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Op-ed: Sometimes rumors are based on past behavior (by Peter Children)

It’s Monday and time for the weekly column in the Globe-Gazette by the esteemed Mr. Skipper. As is his practice John starts the week with this homily for any number of reasons. I personally enjoy it….I look forward to it. John is a gifted writer, make no mistake about that.

Today’s offering centers on “rumors.” I find that interesting. In fact there is a rumor currently circulating throughout the city as I write these words. It has to do with our mayor, Eric Bookmeyer who also just happens to be one of John’s favorite politicians. I know, I know, you are asking yourself……how can a guy as smart as John – and he is smart, very smart – fall into step with this train wreck? If we really knew the answer to that…well we’d have cracked one of life’s greatest mysteries.


It has been widely talked about that Bookmeyer was picked up for public intoxication at 3 AM on a Friday morning about a week ago. That’s it, that’s the rumor.

Now let’s consider some options; if I heard John Skipper was arrested under the same circumstances, I’d dismiss it out of hand as pure bullshit. Why? Because John has no history to fortify such a rumor, in plainer terms it would have no foundation of truth.

On the other hand, when such a rumor suddenly surfaces concerning Eric Bookmeyer, it has merit, it smacks of creditability, it screams the greater preponderance of truth. Why? It has strong foundations; this guy carefully built that foundation brick by brick, starting perhaps in Clinton and maybe sooner, tavern by tavern, Country Club by Country Club. In fact using this analogy he could easily be certified as a Master Builder. So…..if you placed your bet on truth your chances of winning would be far above the 50/50 margin. If you placed your money on rumor you could quickly lose your ass.

Mitigating Circumstance

Imagine going into a casino to gamble, and you are aware before you go through the door, that the “house” is allowed to “stack the deck.” Would you still go in and gamble? How many people know that the Chief of Police works at the pleasure of the mayor….or the city administrator? (They both work for the mayor) in our case so it really doesn’t change the odds. Could it be that some rookie cop cited Bookmeyer not knowing he was untouchable, that he had a “get out of jail free pass”?  Yes it is possible…very possible. How about a Sheriff’s Deputy? Professional courtesy takes place here….not going to happen.

When trying to decide if a “rumor” could actually be true or not you must weight the real odds. In this case the game is crooked, think what you will. Myself, I think the odds of it happening are very high….of it showing up in ink in Mason City, not so good.  How would you bet?

Peter Children

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Hey reggie whoever, this town is dead in the water and has had no real new growth for decades.

Decorum in our Mason City Government is at an all time low. A drunken Mayor is certainly not decorum.

I don’t think you can see the forest for the trees. Mason City is more negative now than at any time in it’s past. There is no hope and the citizens of Mason City have voted in a bunch of non-visionary leaders.

Anybody can spend tax dollars on some development and try and convince everyone it tasted good. That has left a very bitter taste in the average taxpayers mouth.

When we get leadership that focus’s on bringing NEW MONEY to town to improve our lackluster economy then we could have something to get excited about.

This Mayor will never accomplish that. People just don’t like doing business with a narcissist!

Mr. Children’s would be lunch date with Bookmeyer may be a site to behold but I wouldn’t bet anything on a positive outcome!

Watchdog. Tell me how by the council having a balanced budget is affecting the average taxpayer? Tell me another government agency that is doing that?

“Yes it is true. I have had the pleasure of lunching with Todd more than once. I found him quite intelligent and engaging.” After further review I find this quote from Peter very interesting. A question Peter, have you ever lunched with the Mayor or talked to him at length about anything? If yes what about, and if no ,why not?


If you research this site you will find evidence of an invitation to lunch that I offered to Bookmeyer. Of course he declined. I offered to buy. You are, or seem to be his friend, so I now offer you the same thing if you bring Bookmeyer with you.

Where in the hell are you Reggie? All of a sudden you’ve become quiet. Did you lose your voice?

Probably Peter is friends with Toddy Boy’s old man, he wants to take doc’s problem child off his hands for a couple hours every now and then. LOL

STOP!!! While all the rhetoric posted here has definite meaning; there is one glaring fact that is in the table in front of this community. At the threshold of the last election when Bookmeyer was elected….there was very little that was known about him. His wife is a medical doctor, he was said to be a corporate recruiter and that was that.

However as we soon found out, our new mayor wasted no time in exposing his true self by quickly displaying a disdain for the average citizen living here. This was accompanied by a public display of drunkness throughout the city without a scintilla of regret. Now it gets much worse, twenty people, most with self serving interests, more than enough who should never leave the house, have proclaimed they want him to serve a second term. All that tells me is that these twenty people care less about this town and it’s economic health…..I mean what can they point to that our mayor accomplished? Does anybody know?

” All that tells me is that these twenty people care less about this town and it’s economic health…..I mean what can they point to that our mayor accomplished? Does anybody know?”
I think the Mayor, the council and at least these 20 people have a different vision for the economic health of this town.You then ask what has he done for us lately? Let me list the things I think the Mayor has done right.
He has brought decorum back to the city council meetings.This is huge and it will pay big dividends in the future.
He has got people looking at Mason City to build and locate here. The downtown hotel and retail complex is an example and I hear more projects are on the horizon.
The city departments are running leaner and more efficient.
While he didn’t start the Vision Iowa Projects he was here when they came to fruition and has helped build on that success. The facade rehab for the building along Federal being one such project.
While I know Peter thinks the Mayor is Satan incarnate,I think he is a man with a vision that is trying his best. He may not accomplish as much as he or we would like BUT he is giving it his all IMO

Hey Peter, you forgot to mention that he isn’t half the man you are either. Beside his displays of public drunkenness, he should have at least boasted about servicing other peoples wives like you claim to have repeatedly done. Then and only then, would he be half the man that you are!

Eaton I have never “boasted” about seducing anyone’s wife. Why is it you are so interested in my sex life? Do you have problems in that area?

Yes Peter you have “boasted” , “bragged” and “gloated”. About the only thing you did not do was be decent and discreet. Like I said before you are one sick puppy.

@ LVS, I do know Gary and Sandy, and you are right about them being good people. I read the information to which you referred, and it is indeed unfortunate that ideologues of either the right wing or the left get so worked up that irrationality becomes their calling card.

Agree, the Blodgett’s have done lots of nice things for people here. They go to my church.

@ Just my opinion… thought-provoking concept you discussed with LVS. I don’t know if you are right or not about the real Democrat; I am inclined to think he or she is genuine. I am pleased that LVS ran the Laker Forever off this site. There has been no sign of that blogger in about two weeks.

There’s nothing quite like a teacher who misspells, is there? N.I.A.C.C., not NIAC. (Red with embarrassment, and apologies to former students I admonished).

I agree with the comment about electing the Police Chief. I knew a Mayor back in the 80’s that met with the Mason City Police Chief every morning at 7:00AM to go over the nights police activities with the Chief. I know of more than one incident that was swept under the rug this way!

If the Mayor was picked up by a local officer and he/she revealed it, repercussions for them would be great. Bet on it!

It appears that you know nothing about Law Enforcement. Being elected makes u a political football. And, in the situation you described, your logic is flawed. It would not matter if the mayor was elected or appointed– most mayors would meet with the Chief of Police regularly to keep a on top of what was going on in the City. If something is going to be swept under the rug, it wouldn’t matter how a person got into office.

It just so happens that since we now have a drunken, evil mayor it sounds good in theory, but in practice it will not pan out….

Actually he was talking about the chief of police is appointed by the mayor. I do know of some instances where, from another town, the mayor controlled the police department and almost got away with murder because of the police department refusing to prosecute the mayor.

Currently with an appointed police chief you have NO recourse. At least if the guy was elected and had to face the voters from time to time they are more apt to walk the straight and narrow rather than piss the voters off.

Just saying.

I would prefer there be no rumors. If it is not a fact don’t gossip and spread rumors. If you say something make sure it is true. Even if you don’t like someone you should not spread falsehoods.

Backstabbing Democrat-This article has nothing whatsoever to do with Blodgetts. What is your problem other than being born stupid and then working hard to become a moron?

Larry Snyder can’t you have a discussion with out name calling?

If you think posting a false name and claiming it is me will be believed you are wrong. I stand behind my on line name (LVS) and don’t hide behind the name anonymous like a lot of cowards like you do.

LVS you say she is Libertard that is jealous of the Blodgett’s well maybe so maybe not. If Toddy Boy did not have his illegal gun’s and his Republitard daddy’s money and connections he would not of had nothing. You must not know the Nazi dope druggy he belongs in prison maybe even out to 5 East. There is not one good brain in the whole Blodgett family that is why there Republitards you fool.

@Duumy Democrat-You are the Libraterd you lame brain. If Blodgetts are so stupid why are they rich. I think you are just jealous and are so far beneath them you can’t stand it. What a piece of crap you are talking behind someone’s back all the time. It is gutless wonders like you that now make up the Democratic party. They should be so proud you scum. What’s the matter did they beat you at your own game?

LVS, you’re falling into the trap set by “a real Democrat”. He/she is a troll, a person who posts solely to incite a blog battle.

No way is this person a Democrat. Anyone who spells this poorly and uses incorrect grammar/punctuation the way this person does is a bona fide Republican.

@Just My Opinion-Thank you. I had not thought of that. It is just that people who talk (or post) behind someones back tend to really piss me off. Everyone has a right to their opinion but not top bad mouth a family for no reason other than they don’t like them. As I have stated before, I do not even know the Blodgetts but they must be OK if someone like the pretend Democrat doesn’t like them.

What I am really hoping for is that whatever law enforcement officer busted Bookmeyer for being drunk in public, will step up. We will guarantee your name will be kept out of the public. I can’t go as far as putting you in a witness protection program with an entirely new identity, but I will guarantee you you will not lose your job, that I can promise.

Peter, has the mystery man stepped out of the shadows yet? “Enquiring minds need to know.”

@Reggie (red) I would also like to see verification. Come on Peter-if you are going to slander the man we need some proof.

I can’t believe he hasn’t been turned in yet from the employees at the daycare where his children go. I’ve heard he picks them up with the smell of alcohol on him repeatedly.

The police will not arrest him.

“Especially if your Republitards.”

What does this have to do with the price of rice in China? Much less this article? I do tire of the juvenile name calling and insertion of politics where it obviously has no part of the conversation.

You and your ilk (from both sides of the aisle) continue to divide the country with the result not helping either side’s cause. In fact, if anything, it alienates the general population.

@ Suzy, don’t you never talk that way to me or nobody. All I did was ask Mr. Children something and you go, insult my niece. Be nice not mean.

Peter. What about the rumor of being a peeping Tom? Does that mean it is true based on past behavior? You were arrested for this and not convicted. Maybe you used your influence and had it swept under the rug. So as a result everyone should consider you a creepy peeping Tom based on that. Get some real facts. Everyone knows you and Nit have a bounty but still no evidence after three and a half years. With cell phone cameras and video. Let me ask you why not? Probably because it hasn’t happened. Just more slanderous muck racking. Just because this site lets you get by with it doesn’t make it credible or true. That is why NIT is known as the north Iowa tabloids. Also Matt you carry your camera every where so if you saw Bookmeyer drunk I am sure that there would be video of it. So gett off it and get a clue and bring some truth otherwise you lack any credibility.

Anyone with half a brain knows I don’t have to look through windows to see naked women. Pick a different venue…I’ am expert on naked women….count on it.

Peter we like your articles, keep up this good work. Peter my niece told me she seen you eating lunch with Todd Blodgett a ways back. She says you and him was talking and joking like your good friends. Is that true.

Is your niece blind, or is she just a liar?

Yes it is true. I have had the pleasure of lunching with Todd more than once. I found him quite intelligent and engaging.

Suzy Q I think you owe Cheryl an apology. Peter and Todd, talk about strange bedfellows WOW!!!!!

So, Peter, tell us about these naked women. I would guess you’re anything but a misogynist. You’d be the last man who would want to exploit women. Did you find ALL women to be beautiful, or did they have to adhere to strict standards? If I had to guess, I would say you’re the Leonard Cohen type. I don’t think he ever met a woman that he didn’t want to take to bed, but he also never met a woman that he didn’t respect. He just plain loved women.

So your calling me a liar new? Nobody on here said nothing I said was lies, that prove what I said is true you fool. Your a Republitard to I can smell your stink from here.

That stink is coming from closer to you than you think.

Hey Democrat, you and your stupidity are making my political party look bad. Plus, the way you write so poorly makes me think maybe you should switch parties. We all get that you hate the Blodgett’s. Maybe you and Todd should meet up to talk things out. You might get shot and then Toddy boy will be behind bars. That will be a double benefit.

Doesn’t matter to me if the rumor is true or not. Bookmeyer is a mean spirited public official that is a hardline Democrat.

He is all about Agenda 21 which the left is pushing real hard.

In my opinion Bookmeyer is an just another lying political asshole!

Sorry, Democrat, I think you are pulling my leg. Gun-toting throwbacks who deny the holocaust and publicly advocate reinstating slavery, and threaten with guns people they disagree with may exist in Mississippi, or Louisiana, or maybe Alabama or Arkansas. I doubt very much any such right wingnut embarrassments are lurking around north Iowa. Or that any have for over 100 years. And if they were from a rich, prominent Republican family like the NIACC retiree described, they would likely be disowned.

@New to Mason City-Don’t pay any attention to the hate filled democrat. She is just a Libraterd who is jealous of the Blodgett family. She won’t be as smart when Todd shows up at her door to make her aquaintance.

LMAO, I thought that, myself! I do not agree with Todd Blodgett and his crazy politics, but he is about the last guy I want mad at me…

For those of you that don’t want to read this article I present to you the Cliff Notes version.
Peter likes John Skipper.Maybe too much.
The rumor is that Eric Bookmeyer drinks but shouldn’t because he is the Mayor.
The conspiracy is the Mayor gets picked up either for public intox or DUI at 3AM sometime in the past. No date given.The Chief of Police, the City Admin, maybe the Sheriff and possibly Elliot Ness( he did say untouchables after all) might be involved in keeping this hush hush.
Some vague reference to gambling and the house cheating.

There you have the Cliff Notes Version of Peter’s diatribe.

Wouldn’t this be public record? If no arrest was made but this happened why not get a court order to look at the squad car tapes .

Rumors are like farts. a lot of hot air some stench but they come and go all too easily.

Anybody that is rich and connected around here get’s off scott free. Especially if your Republitards. Bookie gets a illegal lunch at that country club same place he is introduced to Steve Minert, the Republitard brung them together is a Nazi drug addict that should be in prison. If we would of pulled guns on carnys we don’t like its jail time for us but not for rich connected Republitards especially if your a Nazi crack head. Good article sir.

What are you talking about? It sounds kinda interesting. More info please?

@ New… I shall try to bring you up to speed. The above blogger harbors an intense dislike for a prominent local family whose members have long been involved in Republican politics. One of the members of this family is their black sheep, prodigal son, etc., so to speak. The man has had drug issues in the past, and apparently still has anger issues. As to the ties to neo-Nazis alleged by the above blogger, there is also a factual basis for that, too. However, Real’s hatred of this local family is such that most of us tend to often take his rants with a grain of salt! (At least I do, as does my wife.) I hope that this is helpful to you.

NIACC you forget to say the Nazi junky has wrote articles for the Glob that says it was ok for Hitler to kill the jews he wants to put blacks back to be slave’s. If you argue with him he will threaten you with his illegal guns he is also a drunk, he hate’s on fat people to.

I think John Skipper was addressing ALL the rumors that Peter and Matt have been floating around for some time. Like the rumor of a video tape of the Mayor drunk. Or the rumor of the Mayor ,or his buddies,trying to sabotage NIT by somehow hacking into it. Or the rumor of the Mayor getting so drunk at the country club that they asked him to leave. Or the rumor that the Mayor got so loud and obnoxious at the OP during a football game that they threw him out. Yeah all these rumors, not just the 3 AM newest rumor. Proof…that is what everyone should ask for, otherwise it is all just petty B*LL SH**. And everyone that have read Peter’s articles knows that is what he is best at.

Matt I’m doing fine,thanks for asking. How are you doing?
So the common link in a lot of these stories is you Matt.Most people know you have a vendetta against the Mayor even though you say you don’t. It is obvious you dislike him a lot. I would actually say it is approaching hate but you claim it’s not.That’s fine but the way you and Peter write most of your articles belies this assertion.
I appreciate the line by line rebuttal of my observations in a very civil manner, thanks for that.

The fact that the globe felt the need to address a “rumor” is a damn sure bet that it’s true. Otherwise, why say anything?

Drunk in public is one thing. I just hope he wasn’t driving. He should NOT be endangering others.

I am going to go in a different direction. In reading Skipper’s column, without knowing what the rumor was, it was confusing. As if to say, I know a secret but I’m not gonna tell ya. A lot of wasted electrons and time.

Why bother at all writing this if not everyone is aware of what he was talking about? It really sounded like a defensive move, than to dispel rumors. A real columnist would have spelled it out, and given reason one way or the other. Can you imagine Mike Royko or Bill Gallo ever producing something like that? Never!

Good post Mr. Children, it gives me something to “think” about. It’s sad, but there is corruption in our Government, from the bottom of the food chain, to the top.

Rumors is gossip, is that why peter was so upset about matt not going in depth on his murder case, he needs something to gossip about?

How very disappointing. I was really hoping that you would spend Monday morning paying a well deserved and timely tribute to the Barlas Family and their legacy to all of North Iowa. It would have been far more appropriate than taking us for a wallow in the mud with Skippy and Bookie.

It will surface if it is true. With Bookmeyer’s record and the city employees disdain for Mayor Bookmeyer the whispers will start surfacing and truth come out. City employees will make sure it comes out.

Bookmeyer has been overheard talking with others about how to cut the Police Department’s budget. I have fiends at the Country Club too!

Also, I know it has happened in the past in Mason City where the Police Chief rectified a Mayor’s transgression.

Imagine being in Chief Lashbrook’s shoes?

This is why all Police Chiefs and County Sheriffs should both be ELECTED!

@anonymous…….rumors and gossip that’s all it is. If Bookie was picked up then common sense would tell you it would be public record. You are posting that its all swept under the rug, but you of course have no proof of that. And by the way your ‘friends not fiends” at the country club have overheard his conversations? Really? or is it just more rumor mongering. I am not a fan of Erics never have been and my posts prove it. I am also not a fan of pure gossipy dribble. And by the way county sheriffs are elected not appointed.

Peter…..I have not always agreed with your views but I do respect them, and appreciate your writing and your writing style. I feel people are at this time looking for some understanding of the Barlas tragedy. I feel a couple of words from you on the situation would be appropriate.

It may be that even the Barlas family members are yet trying to understand what happened. More importantly, it’s their business, and their business only.


@Anonymous-why would you want a elected Chief of Police? Elected officials are the biggest slimeballs there are. Just look at what we have now on the council and the mayors office.

Point well made, really well made.

LVS, I think what anonymous meant was then the Chief of Police would not be beholden to anyone other than the people who elected him. Not the Mayor , council or the city administrator. That way Peter’s conspiracy theory would hold even less water.

The last thing we need is one more political position. Geez, Chief of Police is the last person that needs to be in the midst of all the frenzy and the bullshit….

Kevin Pals does a good job trying to stay neutral, but sometimes he does not have a viable choice.

Just get Bookmeyer out of here and many of the problems would be solved..

I think we need to check with Worth or Floyd County as well, to see if he was picked up there. It is all public record….

I can understand your logic in not wanting them elected with so many morally corrupt local elected officials.

However, I still will opt to have the Police Chief elected. Currently the unelected Citizen has absolutely no recourse when it comes to dealing with law enforcement. There is no oversight whatsoever. If the Police Chief wants to hide an infraction from the law for a Mayor he has that power.

If taxpayers/citizens/voters would and should take an interest in their community and VOTE then we would have oversight.

Unless you can show me a better way I say they should be elected. At least they COULD be fired in the ballot box!

I guess it could happen as you describe. But, I would certainly like some verification on it other than rumors.

Thank you LVS, PROOF . Solid substantiated PROOF. Not just Peter regurgitating old rumors to somehow substantiate to this new rumor.

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