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Callanan campaign makes illegal contribution to Joni Ernst campaign

Casey Callanan
Casey Callanan

CLEAR LAKE – It has been revealed to that Casey Callanan, Republican candidate for 2nd district Cerro Gordo County Supervisor, has made an illegal campaign contribution to the U.S. Senate campaign for Joni Ernst, and had to pay back the funds.

According to a state official with the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board, “Mr. Callanan is [going to] have to write a personal check to his campaign for the $150.00 contribution that he gave to Joni Ernst Campaign. Since Mr. Callanan is making the correction now this will be made on his January 19, 2015 report. Mr. Callanan will have to send me a copy of the check he writes back to his committee.”

The official also told our source, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, that “I do think this is information the voters should have.”

See the filing here.  The filing shows that Mr. Callanan paid his campaign back the $150.00 contribution.

According to Iowa law:

“A candidate’s committee shall not accept contributions from, or make contributions to, any other candidate’s committee including candidate’s committees from other states or for federal office, unless the candidate for whom each committee is established is the same person. For purposes of this section, “contributions” includes monetary and in-kind contributions but does not include travel costs incurred by a candidate in attending a campaign event of another candidate and does not include the sharing of information in any format.”

Joni Ernst
Joni Ernst

Callanan is running against Democrat Doug Nelson of Clear Lake and Independent John Drury of Swaledale.

When asked for comment, Mr. Drury said “Obviously I’m not privy to how Mr. Callanan manages his campaign funds but it’s just common sense that there are rules for campaign donations and they apply to everyone.”

Mr Callanan and Mr. Nelson did not immediately respond to questions about this matter.

A courthouse insider told NIT that “I think Casey seems like a real nice guy.  But, he’s never attended a Cerro Gordo County Supervisor meeting in his life.  Not one.  And there’s something very wrong with that picture.”

Ernst is embroiled in a neck-and-neck race with Bruce Braley.  Both candidates are spending vast sums of money on ads.

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@ Web, what you said your right how when it is a Republican, breaks the law it is like, no big deal. Look how Republitard’s do when one of them goes bad. Ok look at all the laws been broke by Todd Blodgett, drugs, taking guns into bars, accessive force, possession, alot. Gets off every time. That is why he is Republitard they lock us up let their kind go. Some country we got, you got money you know high people you get off, your poor you get locked up. Vote for Don Nelson.

@ Berkuh, not sure if Todd gets money from his folks, probably don’t even need it. If I was Gary Blodgett I would not give him a damn dime. Todd made alot off his racist record company’s. I googled, says he sold the company for $250,000, made alot off it when he owned it. This was for alot of years, big bucks in that kinda music. It was called Resist records, the world’s biggest one of prejudice CD’s, magazines ect. Bet he sucks up to old doc tho, to keep in the will. Todd likes money.

@ Mrs. S, your so right, Republitard’s don’t give a rat’s if working people takes jobs only pay min. wage, what do they care. Who feeds kids on $15 thousand a year. My 2 cent’s is Republitard’s like Gary Blodgett uses money hit’s real hard to stop worker’s get good people in. Old doc he just wants to keep things good for him and his wealthy family and friends. I say vote for Doug, he cares about people like me we are the back bone of the country, not rich people the Blodgett’s and them.

@ North Adams, it doesn’t surprise me Dr. Blodgett’s campaign paid rent to win Mason City, gave people $100 to put yard signs out. This is the Republitard way, the reason Joe LaPointe lost to Gary. I helped Mike Dunn run against old Doc, he out-spent Mike by better then 10 to 1. It sure would be nice if Blodgett’s would just take their money, their politics, and move to Florida or Arizona, some place. They can play golf with the rich Republitard’s there, stop messing in our elections.

Paying people to put out yard signs– now that is just beautiful! Never attending a meeting of the Board of Supervisors and you want to be one!!! Wonderful!! Not having to campaign for yourself– let the Blodgett’s do it for you– special!!

And we wonder what is wrong with this country!!

@ Berkah, paying people to put out yard signs is not the only dirty trick Gary Blodgett’s son played, back in the day. He use to work for Lee Attwater, this was the all time king of dirty politics. I use to work at the Globb, was there when Doc ran, the first one. mr. Metro told him he would not run some press release, it wasn’t really news, Mr. Metro said. So doc says oh yes you will, Blodgett calls up a big stock holder in Lee, his rich friend makes us run his press release. See now?

@ Julie, went to school with Todd he hates to lose, like, nobody you ever seen. Looks like he was in the old man’s campaigns at least one anyways. Heard his mom told him to lay off Amanda Ragan. Got this from my buddy Steve, he is drinking buddys with Todd. Am glad he is not going after her, he does sure know how to make alot of trouble. Todd don’t like to lose, not at any one thing. Miss Ragan is my state rep, she helps us, she is good for Mason. Vote for Doug Nelson everybody. Ok, 10-4.

“81” your saying Toddy boy who is past 45 still takes orders from his mommy and daddy? Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!

Duh– ya think?? They subsidize him.

@ Adams, doc Blodgett bought his votes, he came by my house asked for mine, I say go away. A couple days later his boy stops by. No again. He has this big fat scruffy guy with him, must of been 6 and 1/2 foot tall, weighs about 300. A greaser. Doc’s boy says how about I give you $50, put a yard sign up, and another $50 if it stays up till election. Hell no! Next day I get home, the wife, she sold out. I was pissed but we did make $100. We got the last laugh tho, we did not vote for Gary.

Only uneducated rednecks of your ilk would think you had the last laugh. So you pocketed Doc’s $100 and didn’t vote for him. I remember that election. Mason City’s north end was littered with Blodgett yard signs. You are why the most Democratic section of town voted against Joe LaPointe, Gary’s opponent that year. You and your fellow fools provided him with credibility exactly where he, as a Republitard, was weakest. I hope you Neanderthals enjoyed all the Bud and Marlboros it bought.

Who cares if Doc bought votes. I am glad he was in there, he is for them pays taxes he don’t like them welfare scum. You Obama people you take my money give it to them that rob’s folks makes babys, lives illegal up to the Silver Boot yes. Them that don’t like the Blodgett’s you are communist. Just like Obama he is a illegal commie. You will get your’s.

Vince, your Aryan Nations-based comments would have been easier to read if you had posted them in the original German. It is easy to see why you like the Blodgetts. Do you own racist CD’s that you bought from Resistance Records, or do you just belong to the same gun club as Dr. Blodgett’s trigger-happy son? NIACC offers remedial english courses in which you might consider enrolling.

Vote Ernst !!!!!!

@ Laker, your right, Gary Blodgett has cause the wrong people to get in, he puts them bad one’s in, keeps them there, on count his money, all that big money he gets his rich friends to give scum’s like Urdahl and them. This Callahan kid he might be ok, who knows. Old doc he use to make me so mad, gets my neighbors up here to put out his yard signs. I say, why do you go for this filthy rich Republitard won’t never do nothing for worker’s. They still was for Blodgett, such a shame it was.

Wouldn’t have mattered to me if she’d kept it (except for the illegal part). I canceled it out today with my own contribution to Braley.

If we let this state go completely Republican there will be Iowans leaving in droves. Baby Boomers are already leaving, first for the winter, and then permanently. Iowa has some extremely intelligent, liberal professionals who will be offered jobs in other states. Why in the world would they stay in a Republican state?

See ya.

@JMO-Hate to see you leave but if you don’t like it here you can always go to Illinois and when the liberals there get done taxing all your money you can go on Welfare like everyone else who lives there.


Big deal. It is a nothing.

@LVS-Now hold on LVS, what he did is illegal, doesn’t it make him a criminal in your book. Whenever people you do not like do something illegal you call them a criminal plain and simple. Your buddy breaks the law and now this is “no big deal” you are talking out of both sides of your mouth LVS. You can’t have it both ways! LVS, this proves your are nothing but a hypocrite!

@web-For one thing STUPID, he is not my buddy. I have no skin in this at all and really don’t care one way or the other who wins. But it is not a big deal on the donation at all. He made a mistake and is correcting it. That is a hell of a lot more than YOUR buddy’s Obama and Holder are doing. You are the biggest hypocrite on here as well as being stupid.

LVS-I may stupid but at least I can study and learn to help my stupidity. There is not a lot you can do to help with your close minded ignorance. Callanan broke the law but in this case breaking the law is OK with you. Funny how when it’s a Republican that breaks the law it’s “No big deal” to LVS. The only reason he is correcting it is because he got caught! LVS you can call me all the names you want, put me down all you want but it is not going to change the fact that you are a hypocrite.

@Web-talk about hypocrite’s. You have to be the worse there ever was. You pretend to be for people but belong to the worst patry of thugs this country has ever seen. From the I.R.S., Libya, Obamacare, Ferguson and on and on and on you keep on voting for criminals and thugs.When the revolution comes (and it is coming)you and those like you will be found out.

LVS-do you even know the definition of a hypocrite? It is someone who says one thing then does another, example; you say all the time that anyone that breaks the law is a criminal but then when a Republican breaks the law it’s no big deal, that is what a hypocrite is and you are one
You actually have the gall to call me stupid and you don’t even know the definition of simple words. You may disagree with my beliefs but at least I have beliefs and stick to them. I am not a flip-flopper like…

@Web-You are not only a hypocrite of the worst kind, you are a fool as well. People like you are the ruination of our country. Fool.

LVS-Wow, totally disappointed in your post. I back you into a corner and all you can do is call me names. That’s all you have is name calling? What are you in grade school? You can’t even debate you stance on the issue? Gues this proves I am right about you… Vote Nelson!!

While I generally disagree with LVS he often has a legitimate point of view that needs to be expressed. However, IMO he usually retreats to name calling when pressed to debate his position and this is self destructive. He is his own worst enemy, review his posts and see for yourself.

@web-I stand by my post. You are a hypocrite and a fool. And you can’t read very well either. I told you I have no skin in the game and don’t really care who wins. Nelson is O.K. I have talked to him many times and he a reasonable sort. Callahan, from what I understand from people who know him (I don’t) is O.K. too. Either one will do a decent job and I would never discount someone just because I didn’t like who supported him. Again, the $150 was a mistake and he is fixing it. Not a big…

It’s sickening that Casey Callanan will get elected just because of the amount of money spent on his campaign. The whole Citizens United thing is very sad.

Ya, and we can all thank Dr. Blodgett and his rich Republitard friends for sticking us with Callanan, just like he did with Urdahl. When will people wake up to this? I am sick of this old Fascist and his fellow One-percenters ramming their rubber-stamp cronies down our throats.

Shouldn’t this disqualify BOTH Callanan & Ernst? You people that are for Ernst are going to be hurting when she imposes the $15,000 per year wages. Wages will be cut & you’ll have to live like the rest of us. Enjoy!

What a piece of work!
Doesn’t go to meetings of the Board, and making illegal campaign contributions??
Is this the person that should represent ANYONE??

You make a good point. Too often people assume the wealthy and powerful should be granted political office as a sort of reward and continuing extension of their good fortune. When you give them political office in this way as a trophy, you reinforce their ego and feeling of invincibility. As a result, you get ignored, and ruled over, rather than represented.

@ Phil, your right, so what you going to do? We all want some thing done about Blodgett dumping all this big money in to these peoples campaigns but all we do is talk, talk, talk. I will help stop this shit, if you give us some idea’s, on what we can do. Your a good thinker, lets have some idea’s we can work with to do about it.

you asking for peters advise is like opening pandoras box.

Due to my loud pipes philosophy, and the overwhelming majority of blue collar people liking their vehicles and motorcycles loud, I wouldn’t be much good directly, but indirectly I could offer a few thoughts. One of the biggest problems in Clear Lake is the low voter turnout. There are literally thousands of average income people in Clear Lake who don’t vote. 5300 registered voters and around 20% vote. The main strategy should be to get the disenfranchised involved for your cause.

I’d also say that Doug should give people a lesson in what role County Supervisors play in their lives and why they are (or aren’t) important. People always appreciate education. He should also come up with interesting proposals that will significantly improve people’s lives, or explain why his steering the Supervisor ship would be better than Casey. Is he running to put forth an agenda? Or does he smell corruption? Why does Doug want to be a Supervisor?

Just part of the demorats smear tatics and lies. Vote for JONI she’s honest and smart.

Maybe one out of two tops.

That’s okay Casey.
Just call someone with money. They’ll get you off.
Thanks Matt for exposing the truth on another dirt bag. Let’s see if the other media steps up and runs a story. Any bets readers???

Maybe if a bunch of us send this link to the Globe and Mirror Reporter, they’ll do something? The more they see, maybe they’ll step up. Congrats to Matt for some good investigative work.

Can’t wait for the Republitards to defend this one.

Why hasn’t Casey attended a single County Supervisor Meeting? Wouldn’t you think he might be interested in checking it out since he wants to be a member?

And Joni, are you encouraging women to pick up their guns and defend themselves against the government when it takes away their right to make their own health care decisions?

Complete teabagger nut jobs.

what do you know anyway, compared to you peter is a genius and completely sane.

Oh @maybe, you’re so funny. I’m still waiting for you to respond to my questions you dodged in that last thread.

I watched your weird Joni video that was overdubbed with a woman’s computer voice. the only thing that proved is that you get your news from other teabagger nutjobs on youtube. Get some real info that isn’t from the Republitard echo chamber.

Are you talking about the real news from msnbc or cnn? I did answer your question, you just didn’t like my answer so you choose to ignore it.

No, you dodged my comment on how the government stepping in to control women’s healthcare is an example of big government the Republitards claim to hate.

Prove to me that’s an example of smaller government.

The government is getting involved in everybody’s healthcare. If a woman wants to kill her baby that is all up to her, a decision that she will have to live with. I don’t see that the government should pay for her decision. Wither that is big government or small government doesn’t matter, what matters is that they make it so we have to rely on them.

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