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Op-ed: “Old Media” being killed by digital age

Water seeks its own level and birds of a feather flock together, isn’t that how it goes?  We all have different figure prints, no two are exactly alike.  That is a system that works as well as can be expected.  I write opinions….some agree some do not.  I know that when I write it, I still put the words onto to paper, those who do not agree are more than welcome to their own opinion, in fact they too can publish their own thoughts, I am sure NIT would publish it…if it made sense.

Dissension is created when someone disagrees with what you have said, and their reasoning can be quite varied. For example when I write about Eric, I often will have counter opinions from those who cannot handle the truth and do not like it when I apply it.

The proof is in the pudding…isn’t it? If you can prove otherwise concerning what I write I welcome it, but if you cannot, then you’re just blowing smoke.  I believe there is not one person who reads this site would want to go back to the one letter (300 words) every three weeks…maybe if they agree, if not they just don’t print it.  Oh you also need to declare who you are and where they can reach you.  Now what do you think?

There is a certain segment living here who want things the way they used to be…lots of luck there. They miss the security blanket offered by the Globe Gazette… sometimes called “Old Media.”  Its over so get over it.  We are in the digital  age and there is no going back, this is the way young people are growing up. A noted newspaper man has been quoted as saying that in 15 to 20 years there will be no printed newspapers; I heard him say it on public radio. He was the former editor or publisher of USATODAY.  Every one will buy their newspaper of choice online.

If you live your life right there is nothing to fear, but if you want to dance you have to pay the fiddler……  Welcome to today.

Peter Children

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Reggie; When you are the mayor or a council person representing the city in any position, you are not a private citizen anywhere in public. Only in your own home. Thse people asked to be in those positions, they sought it out. They gave up a lot when they did that. Look what happens to school teachers when they screw up in public…they lose their job.

I’m not sure what cases you are referring to as far as the teacher comment goes. Please give me an example.So what you are saying is that if you are elected you have no private life except in your own home. Everything else you do is as an elected official. I’m not sure that is what they signed up for nor is it reasonable to expect perfection out of ordinary people.

Reggie; maybe you don’t care if the mayor of your city is drumk on his ass in a bar, gets cut off by the bartender and needs helping walking. It shows disrespect. I don’t like it. There is a $100.00 bounty on him for anyone producing a photo or video of him drunk in public.

I have urged him to seek treatment; people would respect that and it would do wonders for him. If you’re an elected offical, your life becomes public fast….look at he national news then tell me I am off base.

So you actually have no proof but you are still looking for proof? So what bothers you is the Mayor is not showing enough respect for, the office, to you or to the public? How about how someone dresses or cuts their hair? Is that showing disrespect? I’m a little confused on the disrespect part so please elaborate.

I think another area you will see major usage changes due to the internet is libraries.

I’ll be one to join you peter as I listened to his vulgar little man tantrum about two past council members. This happened because the people he was talking to were part of the puppet brigade who really believe they are the reason Mason City exists. The flaw though was that this was done in a very crowded environment where non conformist were also present. Yes I agree with both that opinions are exactly that but I’ll take my first hand experience and judge from there. You can put a suit on a sow but that is still what it is.

That is what is great about an opinion, you don’t necessarily have to prove anything or speak the truth.But it helps ones credibility if you do both.Truth is a slippery concept. Eye witness accounts are notoriously flawed and memory fades with age. While one person knows for a fact there is a god another is equally sure by his own personal observation there is not one.I don’t agree with you most of the time Peter but I do think print media is a thing of the past and will die with our generation.

I too agree with our comments. Eye witnesses can be and are often wrong….but am not wrong about Eric, not one bit. I can back up everything I said conceerning him and do not bet against it or you would lose. I could not make up the things I said and pretent they occured, I have proof. How any people do you think are in a dining room at the country club who watched him make an ass out of himself…one maybe? Guess again. I’m a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them.

Like I said; if you want to dance you must pay the fiddler.

Peter you say you have proof.What is it?A video or a recording? Even if Eric did do something, was it in the role as Mayor or as a private citizen?Being the Mayor of Mason City is a part time job and you should be able to have a private life.Let me ask you Peter, have you ever done anything in public that you regret?If the answer is no then you either are a liar OR a saint.

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