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Gay Marriage, by Peter Children

(Submitted to by Peter Children)

I can’t help but mention Gay Marriage, or if you prefer, same sex unions. Just what is it that is so troubling to everyone? Why are some people worried about what’s happening in their neighbor’s house? Furthermore….who gives a FñK. Personally I don’t care if you want to marry a corn stock or sleep with a bushel of tomatoes. Whatever floats your boat is OK with me.

There are valid reasons for this state being 96% white since its inception; its not by accident….its by careful design. Lets go back not long ago. There was an attempt to located a “state of the art” slaughtering facility in this state. This was a meat processing plant that if memory serves me right, and would have employed close to 1,200 people. Didn’t stand a chance in hell. They first applied to Johnson, Iowa; got turned down, then Iowa Falls, got turned down, then they looked at Mason City….got turned down.

This plant was to have been completely enclosed, no odor, no indication from the outside what was even taking place on the inside, didn’t matter. Now stop and think for a moment; wouldn’t it make sense to locate such a facility near the source of your product? Of course it would. To bring 1,200 high paying jobs into the community would be an economic development director’s wet dream….didn’t matter. Just think of the property tax this plant would generate for the city or county….didn’t matter. So….what did matter then? Simple, it was the work force that would be hired to process the product. While the hogs and cattle were acceptable… those who would cut their throats were not.

If it had been I.B.M. who were looking to locate here or anywhere else in this state, we would have built housing for them and given them tax deferments, that and anything else they asked for. That same segment of our population who didn’t want that proposed workforce to settle here, is now worrying about just who gets under the covers with you. I am fairly sure most who read this understand what the law of the land is and what it means….or is suppose to mean. Well in Iowa its different. In most democratic societies we elected officials, set up a judicial system, legislate laws, elect judges to enact those laws and then we get on with the business of raising our families and going about our daily lives. Not here…here its different. What we witnessed here in the last election was frightening….at least to me it was.

There was a fraction in this state that mounted a successful campain to unseat three State Supreme Court Justices simply because they did not like their ruling on gay marriage. It did not matter that these judges followed the law of the land, what mattered was the fact that their decisions did not conform with these unfrocked congruous-Klansmen….who in another time would have worn their pointed hats.

This fraction of our population who worries about who’s in your bedroom, could not sleep nights in their own until they decided who was or was not going to sleep in yours….in any language, that’s sick…and dangerous.

There is a popular televison program on ABC which plays one night each week. It is called; “Dangerous Housewives” and in this make believe setting there is a gay couple living on street upon which this show evolves. What would you think if this same segment who unseated the three justices decided they did not want that show run in our state? Think it couldn’t happen….don’t bet on it. Welcome to Iowa!

Peter J. Children|

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