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UPDATE: Apparent brawl at Alley Katz reported Wednesday night; other scattered altercations

MASON CITY – Police in Mason City were dealing with several calls due to altercations between individuals.

At 10:10 pm Mason City Police were dispatched to Alley Katz Bar for a brawl behind the bar involving up to 12 people, it was said. No word on any injuries.

There was one report of a fight between neighbors in the 400 block of West State Street.

Another call was from a man at East Park who said he was approached and threatened by at least one other man.  He was waiting near the sledding hill to speak to police.

Then at about 7:30 p.m. police were called to break up a fight between two men who were said to be fighting with baseball bats.  That incident took place in the 500 block of South Carolina Ave.

Then at 8:46 pm, a call was made from the 200 block 9th Street NW.  An adult male was assaulted and injured.  Police were warned that there were firearms in the residence in question.  A man was loaded into a squad car, handcuffed.

At 9:00 pm a caller alerted NIT to an apparent brawl in East Park involving multiple subjects.  No further information yet available as photojournalist was en route.

Then at just after 9:00 pm a report was issued that stated there were two teens dressed in black walking in Gracious Estates mobile home park with air soft guns.

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I was a senior in High School and I went to laredos and they didn’t even card me…

I owned and operated bars in this city for years. You cannot expect the police to run your place of business. The more they are present the worse your business will be. No one wants to drink where the police are a constant presence. The bar owner must take steps to make sure no trouble makers are allowed in o beging with. You make sure your employee’s are all sober and do not drink on the job. If there were a policy that if you had 3 trouble calls in six months your license would be suspended for 90 days, thing would change. In all the years I was in that business, I never had one trouble call. People have a tendency not to go where they are not wanted.



Really Not “One” Call Ever and you Owned a Bar for Years? Must have been a Real Happening Place!! And why would you Shut Down Ally Katz? You really want those People coming into the Bars you hang out at? No Thanks….Keep them All at One Place!!!

Why would anyone care if police were in a bar or not? What difference does it make?

Hey Matt-it looks like they have found another way to get on the site with their ads.

Here’s an idea, suspend Alley Katz liquor license everytime there’s an altercation there….and I have said it for years, Mason City needs a curfew for the kids. Not sure if it’s kids causing problems in East Park, but the so called grown ups are Alley Katz so it’s more than likely underage people at East Park. If the kids don’t have a job and have no reason to be out, then they need to be at home where their parents can deal with their nonsense. Set up a curfew that these kids can’t be on the street after 9:00 pm or even 8:30 during school time. How does this get done, through the council? Mason City is no longer a safe place, so we need to be proactive and make some changes to ensure everyone’s safety.

i have tried to push a curfew but i have been told by numerous individuals that it would be to taxing on the police department to enforce it

Oh no, we wouldn’t want them to actually do some work now would we? Ridiculous, that’s the dumbest reason I have ever heard.

Given recent activities Jeff, I am going to agree with you. We only have so many police man-hours. Not saying a curfew is a bad idea at all. It would restore structure to the community.

And to the police haters, do the rest of us a favor, go out and examine what it is our police do on a daily basis. It would shoot holes in your paradigm.

Jeff-if we had a curfew it would be self policing after a few arrests. Fine the hell out of the parents and they would start parenting right away. Right now it is much easier to let the kids do whatever they want without control but hit them in the pocket book and they will changer their mind. The problem you will have is that some parents will say my little angel wouldn’t do anything wrong, why does he have a curfew? Our city council and mayor would not have the guts to enforce this.

Wow Larry, they still use that “my little angel” line? In 40 years it aint changed. As always, it ended up the “little Angel” had a long history of being anything but an angel. ☺

Whatever happened to the volunteer parkwatch program for eastpark? Maybe the volunteers figured it wasnt worth getting killed over!
Matt should send out some extra NIT photographers they would for sure ‘Get er done’

kimt has been running a story about that. Because of the price of gas, less people are signing up. Vandals broke the new fence surrounding engine 457 last week.

Seriously alley cats needs to be shut down im going to look into a petition or someway of doing it we keep asking why the city dont do it well its time we as citizens fight back it serious bs that its still open how many fights how many stabbings shootings and deaths before mason city takes care of it and we want to be a blue zone start by cleaning up alley cats and are streets.

If you shut it down they will just scatter until they find another place to destroy. At least the police know where to look now and they are finding out who the thugs are which will make it easier to jail them later on. Shut it down and maybe they will move to eleven downtown. I heard they had a fight the other night. I am going to get a carry permit to protect my wife and myself.

So there was a fight at “Eleven Lounge” the other night and NO coverage of it on NIT. Hmmm sound strangely familiar to accusations against other media about not running news stories that paints their advertisers in a bad light.

Matt: “We didn’t know about the fight.”

Your next sentence contradicts the first.

“From what I have gathered, the altercation was Saturday night between a group of men. One group was asked to leave, and 11 management says that group will not be allowed back in the bar.”

“We didn’t hear it on the scanner so there was no way to know about it.”

You report a bunch of things that don’t make scanners or before they hit the scanner even.

Wouldnt it be ballanced news coverage to let people know that Alley Katz is not the only establishment in town dealling with a rowdy group of people? Information helps keep us safe right?

There have been problems in two Clear Lake bars, Dillinger’s, and now Alley Kat’s. Probably other’s. Try to understand that there are trouble makers causing a problem where ever they go. Closing down a business that the owner has made an investment improving the building, employs 10 or 12 part time people, and has asked for assistance, keeps right in step with the foolish solutions our elected officials keep coming up with.

A Police state show of force solution, that negatively effects business within all of Mason City isn’t the answer.

There are steps that can be taken to assist business owners on the North end. Run a drug dog in the area.
How about replacing the stop light/cross walk on Federal and 14th St. Put a traffic camera on it, maybe other surveillance in the area.

Punish the people causing the problem and protect the rest. Or, KEEP driving jobs away from our dying community. Anyone else notice the volume of Sheriff sales? We have elected fools. VOTE.

How much longer will Alley Katz be allowed to operate?

I think our residents no longer want that problem on N. Federal to occupy the resources of the City, County, and State every few nights. Honestly, I appreciate the work of our PD, but to have one business constantly drain the manpower from the rest of the City, is a concern.

My husband and I heard two squad cars fly past our house headed north, and I cheekily told him there was a 95% chance they were headed to Alley Katz. And wouldn’t you know it? I was right. What’s it gonna take to get that trash magnet bar closed down?

These teens now a days are forming a gang called the fight squad. My son and two friends have been jumpeed in that park not to long ago by 5 0r 6 other kids using crowbars and if the MCPD doesn’t stop it its gonna start a war. It concerns me on how dangerous it has been getting lately and how out of control it is… Its just the begging of something that may result in someone dying!

Apparently some current teens have seen the movie “Fight Club” and took it a little too literally. Wait til they run into someone who carries a concealed weapons permit and acts in self defense and ends up killing one of them. Unfortunate yes, but still a possibility.

hippies and trailer trash out in force tonight…

Boy if that don’t make someone want to visit Mason City. Kinda like watching the Jerry Springer show.

tweekers are out tonight, or is it a full moon?

I wondered the same thing!

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