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Op-ed: Globe Expels Fat Man (by Peter Children)

In today’s paper, using too many words, the Globe threw the Fat Man overboard.  It took awhile to get to the conclusion of the editorial but the true meaning was threaded throughout the entirety of their declaration of… not now.

Does this mean the walls are closing in around the fat man? He just lost a major initiative to ram an unproven technology down the throats of North Iowa, and now that reporter, who will remain nameless, the one who often met with the fat man in his office with the door closed has politely threw his fat ass off the ship.  The paper, one of his most ardent supporters, has fired a shot over his bow warning him in the most public of ways to slow down.

This is the way it happens; those who clung to you, those who followed you through thick and thin, those who pledged undying allegiance to you are starting to think twice about drinking the Kool-Aid.  To wit; John Lee publicly states he wants a referendum on the Taj Mahal… Kuhn concurs with Lee. This then was the first visible crack in the wall.  CES fails in the face of inept efforts by Willett, now the old schooner, the once flagship of this city, the one that now lies listless off Washington Avenue, has punched your ticket.  They are throwing you out with the rest of the bilge water.  You have suddenly become toxic… infectious.

Its over for you fat man, those who followed you unfailing into the darkness have seen the light that creeps into the room from under the door, and in that scant light of day they don’t like what they see, when your ship goes down, you and Solberg will be alone, Solberg will be the last to go because she sees you as a source of writing insurance premiums.  Turncoat is already looking around with ways to divorce you and Marinos will have left before this dance is over. You’ll be alone when your little boat sinks.

Peter Children

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Turncoat? Fat Man?

If my name was Peter Children, I would be careful about calling people silly names. But I would be even more careful about trying to manipulate people’s names to insult them.

Since Peter “The Not So Great” Children hasn’t responded, then the answer to my question is obvious. He’s part of the problem!

So, Peter, calling that guy the “Fat Man” only makes it fair to call you an attention Hoe?


Are you trying to say the fat man isn’t fat? PC is right, he is fat and if we could see you we know for sure you’d fit nicely inside a prophylactic.

So this is an Op-Ed article about something written in a competing news source? That is BRILLIANT! What comes next? Publishing peoples actual reactions to news stories?

Well Peter, looks like now is the time for you to announce that you are going to run for mayor. Obviously, you have some sort of following. You seem to have some insight to point out all that is wrong. With your fans behind you, how can you lose?

Now is the time to finally put some action in your words versus just sitting behind a computer monitor spouting off. I say this again, either you’re part of the problem or part of the solution.

Which are you?

Awesome. Egg drop soup all over faces. So funny I can’t stand it. This puke might want to take the family back home now. Right he’s not even from Iowa people. Like he cares about much. I heard the trash plant if passed was going to hire Bookmeyer 1st and foremost because he is such a good liar (not that good we keep catchin him) about the dangers of what really blows out of there. Start lookin Book you are history. Thanks Children for another outstanding sumation of the the real deal.

This is the first time I have seen the paper go against the mayor, something is certainly very wrong

This mayor has never knew or understood how city hall works from day one. He was so overwhelmed with self importance that he couldn’t stop looking in the mirror at himself long enough to see what was taking place around him. I won’t be the least surprised to see him crash and burn.

so you will be the most surprised?

Another thing get rid of the idea of 60,000 dollars for the making of offices for the council and use it towards the water fund.

I agree 100% I’m not saying they shouldn’t do some remodeling but 60,000 is over the top!!!

There is some wishful thinking going on here. He may not be qualified and has a socialist agenda, but so do a lot of the people in Mason City. Don’t count him out until the fat man sings.

I am still not convinced that all the important news gets to enough voters! This may be a pretty small group on here that wants Mason City to have a positive future but it isn’t going to happen without some hard work and communication and getting the facts out.

That’s what counts!!!

Wow, it sounds like the fall of the Roman Empire, Caesar is going down. Should I say Bookmeyer, It looks like he will be left standing alone. Hummpty Dumpty sitting on the wall, Hummpty Dummpty will have a great fall. I think everyone is wising up to his shenanigans. Mason City is a great city, sometimes little slow to catching on, but when we do. The Globe just caught on. Look out. Just sayin. LOL

What is really funny, the Globe Gazette(chicken dinner news) did not say a word about the potential pollution problem that was just thrown out. Remember CES? The Globe has so much egg on it’s face being in bed with Bookmeyer and gang that they are now speechless. Once all the facts were presented they just didn’t know how to respond.

Thanks NIT


Good grief. What pollution? Did you have your head buried in the sand all that time? Or are you one of the folks who used fear instead of gray matter?

I got an interesting email from an out of state friend last night. He had read my digest of comments and articles about CES, and replied with one very poignant question: “If citizens refuse a simple business like CES in town, do they realistically expect other businesses to even consider Mason City?”

One of the biggest reasons why the contract with ces was sut down was because LNI was beeing rushed into signing a 10 to 20a year contract with two weeks notice. Come on be realistic. If u were being pushed into something so quickly wouldn’t you get nervous? Something was fishy and they smelt it. Good for LNI for standing their ground. It was absolutely the wrong approach from the mc side and Ces.

Its about time the globe starts taking a hard look at this guy. Our mayor contrary to what he will tell people does not have a stellar history in business.

GET OFF MY YARD, damn whipper-snappers… (puts teeth in). Flatulates, damn dog! Where is my malto-meal? Momma, when is the jeapordy on again??? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. GET OFF MY YARD, damn whipper-snappers… (puts teeth back in). Flatulates, blames dog…. Oh yeah, dang fat man… zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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