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Rumorz patrons stop man from leaving bar with baby (GRAPHIC VIDEO OF ABDUCTION)

Workman grabs 6 month-old Kasen and tries to run with him. The child suffered bruises in the ordeal, his mother told NIT.
Workman grabs 6 month-old Kasen and tries to run with him. The child suffered bruises in the ordeal, his mother told NIT.

CLEAR LAKE – Clear Lake Police arrested a man who tried walking out of a local bar today, April 20, 2013 with the bar owner’s six month old son.

Police received a call at 3:48 pm from 37-year-old Katie Showalter from Rumorz in Clear Lake. Showalter reported that she and other patrons had thwarted an attempt by a man in the bar to take her son and leave.

Showalter, who is part owner of Rumorz, located at 1210 South Shore Drive was not working today, but pulled into the bar with her baby on her way home to change him and to use the restroom. Showalter left the baby with 48 year old Margaret Bigelow of Clear Lake while she went upstairs to use the restroom. Suddenly, a man who was a patron in the bar walked up to the counter, reached over the shoulder of Bigelow and pulled the child out of her arms and knocking her over backwards in the process. As the man attempted to leave patrons in the bar blocked his way and tried to get the child from him. Showalter, having heard the commotion from the restroom rushed downstairs and pleaded with the man to give her baby back to her. He kept insisting that it was his baby but after some time he did hand over the child to Showalter and left the establishment.

Showalter immediately called the police, who found the man walking a couple of blocks south of the bar. He was identified as 33 year old Jonathan Lindsey Workman who gave a home address of 2120 North Towne Lane in Cedar Rapids.

(UPDATE: Jonathan Lindsey Workman is now out on bond from jail.)

Workman was arrested and taken to the Cerro Gordo County Jail where he is being held on a charge of; ‘Child Stealing’ a class C felony, two charges of ‘Assault’ both class C felonies, ‘Child Endangerment’ an aggravated misdemeanor and ‘Public Intoxication’ a simple misdemeanor.

Workman, Jonathan Lindsey


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Good job by the customers at Rumorz. Should be sentenced to life in prison instead of be bonded out.

Where is Mr. Blodgett when you need him.

Probably smoking crack down in Texas with his fellow white supremists.

Why is Linsey saying the baby is his??? What is his reason for that statement? Is it possible we do not know all of the story here and are rushing to judgement?

Maybe its just me but the girl sitting on the far right in the video with a pink coat seems a little suspicious. She sat there during the whole ordeal while everyone else stepped up.

It makes me mad that she did nothing and sat there watching…

Did it look like they needed her help? Do you know why she didn’t get up? Does she have mobility issues? Or was she just smart enough to know that the problem was being handled?

That is horrifying. Thank goodness everyone reacted & the baby is ok! How in the world can you bond out after you’re on video trying to kidnap a child? Something very wrong with this!!!!

I wondered the exact same thing. You’d think bond would have been set really high in a case like this. He must have assets or a rich family. I’d be really angry if that had happened to my baby and the perp got out that quickly.

Kidnapping is a federal offense I thought.

I believe it is a federal offense only if the victim is taken across state lines.

Thanks Katie sounds like a law that should be changed.

Seeing that some of these comments were taken out I am sure it was about where this happened in a bar. Some people are just so judgmental!! I don’t care where it happen it shouldn’t have happen anywhere. Sorry the Mom had to go through something so scary! Thankful people stood up and did the right thing and made sure the guy didn’t get away! You should all be proud of yourselves I know I am proud of you!

FROM NIT STAFF: Please, no derogatory comments towards the victims. The incident took place at 3:48 PM during food serving hours. Thank you.

You dumb ass read the article I own and operate the bar and stopped in for a second to change his pants and use the restroom. Goes to show how shallow you really are. It could have happened anywhere the video was released as a reminder of what could happen to anyone. I can tell you probably don’t have a job so you don’t have to worry about responsibilities…

I do have a job I was never one to take a child to a bar owned by me or not. Just not a smart idea. Maybe now you’ve learned your lesson.

What lesson? That even in North Iowa abductions can occur? You are trying to infer that the mother was partially at fault. She did nothing wrong, did you watch the video? I did. Nothing more than a mother showing off her child to friends, she wasn’t drinking (though you really want to imply that), she was simply visiting. My god how judgemental you are.

Gma Jean – it is people like you that make if hard for victims to come forward because people like you judge and blame the victim!!! I hope to God you are never on jury!!!!!!

What lesson might that be?

Woman owns the establishment, and as such should feel secure there. Especially at that time of the day.

Apology in order? Yep.

@Gma Jean, you haven’t shown your ugly attitude on this site for awhile. Why don’t you go away for good.

It’s always frightful when something like this happens. But if you watch the video closely, it’s obvious that the way the Rumorz patrons reacted was very responsible. Those folks protected that baby, and they kept the wannabe kid-napper in line at the same time.

FROM NIT STAFF: Please, no derogatory comments towards the victims. The incident took place at 3:48 PM during food serving hours. Thank you.

This is scary, but it’s not surprising that the patrons at Rumorz made sure this creep never made it out of the door, and they kept the baby safe from any harm. There’s not a more family-friendly establishment in Clear Lake than Rumorz. One Clear Lake bar is like Senior City, and another one reminds me of the Black Hawk county jail. After pulling this stunt, this crazy dude is lucky he can still walk!

Well the asshole just bonded out, watch your kids!

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