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Urdahl to be challenged by Klinksiek for Supervisor

by Matt Marquardt –

Kyle Klinksiek will be challenging incumbent Jay Urdahl for the District 1  Cerro Gordo County Supervisor seat.

Klinksiek, a 42 year-old truck driver, is running as an Independent.

Today via phone, Klinksiek said “It’s time for a change.”  He said Urdahl has been in office “long enough.  Twenty-four years, that’s a long time.”

Klinksiek pointed to the condition of the North Iowa Fairgrounds as an example of Urdahl’s time as a Supervisor.  “The place is in bad shape, all under his watch.”

Klinksiek also said today he would have “no problem” engaging in an NIT-sponsored debate with Urdahl that would be video-taped and shared on Youtube.  “I’m fine with that, set it up,” he said.

Urdahl will be on the ballot as a Democrat, but he has sought campaign help and contributions from staunch Republicans.

Urdahl approached Dr. Gary Blodgett of Clear Lake for help in raising funds for his re-election campaign some months ago.   Dr. Blodgett obliged and wrote a fundraising letter which was mailed out to several dozen potential donors.  This despite the fact that the Urdahl campaign had over $15,000 already on hand.

Read the letter that Blodgett wrote for Urdahl here.

Klinksiek said he doesn’t want any contributions.

“I’m doing this all on my own,” he explained.

Klinksiek invited anyone with questions to call him at 641-420-9715 or send an email to

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Got me on that one. Take care.

Also those claims I believed been paid. Took me a while but I paid them.

But, once again, you left them out when you listed your court cases. Until somebody caught you and called you out on it.

Been laid off work for three years. I said I was not perfect. I have been paying them off.

On the public intox, I left my truck at the bar and walked home. I thought I was doing the right thing. I was walking down the sidewalks not the streets. I was not yelling are starting fights. I did not know walking home instead of driving home was going to put me in jail. It is my fault and I paid the price. I also have a speeding ticket, 2 parking tickets, and 3 no seatbelt tickets. I believe that covers all my tickets. If you have any questions please call me. I am not perfect and never will be.

What about the five small claims lawsuits?


Thank you. Enjoy your weekend.

You’re welcome. Enjoy yours too.

Apology accepted. Thank you. I’m willing to give you another chance. I think we’ve all had problems typing on smart phones.

But I don’t think we’ve all had an OWI followed by a Public Intox.

That is what I get for using a smart phone. Sorry for the messed up English. I did not take typing on smart phones in school. I am sorry I lost your vote. Hopefully I will have computer running next week. Very sorry for the terrible English.

Okay, I guess no one else is going to mention it, so I will. Here is what Kyle wrote (above):

“Just letting you know I was waiting for my OWI, public intox, and consumption, would come up. I am very embarrass by this. I pleaded guilty and paid my fines for all three items. I pretty sure I am the first person for public office to have something like happen to them. I am not even close to being perfect.”

And here’s my take on it: Anyone who is running for public office should be able to write (and speak) intelligently. If you don’t understand how to use the English language the way it was intended you apparently didn’t pay attention in school. If you didn’t pay attention in school I really don’t want you representing me in public office.

This may sound harsh but it’s the way I feel, and I’d be willing to bet that others feel this way, also. It’s definitely going to hurt Kyle in the election. Originally, I was leaning toward giving him a chance. Not now.

Sorry, I should have said Kyle’s statement was below, not above. It was above me when I was typing my comments.

No, Kyle, it wasn’t me.

BTW, Why didn’t YOU use your real name, like you do when you’re not being snarky?

Do not know when I will be debating Jay.

Just letting you know I was waiting for my OWI, public intox, and consumption, would come up. I am very embarrass by this. I pleaded guilty and paid my fines for all three items. I pretty sure I am the first person for public office to have something like happen to them. I am not even close to being perfect.

Maybe it would have been better to man-up and reveal the convictions before somebody else pointed them out, rather than “waiting” and hoping nobody would notice them. Just sayin’.

Charges, Dispositions, Sentences
Case: 02171 SMSM023551 (CERRO GORDO)
Citation Number:

Count 01 Charge
123.46 Description: CONSUMPTION / INTOXICATION – 1978 (SMMS)
Offense Date: 03/31/2007 Arrest Date: Against Type:
DPS Number:
123.46 Description: CONSUMPTION / INTOXICATION – 1978 (SMMS)
123.46 Description: CONSUMPTION / INTOXICATION – 1978 (SMMS)
Sentence Date:
04/09/2007 Sentence: TIME SERVED

Charges, Dispositions, Sentences
Case: 02171 OWOM000528 (CERRO GORDO)
Citation Number:


Count 01 Charge
321J.2(A) Description: OPER VEH WH INT (OWI) / 1ST OFF (SRMS)
Offense Date: 05/19/1996 Arrest Date: Against Type:
DPS Number:

321J.2(A) Description: OPER VEH WH INT (OWI) / 1ST OFF (SRMS)
DNU-GUILTY Adj.Date: 08/26/1996
321J.2(A) Description: OPER VEH WH INT (OWI) / 1ST OFF (SRMS)
Sentence Date:
08/26/1996 Sentence: FINE AND JAIL
Facility Type:
J Attorney: N
N Drug: N Extradition: N
N DDS: N Batterer: N
Fine Amount:
500 Duration: 2 Day(s)

Urdahl’s trespass charge was dismissed by the FRANKLIN County Attorney (who happened to be Republican) due to lack of evidence. The charge was a frame-up by a friend of Urdahl’s opponent. And by the way, it was dismissed AFTER the election (in which Urdahl beat his Republican opponent by getting more than 4000 votes to less than 3000 votes for her) so don’t even try to say the charge was dismissed to help Urdahl win.

This should be good for a article of support for Urdahl from the Beavis and Buttwhiler Gazette.

I can’t believe TODD BLODGETT has not posted some comment on this subject, daddy must have told him to keep his mouth shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like Urdahl is Gary Blodget’s boy, he does what ever Blodget tells him to. Get this rich man’s errend boy out of there, give the new guy Klinksink a shot, he is for us not Blodget and his rich buddys.

Independents unite and drive the career politicians of the DNC and RNC out of office. Ask yourselves if our county or country is better now or then. These two parties have run the show my whole life and they have not succeeded in doing anything but making it better for themselves. Good candidates like Kyle can start this transformation and save our country.

I have moved away from Mason City, but I taught in Mason City for awhile and was a Democratic precinct volunteer when Jay first ran 24 years ago, and again when Stan Romans ran against him 20 years ago. Jay is slick, and that is the reason he has been able to keep out of trouble for most of this time. Back when Dave Clayton was Groninga’s campaign treasurer, I talked with Dave about Jay and all the money he was raising, most of it courtesy of Gary Blodgett. This was back when Dave and Carol lived in that Fair Meadows section on the south side. The Blodgetts lived there too, in a big brick house on that lake, in the old part of Fair Meadows. Dave knew the Blodgetts fairly well, and I asked him about Urdahl’s friendship with Gary’s son, Todd. He was sort of surprised that those two had hit if off, given their different political parties, and their philosophical differences. Another man asked Dave about all the help that Jay was getting from Dr. Blodgett and Blodgett’s friends, and Clayton said that Jay will do what he has to do to win, or words to that effect. He was right, and Jay did, but it does look like to me it’s now all catching up to Jay. Gary Blodgett and his rich friends bought themselves a pseudo Democrat for 24 years, hooray for them. But now, it just may be that their investment in Jay Urdahl has about run its course. People are on to Urdahl’s game. I agree with the other Democrats here, and if I still voted in MC, it would for this new, fresh face, Mr. Klinksiek.

I have voted for Urdahl every time he’s been on the ballot, and have contributed financially to his campaigns. I will not vote for him ever again. He has become arrogant, and even my fellow Democrats have told me of Jay’s greedy, conniving ways. He seems to think that the MC seat is his for his lifetime, and 24 years is long enough, perhaps too long, for any one individual. While . Klinksiek lacks Jay’s experience, he can’t do any worse, especially in light of Urdahl’s demonstrable unwillingness to tackle the really tough issues, such as the abysmal situation regarding the North Iowa fair. Conversely, Kyle Klinksiek is honest, well-liked, and has shown his willingness to try to get things done, even if it means upsetting some high status people. Jay Urdahl has always shied away from taking on the big guys, and now that I know he’s in so tight with Gary Blodgett, I’m done with this phony Democrat. I respect Dr. Blodgett, but he hasn’t got the foggiest idea of how 99% of us have to live, and he never will. Shame on Jay Urdahl, who is nothing more than a blue collar guy who cozies up to these out of touch multi-millionaire one-percenters like Gary Blodgett, who owns homes on both shores of Clear Lake. Urdahl can talk until he’s blue in the face about how he loads boxes at UPS, but he has forgetten where he came from. Mr. Klinksiek has not. Bye-bye, Jay.

Last summer I was at the Courthouse and I saw Gary Blodget walk in and head straight for the supervisor office on the first floor. He goes straight past the secretary’s desk says hi to Amosson and Dougherty. Jay was out like he usually is, he leaves the others to cover for him. Amosson and Dougherty are both at their own desks. They say hi back to Gary and Blodget heads straight for Urdahl’s desk sits down in Jay’s chair and makes himself right at home. Neither Dougherty or Amosson has any problem with any of it, they all just start talking like nothing just happen, like how you doing Gary, nice to see you, all that. So Blodget takes out his checkbook from his jacket and starts writing a check to the county to pay his property taxes. He is bitching about how bad taxes is the whole time, than he tears the check out of his checkhook and starts back up to yacking with the two supervisors. I would of stayed longer to hear what they all said, but there secetary walks in just then she asks me how can I help you so I just walk out. As I left they’re office out to the lobby part who but Blodget’s son walks right past me and he goes back to where the desks are, with his old man and them. This is how it is done people, okay how many of you can do that? See what Im saying here?

I am Union but you know what, Jay Urdahl talks a good game but he has forgot about the folks he is suppose to help. He just wants the $45 grand he makes, IPERS, a nice office and his pretty secetary and things like free meals at the Outing Club with them rich people he takes care of at are expense. Urdahl didnt even show up to the last Board meeting, WTF if you got a job than do it sir. But like Bonnie says he make time to go eat lunch with Blodgett over to the lake. Somebody tell me one good reason we vote Urdahl back in and one good reason we should not give Kyle a shot at this. 24 years is long enough is it not. Supposebly Urdahl is for the middle class, like he likes to say but the proof is right here people. Since Urdahl likes to hang out around Gary Blodgett and the old doc’s rich friends, okay than let’s give Jay more time to do that. Maybe after we bounce him out of the courthouse Dr. Blodgett will let Jay caddie for him, that way Jay can brag to us over at Highland that he was at the country club with Gary Blodgett.

Well we know who the rich want in this election now don’t we. And we know who got in 24 years ago and wants us to keep him on don’t we. And which canidate has $600 to spend and which one got Gary Blodgett to raise him over $21,000 and has almost $19,000 on hand in his bank account. We know that too don’t we? Urdahl has had his day, and he had it on count of rich people giving him big checks. Why would anybody not vote for Kyle Klinksiek against Urdahl? I think it will be funny to see how fast Dr. Blodgett drops Urdahl off his list as soon as Jay can’t do him no more good after we throw him out.

Maybe because the rich people want to buy the land, Katie. Duh.

And just how many people want to buy that land and for what purpose? A lot of rich people ride and show horses at the arena or have children who skate on the ice rink. I think they outnumber the buyers.

Why would the rich people in Cerro Gordo County want to see the fairgrounds go downhill? Why are they supporting Erdahl to see it fail? I don’t get the connection here. Enlighten me.

I am a senior at UNI, a Democrat from Mason City, MCHS class of ’08. My roommate here showed me this and she used to be a waitress for a few summers at the Outing Club in Clear Lake, where the Blodgett family owns a place. She said Gary Blodgett has always had lots of right wing political people over there in that club’s private dining room. Branstad, Grassley, Latham, King, Upmeyer, every big name Republican you can think of has been there with him, as a guest at his reserved table. Funny thing – Jay Urdahl has been there lots of times too. At Dr. Blodgett’s table. I don’t think it’s even legal for Urdahl to accept those fancy dinners and lunches, because the price is too high for what the state law allows politicians to accept. Gary Blodgett has introduced Urdahl to lots of rich conservative Republicans that would of never given him the time of day if not for Blodgett. I like these comments because voters should know what they’ve got, and how he got there and how he stays in there. I say it’s time to give a real Democrat like Mr. Kyle Klinksiek a chance.

Your acting like a nut posting lots of different messages under different names – they are too long to read by the way.

I’ve been an Urdahl supporter in every election. But I’m beginning to have serious doubts. It appears that Urdahl is a closet Republican. Looks like it might be time to vote him out.

Francis, it goes even farther back than what most people could ever think. My ex husband worked with Jay Urdahl at UPS when he first ran, I have know him a long time. Jay never did nothing but UPS part time like Joey says, for him politics is all about the money, he loves money like nobody I ever known. He don’t care about our Fair grounds, he gets Dr. Gary Blodgett to get rich Republicans to write him these big checks, thats his game all right. You look on Urdahl’s money report, lots of Drs and rich people and other big names gives him lots of big money, thanks to Dr. Blodgett. Do we want a man in there who got in on count of all that big Republican money or do we want someone who is for us? Gary Blodgett may be a nice man but I say it’s time to elect someone who will stand on his own 2 feet and that man isnt Jay Urdahl.

Kyle is right, we do have more than one person to vote for. If you vote for Urdahl, you are really voting for two people, Jay Urdahl and his sponsor, Dr. Blodgett. If you vote for Kyle Klinksiek, you are voting for a working man who is for working people. I will vote for Mr. Klinksiek because he is his own man. Gary Blodgett’s letters to his rich friends prove that Urdahl is nothing but a rich man’s tool. Thank you, NIT, for exposing these things to help us stay informed.

Great comments everyone. Win or lose at least people have more than one person to vote for. Thanks again everyone.

Dr. Blodgett was my orthodontist almost 50 years ago, and he put braces on my wife and our oldest daughter. I always voted for him. I know Dougherty is Jay’s lackey, who doesn’t. If it is true that Gary Blodgett calls the shots on Urdahl, that’s a positive, because Unions are outdated, and they drive up prices, and Urdahl is a big Union guy. The idea of an all-Reoublican Board is something we like, so let’s keep Colonel Klink busy with his flee markets. We will vote to re-elect Jay.

exactly stick to your fleamarkets, you still owe me some $ and you know it. Everybody ask him how many jobs he has had over the last 6 months or the last 3 years. 45k sounds darn nice compared to bouncing around from job to job.

Urdahl is a democrat who goes to the republicans for his money. Blodgett is a republican who got elected to represent a democrat town, Mason. Everybody knows Dougherty does what ever Jay Urdahl tells him to do just like Jay does what Gary Blodgett tells him to. I know the lawyer that ran against Blodgett and I was in the Union with the guy that took Blodgett on a couple elections later. Been following this political stuff here in Mason a long time. I guess what I am saying is people need to relize that a vote for Kyle is a vote to get Gary Blodgett out of the court house. Vote for Kyle Klinkseink unless you want goverment of the rich by the rich and for the rich.

This past Thursday I was over to Star Boards at the lake for lunch, there was Jay Urdahl sitting at a back table with Blodgett. They had papers on the table, talked real serious like. When they got up to leave Blodgett slips the papers in his pocket and he gets in Urdahl’s van and then they drive away. I seen it all my self so did my friend. Looks like Urdahl is worrying this time about getting beaten, he wants more help from Blodgett.

A couple years ago it looked like Urdahl would have to start sharing his power when Chris Watt got 2,000 people to sign his petition to change the Board of supervisors to make it 5 members instead of just 3. Urdahl didn’t like that, but it looked like it was going to happen. Well then Gary Blodgett jumps in, he gave speeches in CL and MC, sent out letters raising money to kill off the idea. He was in the Globe Gaz. and the CL paper, I heard him on KGLO, seen him on KIMT, all that. So then Watts sees he would lose, which was a shame because the people did lose. And Watt calls it off. Now who got the most out of what Blodgett did I ask you? Urdahl did. OK. Vote for Klinksiek unless your rich.

My brother use to work at UPS with Urdahl. Jay was never ever full time, he still don’t work but only part time. He told me you would of thought Urdahl knew he hit the jack pot when he got friends with Blodgett. Politician that gets there money from rich folks get that money for a reason. It is not to help working people. Those letters Gary Blodgett keeps sending out to keep Urdahl in there proves that. I will vote for Kyle I hope everybody does it is time to get Urdahl out.

It’s worse than you think, JBJ. I just checked the website that the state of Iowa requires all candidates to file their reports with. As of July 19, 2012, Gary Blodgett has raised $21,038.19 for Urdahl. The same report says the Urdahl campaign spent $2,355.52 to pay for the mailings that Blodgett signed for Jay and sent out to his rich friends. And then it says that Jay Urdahl’s campaign account has got $18,682.67 cash on hand.

Remember when Urdahl voter to spent $100,000 to put a fitness room in the courthouse. What the world does he need 15K to run for supervisor?

Thanks for the comments everyone. Right now I am driving 5 days a week for schnieder. I am to be home September 6. I am trying to run my campaign budget at $600.00. I am hoping I can get addresses for places to put signs up. Thank you again everyone.

Urdahl wants that job for life. Gary Blodgett raised his money for him when he first ran, because Blodgett’s son and Urdahl were drinking buddies. They still are. Gary Blodgett and his friends have kept Urdahl in ever since, you look at Jay’s reports online. You will see lots of Gary Blodgett’s Republican friends on there. A lot of the same ones that put Blodgett in office and kept him in. That big money comes to Jay on account of that. If we want a real friend of workers, vote Urdahl out.

Urdahl doesn’t even show up for supervisor meetings…fire him

WAY TO GO KYLE! I think it is time for a change as well. You have my support.

Kyle, I am with you, how may I help………JR

If you look back on things, you can see that when it comes to money votes, Urdahl is Republican. Small wonder then that Gary Blodgett already helped Urdahl raise more than $15,000 bucks and raised him another $1,500 last fall and another $5,000 with the letter in this story. People need to know this because if they did maybe Kyle could stand a better chance to unseat this money grubber of a profesional politician. I think Urdahl has been in way too long, time for him to go back to loading boxes full time over at UPS. Go, Kyle! You have got our votes.

ONE Shout Out…HELL YA. URDAHL & the rest need to be put to pasture, time to move on and maybe get “situations” under control. All it takes is for someone to start the ball rolling and to stick to beliefs.

Hey Kyle I remember you from the credit union you have my vote as well as my family. Good bye Urdahl


I”ll vote for Kyle, just for the change. We see and read about what happens when we have career politicians, and it’s evident in this situation.


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