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Bowling scores: 1-22 through 1-27, 2012

This news story was published on January 28, 2012.
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Sunday Night Mixed    Rose Bowl       01/22/12

Team High Series          TEAM TWO       1556
Team High Game           TEAM TWO       539

Individual High Series Male         Doug Schaffer    653
Individual High Series Female      Lorri Neel          490

Individual High Game Male          Doug Schaffer    247
Individual High Game Female      Karie Shoafstall 181

Women’s Classic League        Rose Bowl       01/23/12

Team High Series          Rose Bowl                     1629
Team High Game           Corporate Farmer           571

Individual High Series     Sharon Langhoff             583
Individual High Game      Laura Schultz                219

Major League              Mystic Lanes    01/24/12

Team High Series          The Becotte Mystics      1855
Team High Game           The Becotte Mystics      658

Individual High Series     Carol Nicholson             516
Individual High Game      Kim Hamand                 207

Friday Night Mixed League     Mystic Lanes    01/27/12

Team High Series          Kabrick             2162
Team High Game           Kabrick             763

Individual High Series Male         Brent Bice         686
Individual High Series Female      Nicole Kesten    549

Individual High Game Male          Brent Bice         257
Individual High Game Female      Nicole Kesten    203

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