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Should You Be An Engineer?

A career in engineering is a good one to choose for some people. It pays well, there is a great sense of job satisfaction, it is interesting, and there is a lot of opportunities out there to work and progress. However, these reasons alone are not good enough ones to make engineering the right career for you; there are many other things to consider. If you are thinking about engineering, here are some of the reasons why it will work out well for you.

You’re Willing To Work Hard

Being an engineer might be fun, and it might be interesting, but it is also a lot of hard work. You will need to look into obtaining the right qualifications including a Master of Science in civil engineering online, and this could mean studying and working at the same time. You should also consider internships to gain more experience.

The more qualifications and experience you have, the better career you will be able to start; this will lead to further progression, higher status, and more money. However, you will need to be willing to put the hard work in at the beginning if you want to do well in engineering.

You’re Curious

Some people have a natural curiosity about the world around them, and this can mean that they make excellent engineers. To be a good engineer in whichever sector (and there are dozens) you choose to specialize in, you need to have this innate sense of curiosity; you always need to be questioning and wondering why things are the way they are rather than simply accepting them.

If you don’t like knowing or want to know more about a subject, whether that is aviation, structures, the environment, water, medicine, or anything else, then you won’t enjoy being an engineer, as this is one of the core components of such a career. An engineer’s job is to delve deeper into their area of expertise and come up with solutions to problems using their knowledge and skills. If you want to do this and it excites you, engineering might be the ideal career to get into.

You Want To Be Proud Of Your Work

In some careers, the work you do might be useful and important within the company itself, but that’s where it ends. In engineering this is far from the case; what you do as an engineer will benefit many people in the wider world. Even if they never know it was you specifically who came up with the solution to the problem they were facing, they will still be grateful that it happened.

As an engineer, you will always be able to be proud of the work you do. Whether you are working on new medical equipment, ensuring that a bridge is going to be safe, or working out how to clean up the oceans and remove trash that has been thrown into it. Whatever you do will make the world a better place, and that is a wonderful thing to know – not many careers offer this kind of chance to have such pride in your work.

You Don’t Want To Be Bored

Some jobs pay incredibly well, but are so boring that they make those doing them miserable; it’s the same old routine, day after day, with little to no variation. Although this can be perfect for some who don’t want to have to think about – or care about – what they are doing, for others it is anathema, and it would make them depressed and stressed.

Engineering is not one of those careers. Whether you choose to work for yourself and start your own business or you go into employment with someone else, no two days are going to be the same. This variety is what makes engineering such as exciting, refreshing, even healthy career to have. You will always be using your skills, knowledge, and experience to come up with new and innovative solutions to whichever problems you are currently working to solve.

One day you might be working in a large team, and the next you might be working by yourself. You could be in an office or out on site. You might be near to home or need to travel. Although this might not suit everyone, if you have an inquisitive mind and you don’t like to do anything repetitive or dull, then you should certainly consider engineering as a career.

You Want To Progress

If you start a career in engineering, you work hard, and if you are keen to do well, progression is sure to follow. There are so many different areas of engineering to potentially specialize in that an employer who manages to take on someone with a very specific skill set and passion for a niche area of engineering will want to keep that employer with them for the long term. Therefore, they will be offered many benefits and incentives, and career progression will happen quickly.

In some careers, any form of progression takes many years, even decades, if it happens at all. In engineering it is a much quicker process – there are always newly qualified engineers who can take on the ‘lower rungs’ of the career ladder, ensuring that those who deserve to progress won’t be held back.

You Want To Travel

Travel is hugely beneficial to the mind and the body; it is something that everyone should aim to do when they can as they will learn so much and they will get to experience other cultures, countries, and ideas.

If you can travel and be paid for it while doing a job you love, that’s even better. Engineering will offer this to you. If you want it, there is a lot of travel involved in engineering. You could be traveling across the United States, or you might even go overseas. It will depend on who you are working for and which area of engineering you are involved with, so research where you are going to work before you apply if travel is something important to you.

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