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Op-ed: I have seen a lot (by Peter Children)

We all live within the parameters of our own time. Whether your life is long or short, it is your own time on this earth.  And regardless of what time in history you arrived, you will have had the opportunity to witness history because history is made daily.

I was born in the great depression of the thirties, I have seen a lot, enough for me to have gained the knowledge to see through more than just windows.  It never ceases to amaze me the sheer transparency, the audacity of some people who feel their intentions are known only to themselves, they feel impenetrable, immune from the obligation to do the will of the people. Self centered in their own personal goals along with others of their ilk.

Bolstered often times by alcohol which is needed to numb the subconscious that reminds them there are those who will prove their actions to be wrong…they move blindly ahead like an addicted gambler who thinks the next throw of the dice will be a winner.  What is it that drives these people, is it a flawed gene or simply sheer arrogance?  I think anyone who files papers to run for public office should summit to some sort of basic testing before hand, then once more midway through their term.

I think of the gigantic effort the people of Wisconsin endured in collecting one million signatures to recall their Governor. It said to me that malfeasance in office need not be tolerated, that there are remedies built into the law that protect the citizenry against those who would abuse their office. Something tells me the Governor was probably within the boundaries of legality when he stripped collective bargaining from the unions.  So what was it then? It was the will of the people that in the end prevailed, they decided they weren’t going to take it anymore. Maybe what they did was a lesson for all to learn from.

Peter Children

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