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Where do we go from here? by Peter Children

Where do we go from here?

Look back…what do you see? In the past couple of months we have presented evidence that proved Turncoat lied. And just where did that get us? Was there an apology? No. Was there an admission of quilt? No. Did he become contrite? No. Or repentant? No. Was he admonished by his peers? No. Is it considered a serious offence to lie to the community which elected you to serve? Apprarently not. Stay with me now; we’re not talking just about an elected official of this city, but we’re also talking about a Sunday School teacher as well. Now my friends, we’ve brought the Big Guy into the mix; Jesus Himself.

Now the question becomes much more broader; we must ask ourselves…what would Jesus do? In my opinion, Jesus would have formed a minion; I prefer a minion over a quorum because it reflects Jewish Law and requires ten sitting people which could be Marsters, Nelson, Weaver, Hickey along with five more men from the audience. We could include Solberg even though they all should be men over the age of thirteen, she could easily fit that discripition). This minion would then discuss this dastardly act and form a just and pious solution. I could think of one which I think He would approve. The Shepard of Turncoat’s flock, his minister, priest, pastor, or any of the above, could be notified and alerted to this grievous act. Simply because now we’re talking about something much more serious than just being a Groupy of Bookmeyer, we’re talking about someone who could distort the history of Jesus to conform to whatever Bookmeyer might want it to be. I mean this guy Turncoat would drink the Kool-Aid for Bookmeyer, he’s already proven that. Its more than obvious that Turncoat is in a trance; both he and Solberg have that look, eyes glassy, their speech discombobulated…all the signs are there. Bookmeyer is offering free rides on the train, the price is to get a seat is your vote…and Solberg and Turncoat have booked a sleeping compartment because they’re riding it to the end.

I had once thought Hickey had turned down the free ticket…but now I am not sure….maybe I misjudged him. He should know that if the mayor asks you to go for a drink after the council meeting, you’d better bring a condom because Bookmeyer is going to put it to you. Let me offer this question to Mr. Hickey; “Just what is it about basic human rights that is so difficult to understand? There is no gray area about abuse and injustice, prejudice and intolerance. Bookmeyer can afford to sit where he is until November and hope that either Nelson, Marsters or Weaver loses their seat. If he bags Hickey before then he will do away with HR. And fulfil his promise to I.C. Systems. And Travis; if Bookmeyer’s lips are moving, he’s lying. This isn’t rocket science folks, a third grader could figure this out. The office of Human Rights should be sacrosanct, no administration now or ever should be allowed to touch it. Stop and think… other mayor has ever focused this much attention on it….just what does that say to you? If you cannot figure that out you shouldn’t have a driver’s license.

It doesn’t bother me that Turncoat invokes Jesus into his conversation. I’ve been a front line fighter for Jesus most all of my life. I’m in Jesus’s army and when my heart stopped for 12 minutes on the table at the Mercy Hospital, I met Jesus and he looks a lot like me. It was almost like looking into a mirror. It shouldn’t surprise you that I have also met the anti-Christ; he used to come into my bar on Saturday afternoons and sit by himself at the bar with a scowl on his face.. You know Lucifer takes on many disguises but I am trained in these matters and I am also impervious to the anti-Christ because I wear a solid gold cross around my neck that has laid upon God’s alter for forty days. Its my shield against the Truncoats of this world and it enables me to see through Bookmeyer and his ilk with little effort. Did I also mention that I sell crosses?

Peter J. Children


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