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Sinister Plots (by Peter Children)

How can you….in all good conscious criticize those who bear the brunt of the flack hurled against them while working tirelessly to uncover corruption in the administration of this city?

The recently posted video’s by councilman Weaver proved once and for all that Bookmeyer’ agenda was to orchestrate the demise of our Human Rights Agency. You must know by now that Bookmeyer had no personal animosity against this agency….why would he, he had never had an interchange with it before he assumed office. So, stay with me now, don’t fall behind. Who ran his political campaign….who gave him $449.00, who did he feel obligated to after running a successful campaign that led to his being elected? Now who has nine complaints filed against them in the Human Rights office? Isn’t it strange that it just happened to be the same people who managed his political run and contributed to his financial needs. He couldn’t do this alone, he needed votes so he lobbied the council. A willing partner was easily found in Turncoat; Hickey and Solberg were next to buy into his spiel, both new to the council…both eager to go along to help the mayor, both more than likely were unaware of his true intentions which were to shutter that bastian of hope for the less fortunate among us.

And he did all of this to simply fulfil a promise to the commandant of Stalag 17 out behind Wal-Mart without regard to the consequences to the lives of those who depend on this refuge of hope……I didn’t vote for him, now you can see why.

And after the tide turned, Turncoat waved his bible and spouted that he brought Jesus to the table with him and denied ever wanting to shut the door of hope….maybe Bookmeyer is his Jesus, it seems so. So what was learned here? The lesson learned was we have a corrupt mayor along with a liar who panders to him, both more than willing to sacrifice the promise of justice for the down trodden in our community. I wonder how many of those who need the services of the HR agency voted for either of those two Christian gentlemen? If there are any clergy reading this be sure to center a sermon on the virtues of truth in government.

I am reminded of a conversation I had with John Skipper almost a month before this thing broke. I mentioned Turncoat; I had voiced some misgivings about him, thoughts I prefer not to revel because he’s a married man with a family and my own Jesus…the real one…. wouldn’t approve. The difference was Turncoat had an exemption on lying from his Jesus. Probably has tear out coupons in the back of his bible that allows five lies per coupon. I think you can buy those bibles at the XXX store. Skipper told me that Turncoat attended the same church as he, and he knew for a fact that my suspicions were unfounded. That could be, but it didn’t stop him from lying did it.

The statistic’s that the mayor read off regarding the H.R. office were fragments of his imagination…but they sounded authentic to the audience. Maybe when his term is up as the make-believe mayor, the commandant will hire him to work the phones. So what’s the bottom line here? In another time in many Iowa communities these two perpetrators would have been tarred & feathered then run out of town….today when reelection comes around you will hopefully end their political careers.

Now they have been “found out” and we should move on. Hopefully they have to come to realize the Human Rights office in this city is sacrosanct, it was here before both of them, and shall remain long after they and their ilk have left..They found out that human dignity is a precious commodity in North Iowa…not something to threaten

Never forget that as long as they remain in place, they should be constantly observed, because neither has offered a reliable explanation or expressed regret over their actions. Far too much self adoration to even think of such a thing. Bookmeyer should realize that by being married to a physician doesn’t increase your I.Q. it just relives you of the need to find meaningful employment….and Turncoat; well he’s a real piece of work. He could go postal at any moment, they should run a wand over that guy before every meeting.

Note: There now is an account at U.S. Bank entitled, “The Unmoveable Force” into which you can make re-election deposits should you wish. You can mail in your contribution or take it directly to the bank. The names of those contributing will forever remain confidential. Thank you for whatever help you can provide.

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