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Response to John Skipper (by Peter Children)

This news story was published on February 28, 2011.
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At the onset of the first paragraph it was a forgone conclusion that Skipper’s slant was pro-Bookmeyer.. Denial isn’t a river in Egypt, it’s a compulsion that effects many who cling to their beliefs…right or wrong.

While I appreciate the history lesson given by John, he left out a big part of that trip back in time. None of the former Mayors mentioned colluded with the likes of people like those that run Stalag 17….and just happened to have managed their political campaign…..or gave them $449.00 and had sucfficent reason to want to shut down the HR office. Or just happened to have somewhere around nine complaints filed against them at the HR office. Not a one….not a single one. Not Bang, Schickel or Marinos.

The delay over painting the water tower did not effect anyone’s life….that I know of, you’re talking about apples & oranges and grabbing at straws trying to validated your position…..its like saying that when Mussolini ran Italy, the trains always ran on time. Close John, but no cigar……

Peter J. Children


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