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Op-ed: More character assassination from the Globe (by Peter Children)

More gibberish, more mumbo-jumbo rhetoric with underlining character assassination. How many times will the Globe continue to throw the three former councilmen under the bus? Why should I be surprised…or you for that matter.  The building at 300 Washington Avenue is what it is, just a structure. The building doesn’t write words, it’s those inside that put this crap onto paper (some might call it Charmin).

Lets start this autopsy at the point where 36 years of community service by three hardworking former council persons are thrown over the cliff.  They now take the position that dissent is healthy.  Before, it was bickering.  So when the three former council persons walked out instead of giving NIACC $150.000.00 they really weren’t watching out for your money, they were uncooperative. Is that it?  Now they’re set to blow over $76,000.00 just to move a desk.  Did you vote in the last election?

Improve relationship between HRC and the council and mayor. There has never been a problem between the HRC and the council or mayor in the 38 years the commission has existed….until this mayor appeared. I’d really like to find out just who signed to get Bookmeyer out; he had to be locked up somewhere.  Did you vote in the last election?

In privatizing the sanitation department they do not tell you that around 11 jobs will be eliminated…11 families will be thrown to the wolves in this economic climate, is that what we’re all about? Is this then the “lean” program we’re adopting….throwing out loyal employees on their ass?  Let me tell you what it really is. Bookmeyer wants to get rid of the union; that is as much of it as anything, so if you’re a union guy pay attention. Did you vote in the last election?

Developing a “sustainability plan” that links with the Comprehensive Plan. Now just what in the hell does that mean to the average reader? This rhetoric reminds me of when I sold aluminum siding; we’d write all kinds of things that were for the most part meaningless, we did that just to fill up the space and make it appear more important than it really was, kinda like what you see here.  Did you vote in the last election?

I don’t want to touch on all the smoke and mirrors contained in this siding contract, frankly I have too much to do and I have already given it too much of my time. There is an important lesson to be learned here; and it all comes down to one issue, one very important issue that infects our society for which there seems to be no cure.  People who suffer the brunt of an administration like the one we have currently running this city are the result of not voting.  This isn’t rocket science; if you want to drive your car you need to put in gasoline or it won’t go.  If you want good government staffed by reasonable people who will represent your best interests and hold listening posts like Don Nelson and Jeff Marsters used to find out what their constituents wanted, then you need to vote….or you can just buy into what the spin doctors are spoon feeding you.

Peter Children




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