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Mayors endorse Renaissance Project in Mason City

Proposed hotel, skywalk, convention center and museum

MASON CITY – Current and former mayors of Mason City all believe in the proposed Renaissance Project for the downtown area.

The Globe Gazette reports that former mayors Jean Marinos and Roger Bang have given their full support for the project.

According to the Globe, the pair “are urging voters to approve related ballot proposals Nov. 7.”

Jean Marinos, a former Mason City mayor

Two ballot proposals facing voters need 60% approval for passage. Success for those measures mean an arena and pavilion in Southbridge Mall, plus a new hotel, skywalk, museum and conference center. Proponents say construction of these projects will lead the community into the future and entice doctors and other professionals to town.

Along with Bang and Marinos, former mayor Bill Schickel is a major supporter of the project. He has led numerous public forums in recent weeks designed to educate the public on the project, and has voted in favor of the deal every step of the way.

Bill Schickel

Current mayor Eric Bookmeyer has been a chief architect of the Renaissance Project and pitched the deal to state officials who hold the key to potential millions of dollars that could go to completing the project and paying of general obligation bonds that would be used to get the project off the ground.

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All this article says is, all the Mayors we have had in Mason City were only interested in the Chamber and powerful elite! Pretty telling huh. Mason City always votes in losers.

Mason City has a serious crime problem. Every day there are any number of new police reports of people committing crimes.

Instead of taxing us to build a hotel and ice arena Mason City needs to spend the money on better law enforcement and prevention.

The people in Mason City are clearly not as safe as they used to be!

I stopped by to read the comments. It is obvious this crazy project is not going to pass. It is easy to tell there are some desperate people that want this to pass to line their pockets.

Sorry, we have voted no already and also have talked to many other families that will be voting no also. The Mayor’s endorsement is not a positive force. Most people look at our Mayors with disdain.

We will be glad when voting day is over and this thing loses so maybe just maybe the folks that think they run this town will back off and let something good happen, like JOBS@

So what do you propose for this town to attract jobs?

Get rid of the Chamber and North Iowa Corridor that is worthless. Let the UN-Elected Working Folks come together and form a Growth Organization. Fund them and turn em loose!

You can bet your sweet bippie that the “little” folks could do a hell of lot better bringing in employers than the dummies that are there now.

So, kinda like when Max Weaver wanted to bypass state development organizations to bring a Toyota factory to Mason City?

At least Weaver tried. That is more than the development people do!

One thing for sure this renaissance nonsense will not grow the city!

Mason city and Charles City are on a chamber of commerce mission to see how many government welfare people they can attract from chitcago and deadtroit – loan companies like income from welfare people and give out good credit . There’s your new welfare corporation that has replaced working jobs.

The DNC and Hitlery is also backing the projecto property tax increaser by the greasers.

where can one vote at on November 7th?

This whole project is so wrong! The leadership in Mason City has been wrong & totally self centered for the rich for so many years. it has led the city down a dark descending path. The many citizens of MC worked long, hard hours for very little pay to raise the town due to them working together for the good of all, not just the wealthy & vocal. For many years now the wealthy wanted higher taxes, Southbridge, parking ramps (even tho traffic in downtown didn’t warrant them. Northbridge failed & sits empty like a ghost town. Many store fronts are barren. Roads are gutted. No big businesses paying good salaries. The drugs & crime are consistently rising. The list could go on & on. People say build an ice arena, build a big hotel, demolish the Meredith Willson landmark & relocate it. We all know what happens once something is torn down… is never rebuilt. Rosemary Willson gave that to the people of MC because Meredith loved this town, not to just have it bulldozed after she too dies. YES MC needs more to do in this town! There is no doubt, but the way this is going about is just plain wrong. Why not use the resources we have to fix up, build & create what we are lacking instead of piling debt upon debt, breaking the backs of the citizens?! We have Northbridge that could be turned into a huge skating rink complex with PLENTY of parking. There is the building on the property that could be turned into an adjacent restaurant. We have the fairgrounds that would benefit being fixed up for new comers going in/out of the city. New comers will not be impressed with the city coming to a skating rink when passing the rundown houses, streets with potholes or hear of the news with all the drugs & violence. A new motel will not draw people to MC just to see an albatross setting next to it. The mall needs to be fixed up and new stores drawn to it. The loss of the movie theater downtown was a huge mistake. Do you really think that a guy not from around here, who bought it for a song will really care to fix it up & make it work? I would say he will resell it for a profit & nothing will happen to it! A ballroom/convention center? Even NIACC isn’t a sold out event, so how is a convention center going to be?? I am for improving MC, but get your priorities straight first! Small town Clear Lake brings in more people consistently for their events. If they can do it WE can do it. Think smart. Be creative. DON’T break the people’s (seniors) back who helped bring this town to fruition and survive for so many years. They do not Need nor Want higher taxes!! Higher taxes will definitely happen!! It always does when something like this is undertaken. The town has a long history ~ build on it, not tear it down. Vote “NO” to this plan and lets take a sensible look at ways to work together, being creative with what we have. It can be done!!

Anonymous you must be a closet gay boy, why dont you go out to mystic lanes every night and have a beer or two. If I would of said we need another fast food taco place yeah then you can jump dpwn my throat. we lost the rose bowl moron and to be honest many young and old went out there to have parties and fun. Put that up your dumb ass.

I’m not even for the Renaissance Project. But saying we need another bowling alley isn’t where it is either.

“Anonymous” Your full of horse road apples you cant see past the end of your nose… I disagree with you as a lot of young people bowl and drink beer while doing it. Get a life Anonymous.

Money isn’t in open bowling, its in league bowling. Which young people are not getting into.

I can get that our tax money will always be spent”Anonymous” what I dont want to see that when this gets built and doesnt pan out I dont want to hear all you that voted yes bitching cause I know a lot of you that have been on TV,Radio and puttin shit in the paper and facebook. We need more than a few nice bars in this project for people to go to instead of getting drunk and stupid. How bout another bowling alley,movie theater so kids can go without a ride????? Bowling is a big ticket item in this town, Think out side the BOX people. State bowling tournament brings lots of people and big big bucks.

Young people don’t bowl anymore. It’s dying, quickly.

You say ‘think outside the box’ then say we should build a bowling alley?!?!?! Nobody bowls anymore, buddy. Do you think we should build a typewriter factory too?

Even if it doesn’t go through, our tax money will be spent on something regardless. And taxes will always go up. We will always bitch about it and nothing will be done. Its not like we’re gonna have trouble making ends meet if this goes through.

So, what a logical person needs to do is forget about the money/tax side of things and decide if this project would be good or not. And Mason City really needs help in the downtown area right now.

The problem isn’t the tax money spent now, it’s the tax money that will continually need to be pumped into this albatross to keep it viable. Pennywise and pound foolish, VOTE HELL NO!

What politician isn’t in favor of spending our money?

Are you people that want to vote yes BLIND, NAIVE, or are so anxious for our once proud town to grow that you don’t care that the mall is a dead zone. Bringing in this hockey rink, civic center, a few new drinking establishments and maybe a restaurant is going to revive downtown your friggin nuts. Why don’t you just write a check for the same amount that you have in your savings account and give it to the mayor and tell him to cash it but you can’t spend it on booze. HA HA sounds real funny doesn’t it. Well get ready to pay for this thing as it’s not if you will but when do I have to write my first check to the tax lady at the court house. MY VOTE IS NO NO NO NO peroid

Bill has lived his whole life spending somebody elses dollar

That seals it for me and my family. If it’s good enough for these four mayors, it’s definitely good enough for us. We are voting YES!

It appears that we have no decent choices for mayor. Must be time write in a candidate. Mason City is not a population people saying no, it’s a population that has poor leadership with bad and foolish ideas!

Are you sure about that? Target distribution, the people of Mason City said no. Casino, the people said no. 2,000 food processing jobs, the people said no.

Brookfield, Wisconsin, population 38,000, appears very similar to the RCR Project.

10k less people in Mason City. Big difference.

Cerro Gordo County has 44,000 population. All are welcome to use the facilities and spend money in the district for fun times. Grow Mason City’s population. Aggressively market to retirees with aging in place wellness programs. Aggressively recruit $60,000+ jobs.

Brookfield is also a 20 minute drive to Milwaukee. I’m sure all the thousands of people in that area are free to use it as well.

There you have it folks. A huge reason to vote NO. Endorsed by the town drunk, the fluff that gave us the abomination called Northbridge and the Central Park mess and the biggest do nothing mayor we have ever had. Schickle is deep in the pockets of the Chamber and only does whatever will bring him more money. VOTE NO!

What Central Park mess?

The mayor, Ms. Fluff, wanted a million dollars plus to remodel central park so it would look good for the Park Inn. The council said no and approved 500K. The mayor got her million dollars worth by using change orders to get what she wanted and by the time it was found out it was to late. Then she went on with the Northbridge farce. After that she ran to Greece to hide out until the heat fell off.

He can dish it out online but can man up in an open forum. His “campaign” was DOA weeks ago.

Dill Pickle says “No New Taxes” he means to pay for the pipe dream, they will just use money set aside for other projects and then say they have to raise taxes to pay for those projects. Those of you that say, Im not gunna vote, it doesn’t affect me cause I don’t own property. well let me tell you it is gunna affect you, if taxes are raised your landlord, grocery store, shoe store and etc., are going to raise the prices to pay for the increased taxes, so you are going to be affected. everyone needs to go out and vote Tuesday and put a check mark in the “NO” columns. IT IS GOING TO AFFECT YOU

A check mark? Your vote won’t count than.

Who cares what the former Mayors think. It’s a bad deal!
Vote NO!!!!

These former mayors did not have very good track records. Also, they are all well to do and don’t care if their property taxes shoot up, they can just move. While if this all goes wrong, we taxpayers will be left with the MESS!

Funny. Brookfield, Wisconsin is a suburb of Milwaukee. They have the population base to support it. WE DON’T!

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