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Davenport woman with four kids in car eludes authorities, smashes up police cars

From the Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office:

At about 11:37pm, August 17, 2012, a Cerro Gordo County Deputy made a traffic stop of a vehicle, which was found to be reported stolen out of Davenport, IA.  The traffic stop occurred at 9th and North Federal, in Mason City.  A vehicle pursuit started after the female driver, Alexis Nicole Robinson, 22, of Davenport, fled from the scene in the vehicle.  Deputies pursued the vehicle onto 12th Street NE, eastbound, and attempted to box in the car.  Robinson rammed the rear of a Sheriff’s patrol car and eluded Deputies.  Deputies then attempted to box in Robinson again, and she rammed the side of a Deputy’s vehicle, partially disabling it.  Deputies were able to force Robinson to stop at the intersection of 12th Street NE and California.

(PHOTOS: NIT reader sent photos from the scene near NIACC campus in Mason City.)

Robinson was arrested at the scene.  Four children, ages 1, 3, 4, and 4, were located in the stolen vehicle, unrestrained.  Three of the children belong to Robinson, the other child belonged with the passenger, who was not charged.

Iowa State Patrol, Mason City Police, and Mason City Fire Medics assisted at the scene.  The passenger was released without charges.  Alexis Robinson was arrested and transported to the Cerro Gordo County Jail.  Her charges are as follows:

Motor Vehicle Theft, Class D Felony

Eluding, Class D Felony

Assault while participating in a felony, Class D Felony

4 counts Child Endangerment, Aggravated Misdeameanors

4 counts Fail to Secure a Child, Simple Misdemeanors

Driving While Barred, Aggravated Misdemeanor

Driving Under Revocation (drug related), Simple Misdemeanor

Driving Under Suspension, Simple Misdemeanor

No Insurance, Simple Misdemeanor

Robinson is being held in the Cerro Gordo Jail on $5,000 bond.



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Hey happy guy Suzie is right yes she is.I just come back from coffee and ever body at the table was saying how we all like what she said. Suzie Q speaks for a whole bunch of us.Hey dont you know it is politer to call them scum darkys than what most of them dboyz calls them selves you know what that word is right? You are wrong about that there TV true movie not being true.I seen it too if you would of saw it you won’t say it ain’t true it was about them folks in town of Skidmore Missouri, they got together and gunned down their town bully and other bad ones nobody has never said nothing about who done it and the law left them alone yes.

Home girl from the hood goin’ to lock up. She gonna be saggin!

You are sooo right it is a different breed of people in MC now and that has just got to change. In my day, girls and who caused all this trouble, and the boys who got them in a family way and had and you weren’t married, the men in my neck of the woods hunted down the fathers and beat sense into them. The law took the kids away like they should do now.This welfare is what does it. We need to fix them sorry catholic people if you dont like it but it must be done. Something just must be done about these people.We watched a true movie on TV last Christmas about a town in Missouri that got together and got rid of a very bad man that beat people up and destroyed property.I think MC must get together and kick in some doors and have some of the rougher boys beat them up real good.I hate to think that people might get killed but if that is what it must come to it is better for these people to be run off or done in than our people.I am not racist, we always use to try to treat darkys just like regular folks but not any more.They need to go Waterloo or Des Moines or some other place where they can fit in better.I have had my fill of seeing names in the paper, hearing names on TV, and on the radio that dont sound like Iowa names.I say enough is enough now lets do something people.

You are surely kidding!!! “I am not racist” and you call them darkies!!!! That in its self is one of the most racist things I have ever read on here. And if you for one minute believe that a true movie on tv is true I have a bridge in NYC that I would like to sell you. What you have written here is shameful and the post should be removed. Your ideas are a big part of the problem.

She was caught in Mason City, not from Mason City.

I guess America is no longer a free country in reading some of your comments. That includes the ability to live where you want.

Now if you could prove what a comment said, a housing authority placing adverts in “ghettos” (how is it even possible?)? If that indeed happened as you stated, it would be against Federal law.

I believe that if a neighborhood made it difficult for such things to happen, it would go away. It’s up to those living up there to either rail against it, or sit passively as it destroys their investments.

In either case, it is up to those who live up there, and invest there. In conversations with a few parties who do invest a lot of money up there, they want to improve things. They stand to loose if such behavior affects their investments.

How come her bond is only 5000 for all the charges.

You dropped a 2 from your figure. “$25,000 cash only”

i see she looks rather upset in her mugshot, or is she upset that she got caught-i don’t think she deserves to live.

How does this have anything to do with the Northend!? OmG get over it there is trash everywhere!

Just because people live a mile south of the north end Caseys they think their neighborhood is safer. This is not a big city people crime anywhere in town is in your neighborhood!

Well, they tried to stop her the first time at 9th and North Federal. I would consider that the “north end.” Isn’t alley katz in that area? From there she drove off, down 12th, all the way to niacc. My guess is she just made a drug drop in the area, and with her kids no less.

I lived on the North end when I was in high school. That was before meth, but it was still infested with white drug-addled scumbags and dick-licking gypsies. Now it’s infested with the roaches from Chicago and Detroit among other places. It’ll never get better, only worse.

I think that the passenger should have been charged for not putting their own child in a seatbelt……

It’s a different breed of people on the north end – that’s the problem. I grew up in Chicagoland and it took a long time to get past inherent prejudices and now they are all returning. The reason I had a different outlook was this kind of stuff; growing up hearing about it.

This area definitely needs to take the north end back before it gets worse and we should be holding the housing department accountable if they did indeed advertise in the ghettos that folks could get quick housing assistance here. How could they be sooo stupid.

This is a different Mason City than when I first moved to Iowa 20 years ago.

No shit us struggling tax payers who don’t do dope or endanger our kids have to look at not only her ugly pitiful. Cry me a river mug but gotta take care of her stupid ass family and associates!?!? Cry some more bi*ch.. cuz were sick of this shit and we will be taking our city back since local govt won’t!

Yes, she made it home, Mason City, IA – the Home of the Dope Show!

Looks like taxpayers better open their wallets wider. She will have the entire shit and tribe paid for by the working class.

Welcome to Mason City. You’re home now.

No doubt, after she gets all her charges dropped or plea bargained down,(thanks Carlyle Daylen), well except for the driving offences, thats money for statues and shit ya know, she will tell all her family and friends this is the place to be and we’ll see 20 more moving here, probly to the north end by the end of the year. Hell, she was probly out scouting houses when she got caught.

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