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Will it be Hickey versus Draper for second ward City Council?

Will Travis Hickey take on the challenge of defeating Jodi Draper this fall?
Will Travis Hickey take on the challenge of defeating Jodi Draper this fall?

MASON CITY – Now that Jodi Draper is settled in as a candidate for the second ward Mason City City Council seat, will the incumbent, Travis Hickey, soon declare that he wants to keep his perch there?

Mr. Hickey has been coy about his intentions, telling NIT that his career has been in over-drive at Fed-Ex, requiring him to work nearly 60 hours a week since he received a promotion.  He also said that his family life is important to him and he wants to “be around more” for them.

The odds are that Mr. Hickey will run for re-election.  He has dropped hints at a downtown eatery that he has strong support.  Mr. Hickey told a potential candidate in the second ward that there are individuals who are ready to contribute $1,000 each to his campaign.  Some local political gurus suggested that announcement was a warning to the potential candidate to “not even bother” getting into the race.

At that same local eatery in recent days, sources – including the potential candidate himself – told NIT that Mason City Mayor Eric Bookmeyer made an appearance and told the potential candidate that it is almost “impossible” to beat an incumbent and that (with emphasis, in his most serious mayoral voice) “NO ONE will beat Travis Hickey.”

Sounds like a man gearing up for a fight.

If it becomes a Hickey versus Draper race, what will the issues be?

Will Mr. Hickey talk about Mrs. Draper’s job with Cerro Gordo County and her possible fear of Jay Urdahl?  Or will she be able to clear the air and state for the record that Mr. Urdahl is not her boss, and that Tom Drzycimski, Cerro Gordo County Personnel & Safety Director, is?

Will Mr. Hickey claim that it is an issue that Mrs. Draper’s mother works at City Hall?

Will Mr. Hickey make an issue of Mrs. Draper’s switch from the at-large election to the second ward election?

Will Mrs. Draper point to Mr. Hickey’s record as a council member and his failure to follow through on campaign promises to quiet the trains in the city?

Will Mrs. Draper make an issue of Mr. Hickey’s deep friendship with Mayor Eric Bookmeyer and their close personal discussions at local drinking establishments?

Will Mrs. Draper point out that Mr. Hickey was in the process of building a garage on his property prior to his election to the council in 2009 – a structure that violated city code and for which City Hall could have forced him to alter or tear down – only to later, after being sworn in as a council member, seek and receive a conditional use permit from City hall, allowing him to keep the garage (under certain conditions)?  Will she seek answers from City Hall as to whether or not Mr. Hickey has complied with the terms of the permit?

Or, if the race materializes, will the two candidates simply stick to the issues currently facing the city and explain their ideas?

These and other questions remain to be answered in the days and weeks to follow.

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I am surprised that Travis made the anouncement to run today. I really didn’t think he was interested after what I had heard.

Something or someone must have gotten to him.

This article is not about trains. I agree with what Ames did. We don’t have a fast train going through town. But what they did there works, the only people that were killed by trains are the ones that wanted to end their life.

Mason City did not tackle the controlled intersection thing, It is much different than Ames, the trains go through Ames at about 45 to 50 MPH and go through in less than a couple of minutes. The traffic is much different here. We could close the intersections for no noise but we would still have to wait. (I wouldn’t mind that by the way, there are pleanty of other road crossings in to and the trains could speed up faster with no horns.)

I am surprised you would bring the train issue up regarding this article. It has nothing to do with he artickle. Stick to the issue.

I agree with what they have going on in Ames with the train traffic, that was not what what this article was about.

@John-Peter L. brought it up. Does that tell you anything?

yes, It tells me a lot, change the subject. It comes from the liberal rule book.

??? I brought trains up? It was written in the article. LVS, do I dare suggest you’re approaching senility? If you’re going to be my primary antagonist now that Observer has seen the light, try and maintain a certain level of competition ok? Thanks.

“Or, if the race materializes, will the two candidates simply stick to the issues currently facing the city and explain their ideas?” Will WE the nitpickers stick to the issues?? HA, ha , ha, ha!!

@50 MILES SOUTH-The problem can be fixed. They did it in Ames and it could be done here as well. They spent 50K on some stupid statues but can’t do anything to improve the real quality of life here in Mason City. There are several ways they can reduce the noise. One of the train company’s here in town mute their horns down to the legal limit and try their best not to disturb anyone. The other company delights in blowing their horn as loud as the can all night long.

they dont stop the sound in Boone. (same tracks) Also in Boone their is only 1 place to cross in town if a train is in Boone. the viaduct near HyVee. ever try to wait a train out? legal limit is 5 minutes a train can block a crossing. Now that one the railroad does not adhere to.

when did this go into effect? I remember a woman was killed in a “quiet zone” last year in Ames. was her life really worth it?

more incidences

there are more but you get my point. how many train deaths have there been in Mason City in the past 5 years. (dangerous question for me to ask as I dont know) but I assume its not as many as in the “quiet zone” on Ames Iowa. Do the people in Mason City value a persons life that little?

@50 MILES SOUTH-As I understand it they have cross arms that come down and lights and warning horns that go off when a train is coming through. If people drive around the warnings then I would say it is their own fault they get hurt. No different than speeding or texting and driving. It is called personal responsibility.

I agree with the train situation. the trains have been running thru mason city for over a century. Its law that the trains must blow a certain set of blasts when moving forward, reverse, at intersections, etc. thats been the law for years. Who the hell thinks they can stop the railroad from doing their job. that was a stupid request. and even dumber for a candidate to say they would fix it. Or did he actually say “he would look into it”? train tracks have been in place much longer that many of the homes, if not all. there is a reason not to buy a house in low land or next to train tracks.

@Peter L.-You would lose. If you live in Mason City you would understand the noise the trains make (mostly blowing their horns) 24 hours a day at every single crossing in town and there are a lot of them. Or the switching every single night and blowing the horns everytime they come to a crossing. Motorcycle’s are intermittent and have gotten much better here in Mason City. We go through the motorcycle thing every spring and then they quite down when people start complaining. You don’t live here so you can’t possibly know.

so what is mason city to do? eliminate the trains thru the city? By federal LAW they have to sound horns. I think three bursts for every intersection. two bursts if the train plans to move from a stopped position. etc. You cant stop a federal law. Also dont you think its louder for the engineer in the train to hear those whistles?

The Mercy Hospital isn’t going anywhere, what will they want next? That should be foremost in Mrs. Draper’s quest for answers coming from Hickey. Where was Travis while all this was going down. I watched all the meetings and I never once heard him speak in support of the homeowners, not one time.

Aside from meddling in city departments with no success what has he accomplished? What has any of the current councils members done. Well they shut down the HR office and bought statutes.

The way everyone is cut to shreds in here, it’s a wonder anyone runs!

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