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Bachmann warning on Muslim Brotherhood gets stormy reception

By Kevin Diaz, Star Tribune (Minneapolis) –

WASHINGTON — Rep. Michele Bachmann is facing a public firestorm over her accusations that the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating the federal government and working for “America’s demise.”

Her attacks, including one directed at Huma Abedin, an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, prompted Sen. John McCain, the 2008 Republican nominee for president, to denounce her from the Senate floor on Wednesday, where he defended Abedin and called Bachmann’s comments “specious and degrading.”

The State Department also weighed in, saying Bachmann’s remarks were “vicious and disgusting lies.”

Bachmann’s public campaign against radical Islamic influence in American life has been building for weeks, starting with a series of letters to oversight agencies at five separate federal departments. In them, she requested formal investigations into what she says are “influence operations” by the Brotherhood, an Islamic political organization.

The third-term Republican congresswoman, who has been challenged to produced specific evidence for her allegations, so far has gotten a cool response from agency heads. Meanwhile, she’s being accused by some of launching a McCarthy-style witchhunt against Muslim-Americans.

Despite the backlash, Bachmann doubled down on her efforts Wednesday, alleging that the Obama administration “appeases our enemies instead of telling the truth about the threats our country faces.”

Bachmann has long been a lightning rod of criticism from the left, but her public campaign against what she calls a “deep penetration” into government circles by Islamic radical groups is being met with denunciations from both sides of the political aisle.

Rep. Keith Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat and the first Muslim in Congress, went on CNN Tuesday night to fire back at Bachmann just as she was warning of the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama administration in a keynote speech at a Washington summit of Christians United for Israel, a staunchly pro-Israel evangelical group.

“This is McCarthyism at its worst,” Ellison told the Star Tribune Wednesday, referring to the late Sen. Joe McCarthy, whose name became synonymous in the 1950s with his accusations of Communist infiltration in all walks of American life. “This is one of those moments when you can’t stay silent,” Ellison said.

Bachmann came to national prominence during the 2008 presidential campaign, when she questioned Obama’s “anti-American” associations in a television interview with MSNBC host Chris Matthews. But this is the first time she has questioned the loyalty of a specific individual in Obama’s administration, warning that Abedin has “routine access to the secretary and to policy-making.”

McCain defended Abedin in personal terms, calling her a “hard-working and loyal servant of our country and our government.

“These attacks on Huma have no logic, no basis, and no merit,” McCain said. “They need to stop now.”

In a letter to Bachmann on Wednesday, Ellison demanded a “full accounting” of the sources of her allegations.

Bachmann’s original letters, sent out June 13, all cite research by a group called the Center for Security Policy, founded by Frank Gaffney, a controversial figure who has feuded with figures of both the left and right, including conservative icon Grover Norquist, who accused him of bigotry.

Gaffney, who writes widely about the threat of Shariah, or Islamic law, in the United States, has said he was an informal foreign policy consultant in Bachmann’s recent presidential bid.

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Not all Muslims are terrorist but the majority of terrorists are Muslims. With the exception of a few terrorists in Ireland that are not Muslims the rest we don’t want to stereo type.

I’ve heard that it takes a nut to know a nut. Just sayin….

MUSLIMS are trying to wipeout Christianity world wide. Look at what has happened in Europe ! Detroit ring a bell to any of you and NEVER forget that the Muslims are building a mosque near GROUND ZERO in NY City. All Terrorists are MUSLIMS ! Obama has the support of the Muslim Brotherhood – WAKE UP AMERICA ! Muslim mission is to wipe out Christianity world wide They and the Atheist movement here in the U.S.A. have made much headway in their efforts WAKE UP AMERICANS !

Amen to that!!!!

Obama was a trojan horse! He wishes to kill our country, and he is openly doing so

He took my guns! Oh wait… he didn’t.

You people are all Joe McCarthys. I’am more worried about people like you taking over my country then anyone else in the world.

Walker, Ames, Hassen. These guys did it for money. If you come froma part of the world who will blow themsevles up what amkes think they would not spy.

Knew there had to be a reason she married Anthony Wiener other than love let alone stay with him after sending photos of his junk worldwide

You people had better pay attention to this. These people intend to take over our country and if you think you have lost money and rights under socialist Obama just wait until the Muslims are in control.

McCain is WRONG. In my opinion there are NO hard-working and loyal servants to the country that are members of congress.

Not so fast.

Better look into this before you start shooting the messenger.

The Dark Muslim Brotherhood World of Huma Abedin.

Editors’ note: Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has denounced Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) for including Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, among those she has noted for having Muslim Brotherhood ties in her recent call for government agencies to investigate the Brotherhood ‘s penetration of Washington. Robert Spencer’s article in this issue crystallizes why McCain is wrong, and Bachmann is right, on this matter.

On this occasion, Frontpage’s editors have deemed it important to reprint a Frontpage interview (from our June 24, 2011 issue) with Walid Shoebat about The Dark Muslim Brotherhood World of Huma Abedin. The disturbing facts that Shoebat reveals in the interview, which appears below, legitimize Bachmann’s concerns.

Educate yourself!

FrontpageMagazine is an extremely conservative magazine. Of course they would promote this hysteria and back Ms. Bachman. She is a nut and so are they.

Are you people nuts? Muslims hate us!

Christians or not you better get your heads out of your ass.

Muslims have infiltrated every aspect of American life including our Federal Government.

Finding fault with Bachman or anyone that is trying to protect you defies logic. Quit believing the media and the latest taking points.

Stupidity is FATAL. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you christins tried to destroy the muslims during the crusades. Gee I wonder why they hate you!

The people worried about how deeply the Islamist radicals have infiltrated our government will never make any headway as long as they choose a radical Christian to be their mouthpiece. A lot of people believe there are radical Islamists in our government, but no one will listen until they are uncovered and substantiated by moderates. And by then a lot of damage may have been done. It’s really frightening that the TSA is still letting illegal aliens learn how to fly planes at a school owned by an illegal alien. Our government is not keeping the foxes out of the hen houses. So much for homeland security.


Always knew she was a nut case.

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