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How can you find the Hit Rate of a Slot Game?

Slot machines are the most popular casino games currently being played all over the world. Some say winning these machines depends entirely on your luck, while others tend to find different ways and information to beat these games or find a match that will probably generate more payouts – click to view.

One of the most common pieces of information that players are looking for is hit rate or hit frequency. Let’s see what the hit rate value is and how you can find it.

What is The Hit Rate of a Slot Machine

Hit frequency is defined as the percentage of times the slot will stop on a winning combination. This means that if a slot has a frequency of 25%, it will provide a winning combination 1 out of every four spins. This percentage can vary considerably from slot to slot. One slot might have a hit rate of only 30%, and the other one may have its value clocking at 50%.

Something fundamental that you should know here is that the hit frequency does not always increase your profits. That also depends on the RTP and Volatility and also on the size of your bets. The union of RTP, volatility, hit frequency, and variance can give you enough information to analyze while selecting a slot machine.

How to Find the Hit Rate of a Slot Machine?

Hit frequency is often the best way to analyze a slot machine. However, it is pretty challenging to find the actual hit rate of a slot machine. The hit rate or hit frequency isn’t made public by the software developers; instead, it is only communicated to the online casinos. There are only a few known casinos that make this information public. For other casinos, the hit rate of a slot machine is almost impossible to find and analyze. Besides, there is no way to authenticate the hit frequency published by online casinos.

Moreover, you need thousands of bets to calculate the hit frequency manually. Therefore, it is impossible to evaluate the hit frequency with only a few spins.

Does Hit Rate Affect Your Wins?

The simple answer is yes, hit rate or frequency do affect your wins from a slot machine. However, it can be very confusing to understand the value to assess the profitability of a slot machine. Because even if the value provided by the online casinos is the average hit frequency of all of the symbols featured in the game.

For instance, a slot has two symbols: the highest payout and the lowest payout. You would think that the hit frequency of both the symbols to form a winning combination would be the same. But that isn’t true. Software developers often decrease the hit frequency of higher-paying characters. There and increase the value for low-paying symbols. A high-paying symbol usually has a probability of 12/1, and a low-paying symbol has its hit frequency increased to 3/1. Therefore, even after looking at the hit rate, you can’t tell how much the slot machine will pay you.


Hit frequency is fundamental and is one of the core pieces of information that can give you a lot of information about the profitability of a slot machine. However, it is tough to come by, and even if you find it, there is no way to authenticate the value you found. Besides, the value you’ll get will always be the average value of all the symbols and not for the highest paying symbols, so there’s no way to use a hit rate to evaluate a slot machine.


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