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UPDATE: Sting nets Mason City man with long criminal record, now faces charges of lascivious acts with child, 3rd degree sexual abuse

MASON CITY – David Powell II, 24, who claims to be from Chicago but lives in Mason City, was arrested on Sunday by the Clear Lake Police Department and Cerro Gordo County Sheriffs and charged with 3rd degree sexual abuse (709.4(2)(b)) and lascivious acts with a Child (709.8(3)).

According to the Clear Lake Police Department today, “On Sunday August 5, 2012, Clear Lake Police arrested 25 year old Mason City resident David Powell II for Lascivious Acts with a Child, a class D felony and Sexual Abuse in the 3rd degree a class C felony. Clear Lake Police Chief Greg Peterson says that Powell was arrested in a sting operation when he showed up at a local motel thinking he was going to be meeting a 13 year old Clear Lake girl for sex; instead he was met by police when he entered the motel room. The Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office assisted with the sting. Powell is alleged to have had sex with the girl on a previous occasion on July 28, 2012. Powell is currently being held in the Cerro Gordo County Jail with bail on the charges set at $10,000.”

According to online records, an arrest warrant had been issued for Powell on July 13, 2012 for a probation violation.  He was arrested by the MCPD on that warrant without incident on July 13th and then posted bond on July 16th using 1st Call Bail Bonds.

In the “about” section on his Facebook page, Mr. Powell says “whatz good shit aint allways good when it hit the fan u fony azz niggaz and bitchess.”

Powell has a criminal record in Cerro Gordo, Floyd and Black Hawk counties that includes: Public intox on July 5, 2012 (issued by MCPD); 3rd degree criminal mischief and interference with official acts in Black Hawk county in 2006; possession of marijuana, 3rd offense, issued by MCPD on July 2, 2012 (awaiting arraignment); a controlled substance violation and violation of probation in 2011; interference with official acts in 2008 from MCPD (dismissed); 5th degree theft by check in 2008, from MCPD, dismissed; currently faces a public intox charge from MCPD in July of 2012; domestic assault with bodily injury from MCPD from an incident on July 11, 2008 from MCPD, dismissed, but found guilty of violation of no contact order; then found guilty of domestic assault causing bodily injury and/or mental illness from an incident on August 31, 2008 (sentenced to 30 days in jail); possession  of marijuana, 2nd offense, from MCPD, from 2008 (dismissed); cruelty to animals from an incident on September 26, 2008 from MCPD ($100 fine); 3rd degree burglary from an incident in Floyd county in 2006; 3rd degree burglary and 4th degree criminal mischief charges dismissed in Floyd county in 2005; interference with official acts in 2007 in Floyd county, dismissed; 5th degree theft in Floyd county in 2006; domestic abuse assault in Floyd county in 2006, dismissed; violation of no contact order, assault in 2006 in Floyd county, dismissed, but found guilty of another assault charge from same incident; trespassing in 2006 in Floyd county; and others.

Powell, David II


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This guy looks like a perv let the parents and the girls family have him for an hour and see if he doesnt learn his lesson.

Put him in the sauna at the ymca with the old pervs that just got caught. Or in the same cell.but they’re all probably released on their own recognacance.

people like that should be taken around back and shot

Actually I want the kids that want to listen to Bow Wow to move away.

Why does the surf or any place else have to only offer family entertainment? It is people like you complaining that made them cancel George Carlin at NIACC. I know nothing about Bow Wow and probably won’t be going but Iam an adult capable of making my own choices about what I like or don’t like. People wonder why the kids all move away, Its because you think you should get to decide what they do for entertainment!

It’s a 30 cent fix to the problem.

To catch a Predator…Clear Lake, IA

I wonder if they had a decoy as well…some actress playing a 13 yr old girl.

They should of had a news reporter interview him before his arrest.

macking on a 13 yr old…This is a sick monster, deport him back to Chicago…A facebook ban should be in order…

I bet your white asses he won’t be doing naked jumping jacks in the sauna.

No he will be touching his toes.

Yoba homeba skilletba, youba beba goingba toba prisonba. Wordba.

Im just wondering how did the drug charges come up if im not mistake this story has been updated 3times with info but nothing on the drug charges for counterfit substance with intent to deliver like hes booked in the jail for. Anybody have any insight on this

Possession of majurina is differnt than possession of conterfit substance and if im not mistake july isnt the same August

This guy is a flight risk. Only a $10,000 bond.

Ridiculous !!

The jail has the drug charges wrong you can look up the cases with the case numbers on Iowa Courts. One is for probation violation for delivery of cocaine and the other is for 3rd or subsequent offense possession of marijuana.

Really, what is this guy still doing loose? Perhaps if he had been locked up for his previous crimes, this wouldn’t have happened. I hope they put him away for a long time, this time.

Anyone want to place bets on how little time this man will spend in jail? I am sick and tired of these nasty black scum bags destroying our community. I am in my fifties and there was none of this crap going on in Mason City, the police then did their jobs and ran these people out of town. Same thing needs to be done now, run them out! NO one wants them here! Am I racist, well I guess so.

I don’t know who is running the Surf these days. But they should have there frickin head examined. This is just plain stupid to promote at the Lake. I guess the Surf is going down hill like the rest of Iowa.

Time to let my radical side show – Many in the judicial system are popped out early because of over-crowding. Recently California had been court-ordered to release something like 60,000 inmates to open space for the worst of the worst.

I’m all in favor of Sheriff Joe Arpio (Arizona sheriff) and the jail he sets up in the desert – some tents, chain-link and barbed wire fence, pink underwear and no cable TV.

It’s high time a regional “Sheriff Joe” jail be set up to hold these ‘individuals’ here in Iowa. Chain-link fence, tent and pink underwear and NO TV AT ALL! Even in winter, let ’em stay in the tent.

Perhaps when the punishment gets nasty, the nasty will get right with the world.

I live in maricopa county. Sheriff joe also steals money and feeds rotten food to the inmates. If you want to go that way running a red light there gets you a minimum of thirty days in jail and one hell of a fine. They also have zero tolerance, that means you can’t have even one drink and drive. Cant take prescription drugs and drive, nothing in your system prescribed or not.

so why the hell isn’t he locked up in prison ?? who the hell keeps letting the F***ing retard out ?

You can look his cases up on Iowa Courts it would be Judge James Drew and 1st call bail bonds.

Doesn’t matter what her age is she is a MINOR. Any adult with half a brain would know it is WRONG and IMMORAL to have sex with a MINOR. So to say Powell must not even have half a brain. He should be shot!

This pos needs to be in the slammer for a LONG time, just for his rap sheet alone!! Inmates be bendin this sucka over!!

Home boy be goin’ to prison. Home boy gonna be saggin.

Aw, he is just misunderstood. Let the judges and prosecuting attorney’s turn him loose so we can see what he does next time. Doesn’t he deserve another chance to be a good citizen? Shoot him and save us a bunch of money and shame on NIACC if this is true.

NiACC football coach Scott Strohmeyer brought this student athlete to Mason City. He probably met this girl hanging outside of the dorm this time of year like they are now for the bloody European soccer blokes. You would think NiACC would do something before someone else gets raped there and in our communities.

@ Anonymous You say that the former NIACC football coach brought this guy here and Powell probably met the girl hanging outide the dorm? NIACC hasn’t had football for about 5 years or so. You think the girl was hanging out as an 8 year old at the dorms?

I wonder if this is the guy Brandon Derr was getting the cocaine from to sell at the dorms? Small World?

I think anyone critical of Bow Wow not being a family entertainment choice should encourage people to google “Bow Wow Drank in My Cup lyrics” and then people can decide on their own what’s up.
It’s a free country.

After looking at some of this bow wow c-rap, I’m going to say, it is NOT family entertainment. You can be sure that I will not encourage anyone to go to the north iowa youth center, and the surf should be ashamed for allowing this kind of noise in their establishment.

These charges stem from the 14 year old runaway girl that is from Clear Lake. From what I understand, Mr.Powell will not be the only one charged with these offenses. Should be about 2 or 3 more. The girl took on the whole Black community!!

709.4(2)(b)Would actually mean 12-13 years of age.

Did you really need to put that? If that is true, she is 13 and still in kid. To which it would seem like she wants to be grown up. Either way, given her age I would put money on it after the first time she wasn’t willing for a second, and was taken advantage of. I don’t know this girl or her family but I would bet if you had children and one made a stupid mistake you wouldn’t take kindly to strangers posting on it.

The whole black community is 4 people?

this guy is right up his alley. BW is not family entertainment.

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