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Break the Chains! By Peter Lagios

I figured out what the problem is of why pleasure and serenity cannot be had on a regular basis. The problem lies with the hard-mule notion that work is something that must be inflicted and imposed on someone. Some humans have a dysfunctional relationship with work, and a general disconnect with their own mind/body/kinesthesiology. They never learned how to perform physical / mental functions with balance and harmony. They are essentially lazy at their core, and they rile themselves by getting all hot and bothered and yelling at other people to get them into motion, which is a misdirected attempt to rile their own lazy selves. They were tortured by the previous generation, and they never broke the chain. They passed it on to their children, and any subordinates at work, who in turn suffer.

My own family on one side is hard-mule, stoic German / British stock…farm raised, big family, and I can just feel my mother’s siblings and parents and grandparents at work, when she yells and controls everyone around the situation 24/7…from sunup to sundown. The power control freak behaviors is a result of a total loss in understanding that daily tasks CAN be performed without yelling and controlling, and that the pressure and fear she feels when she feels the impetus to do something, is a result of other people yelling and abusing her…but she’s too dim and ignorant to recognize the point of origin of the impulses.

Break the Chains!

Part of mindful Zen and Yoga is to conduct work activity after physical strengthening exercises and sitting meditation. Contemplative work is a joy to perform. To feel one’s limber, liberated body in motion tantalizes the senses and connects with the greater communal ethos. It is a wonderful moment where one puts their knowledge and kinesthesiology into practice. True joy and ecstasy can be had when mind & body come together to achieve something tangible. Work influences reality. Good work leaves a lasting impression on the environment, and is noticeable by all.

But for someone to be yelling at you, berating you, controlling you while you work?!! WTF? It’s hard-mule, slave-driven, old-world, control-freak stuff. The kind of thing that makes a person hate their life…and in turn hate other people’s lives.

Break the Chains!

I know it’s hard when busy-body-control-freak-buzzing-bee is roaming around looking for butts to put in a sling…but the energy you spend beating it back (hopefully defeating it) is the best you’ll ever spend. I believe it’s everyone’s moral obligation to rise up and quarantine those types of people. It helps the overall world progress reach peace and an enlightened communal state. The waitress who is abused at the restaurant by the old-world-control-freak will thank you. The community will be calmer. The sun will shine warmer. The air will be cleaner.

Abuse and harassment at an immediate intimate level is the source of where all other environmental discordance begins. It can start wars if left unchecked. The crime section of the nightly news is a result of it.

If I could do anything in North Iowa to fix the wrongs I endured, it would have been to utterly smote out the hard-mule slave drivers in my life. Liberation cannot be had any other way until the beraters and harassers are defeated. Had this been done, my life would have followed a much better trajectory. I’m absolutely sure of it. It could be my mother, your father, your brother, your husband, wife, child, friend…virtually anyone is capable of being the source of trouble. Find your source, and do everything in your power to

Break the Chains!

Now this isn’t easy. I’ll grant that. Law enforcement unfortunately is blind to understand the source of the world’s troubles, and they don’t much care whether or not you’re being abused behind closed doors. They only deal with the after-effects of that abuse and beratement. If you were to try and physically defeat those who torture you, you probably would be hauled off to jail. It’s a precarious situation indeed. If you were to take your fist and slam it into your boss’s face the next time he mistreated you…you’d find yourself without a job, and in jail. Society tends to protect these creeps.

What to do, what to do?

Break the Chains!

This is why it’s critical for us to recognize those hard-mule, slave-driver types and collectively control them. But first we have to unify with each other, as peaceful, sane people, in order to have enough strength to control the rogues, without taking on the burden of military type elimination…which will invariably land you in prison. Remember, only large oil companies and defense contractors get to take life in this world. The rest of you have to figure out other ways to handle your problems.

Good luck.

Break the Chains!

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Who in the hell is this nut job who wrote this? Jesus Christ!! This is a joke, right?

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