puppets along with him. Vote No!!

Peter Children
Mason City, Iowa

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