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Op-ed: Commentary: Bookmeyer (by Peter Children)

Of late so many people bring up mayor Bookmeyer when they engage me in conversation. I am not surprised.  After all,  I have written extensively about him during most of 2011, and will probably continue throughout this coming year as well. Truth be known he’s not my favorite subject, he’s quite pedestrian and very mediocre by any measure you might choose to use.  He is in my opinion also inept in his job, lacks understanding and hasn’t a clue to what he’s doing.

I know for a fact many people share my thoughts, because many of those who stop me in the supermarket and the postoffice and cafe’s tell me they share my views; he’s totally wrong for our city is the most frequent comment  I hear, that along with those who affirm he is a embarrassment to this city…how they feel terrible for his family, especially his children. Many wonder if he drinks at home to the extent he does in public. I cannot speculate on that, I only write what I know to be true…incidents which were witnessed by others who were present to the event.

A couple of days ago a large property owner called me to invite me to look at a property he was remodeling, I suggested we might lunch then go see it.  I wasn’t surprised when Bookmeyer’s name came up, we were talking about the CES gasification facility and Bookmeyer’s obsession with getting it approved ASAP.  He should learn that there is nothing more important than the health of those living here.

Lets assume some people fell ill as a result of this facility, and it could be proven that CES was the reason. Who would they sue? The city, maybe Bookmeyer, CES? How much liability do they carry….does anyone really know?  Is this about power, trying to prove something to others? If it is it is showing incompetence and recklessness not good judgement from someone who really cares about this city and those who live here.  Truthfully no one is really against this plant from opening, they just want more assurances that it will be safe…..slow down.

Bookmeyer ran against a very weak opponent, a very nice man with little or no money and quite short on charisma.  I was one of the few who voted for John by the looks of it.  It wasn’t really a contest. Bookmeyer had a lot of money contributed by the medical community mostly I assume given his wife’s proximity to that affluent group; he was savvy to the Internet and hooked up with Facebook I am told and cashed in on that medium….good for him. But when you burn the forest and shift the ashes the fact remains no one really knew who this man was. I have no idea of just how long he lived here…that could be checked by his wife’s employment record at the Mercy Hospital….because that is how he got here, no one recruited him that is certain.

Upon taking office he shut down the public forum and went after the office of Human Rights….then he met Max……..

Now we’re at the end of the year and in the swirl of the holiday season….what will be the odds Eric will be sober on New Year’s Eve, about the same as the pope switching to Judaism.  I shall continue to track this guy, as long as he gets plowed in public and stumbles into tables I will ride his ass. If you want to know my true feelings…I’d much rather give him a ride to a treatment center.

In the spirit of the new year, I want to offer the mayor an invitation to sit down with me over coffee…or he can drink beer I don’t care as long as it is his first of the day, and we’ll talk.  We’ll talk about cabbages and kings along with other things, any thing he wants….but only the two of us and only in public.

Peter Children


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