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Progress Iowa: Branstad Uses False Jobs Numbers in Condition of the State Address

Matt Sinovic with Amanda Ragan and Sharon Steckman at Cerro Gordo County Courthouse in 2012
Matt Sinovic with Amanda Ragan and Sharon Steckman at Cerro Gordo County Courthouse in 2012

From Progress Iowa:

Des Moines, IA – In Tuesday morning’s Condition of the State Address, Governor Branstad repeated his false claim that 100,000 jobs have been created during the past two years. According to two different measures recognized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth has been significantly slower since January 2011.

In response to the Governor’s continued use of false statistics, Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa, issued the following statement:

“Governor Branstad continues to ignore reality and mislead Iowans. Instead of making up statistics, the Governor needs to take responsibility for what is actually happening in our state. Wages for middle and working class Iowans are stagnant, and are likely to stay that way if the Governor’s top priority is to falsify statistics to hide his broken campaign promises.”

“Long lasting job creation must start with the rebuilding of our middle class, not just corporate tax giveaways. The Governor’s plans are doomed to fail if he continues to put politics ahead of working Iowans.”

Statistics recognized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that from January 2011 through November 2012, “total nonfarm employment” grew by a net 18,700 jobs in Iowa, and “resident total employment” in Iowa fell by 7,000 jobs over the same period. And according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Iowa’s median household income grew by just one-tenth of a percent in 2011.



Iowa’s median income rose by just one-tenth of a percent in 2011:

Branstad’s ‘phony math’ tilts job totals, group says

Branstad’s Deceptive Jobs Math Deserves Scrutiny

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Back to the subject at hand-Of course Project Iowa (Left Wing Union/Nut Organization) thinks the numbers are false but they must have had to find someone to read them to them. Now they just need to find someone from the middle to explain the numbers.

If Amanda Ragan receives support from the fascist who is Dr. Blodgett, I shall abstain from voting for her. It pains me to say this, as I’m a registered Democrat. But North Iowans deserve to have at least some policymakers who are free from the clutches of this abysmal, right wing, one-percenter. Enough is enough, say I.

I wasnt defending Blodgett, never would of voted for the man. Who are you to call us a fool, your the fool.

When Blodgett first run I warned every body about him he is all about control. Now there’s canidates of both partys in his pocket. I hope you’re happy you fools.

Sense when is it illegal for a Democrat get money from a Republecan. If Jay and Phil can get Blodgett to pay for there mailings, raise them money, ect. whats wrong. If a millionaire offer to give me some his money I will take it, if Miss Ragan can get some that Blodgett money she should to. Come on people.

Ragan trys to get rich Republicans to be for her, she must of learn that from Urdahl. Your right Watts would of beat Phil Chris should of won but then Republicans gets all them letters from Gary Blodgett so the dingbat wins. Phil has got the stink of Urdahl all over him, even his beard.

You are so right Asbury, go on line to and see Mrs. Crystal Meier is the clerk that keeps those books of Blodgett’s PAC, it is called a “Taxpayer Against Wasteful Goverment’. Mrs. Meier is the one hired Urdahl’s wife over to the habitat on orders of Dr. Blodgett. She is also good friends with Ragan, this goes deep. When Chris Watts become Republican I still was for him, he had a good chance to win because Phil has the stink of Urdahl on him. But then Gary Blodgett pays for mailings to all them Republicans, saying vote for dingbat Dougherty. Watts would of won till the county GOP seen the mailings, and they says no, we won’t support you now, we won’t get cross wise with doc. This is who Amanda Ragan is trying to get on her side.

JDG my husband and I also were at the debate you mentioned. We, too, saw Amanda glad-handing Dr. and Mrs. Blodgett, trying to smoose them. A member of the Democratic Central Committee told us that one of Amanda’s close friends is Treasurer for one of Gary Blodgett’s PACs. This same lady hired Jay’s wife at Habitat on orders from Blodgett, from what we heard. She even keeps the books for a PAC that Sandy Blodgett runs, according to online records. I have voted for Democrats for 47 years and it’s just sad to see Urdahl, Dougherty, and now, apparently, Amanda Ragan, tolerate fascists.

To: Anonymous
From: Retired Mercy

Your opinion may be right about Urdahl, Ragan, Steckman, and Schickel being in politics for the money. I happen to agree with you there. But you lost your credibility when you put Gary Blodgett in that category. Blodgett could buy and sell all of the others you mentioned combined, each several times over. Which is not to say he is not a RINO. But he did not go into politics for the money.

a lie is as good as the truth as long as somebody believes it

Braindead must be related to Obama they both can’t tell the truth with there promises. Sad part is that people believe them.

Ragan, Blodget, Urdahl, Schickel, Steckman, are all RINO’s or DINO’s.

RINO=Republican In Name Only

DINO=Democrats In Name Only

They really are a bunch of left wing communist two faced assholes that want the money from the easy life in politics. They love to run their mouth and lead the stupid voters into poverty.

My opinion!

This photo of these two with Matt will be redeemable for lots of campaign money for whoever takes on Mrs. Ragan. How dumb of her to have even allowed this photo to be taken; the GOP will milk it for all it’s worth, which will be plenty. Sharon is home free, because her district is safe. Amanda isn’t so lucky, or safe, as she will discover soon enough. Why are some erstwhile good Democrats so damn dumb? At the first Vilsack-King debate, I sat three rows behind Amanda as she got up and went out of her way to greet Gary Blodgett and his bejeweled wife, in full view of her own, disapproving supporters. I said right then that Ragan acted like she knows she will have a tough fight, and wants all the GOP backing she can get. Some people are willing to sell their souls, obviously. Maybe Amanda can even get her good friend and pseudo Democrat Jay Urdahl to get his bankroller Blodgett to put up the money for another mass mailing, like the one Jay got the doc to do for Phil Dougherty. As they say, people are judged by the company they keep …

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