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Interesting Fun Facts about Money

This news story was published on September 4, 2020.
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There is an old saying that say, money makes the world go around. Many would agree to this considering we all use money on a day-to-day basis. A lot has been written about money, from how to make money, how to save money, and how to spend it.

Few has been said about interesting money facts. Below we look at some of the interesting fun facts about money.

A One Dollar Bill Weighs 1 Gram

A one-dollar bill is sad to weigh 1 gram, which is if you have a million of one-dollar bills it would weigh over a ton. 

The 420 Bill Is the Most Counterfeited Denomination

Interesting fact is that the $20 dollar bill happens to be the most counterfeited denomination. The other one being the $100 dollar bill especially in foreign countries. With the $100 dollar bill, you can also play manage to play more than 5 online casino slots at

The Man Known for Being a Pro at Counterfeiting is Emerich Juettner

He was not that good at counterfeiting but he was a pro at knowing when to use his fake bills. He survived by making just enough fake $1 dollar bills. The U.S Service had to spend 10 years before catching him. 

Moreover, when they did he only spent 4 months in prison. Eventually, a film was made about him and he made more money from his counterfeiting ways than he did from the fake bills.

Money is Dirty

This is probably the most known fact about money, which is universal around the world. Did you know that a study found out that money is dirtier than a household toilet? Well there you have it the next time you handling money make sure to wash your hands properly. The good thing about online purchases is that there’s no physical transactions. You can simply send someone an EFT, deposit and play baccarat online, or buy goods online using online payments.

A Time When Germans Used Money as Wallpaper

Yes, you read that correctly! There was a hyperinflation after the World War 1 such that the German currency was left almost without value. People stared using the money as wallpaper and giving some to kids to play with.


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