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News & Entertainment for Mason City, Clear Lake & the Entire North Iowa Region Middle Class Iowans to Protest Romney’s Private Fundraiser

DES MOINES – Tomorrow, middle class Iowans will protest outside the gates of Mitt Romney’s private fundraiser at Glen Oaks Country Club. Progress Iowa, the Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans, AFSCME Iowa Council 61, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, and the Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO are planning the event.

While Romney meets with his top contributors and prevents the average Iowan from hearing his policies, middle class Iowans will call on Romney to stop the secrecy and to stop pandering to the wealthiest.

His opposition to Iowa’s wind industry and skewed tax plan show how out of touch he is with Iowans. Romney believes in a tax system with two sets of rules – one for himself and others at the top, and another for everyone else. Iowans deserve to know whether Romney’s taken advantage of foreign tax havens to avoid paying his fair share. Iowans deserve to know why he’d give himself a tax cut – which would force either higher deficits or even higher taxes on the middle class.

WHEN: Tuesday, August 7, 4:30 PM

WHO: Matt Sinovic, Progress Iowa
Midge Slater, Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans

Members of Progress Iowa, Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans, AFSCME Iowa Council 61, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, and the Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

WHERE: Public sidewalk outside Glen Oaks Country Club

5740 Mills Civic Pkwy; West Des Moines, IA

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View all comments is a SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST organization and their mission is to make all Americans socialist/communists – just like members.


has one my bad

im just wondering what a tattoo has to do with drugs does everyone that has smoke crack cause thats news to me lol

I’ll vote for whoever can get this low income housing racket stopped in our town.


Sounds like typically Democrat running of the mouth, says alot that doesn’t mean anything just trying to confuse the public. Naturally the unions would be putting down Romney because Obama is their bread and butter. The thing is when the dems do it, it’s OK but let 1 republican do it and the world is going to end. I have to admit that not all the republicans are on the right track, a bad aple can ruin alot but from what I have seen and heard every single Democrat needs to be reprogramed.

Pete: This is NOT typical liberal hate-filled stupidity. is connected to Agenda 21. There over a 1000 of these groups interconnected that have a goal of making America a Socialist country.

If you keep track of the articles in the press and their message it is easy to see the connection.

I am now reading that many Democrats nationwide are upset that the Democratic Party has been taken over by these far left leading groups.

President Obama is tied into them as well. To be fair some Republicans are also. Many politicians don’t even know they are supporting Agenda 21s Socialist Agenda. It is a clever scheme but one that is now being exposed as the destructive group it is.

We need to educate ourselves so we can protect America and our way of life.

Until the Democrats rid themselves of this Agenda 21 scourge I will not be voting for them.

And Obama gets his money from millionaire actors, celebrities, and George Soros. But that’s different, right?

And to use the scare tactic that he’s MOOOOORRRRMMMOOONN. Oh no, what will we do???!!!
Danger! Danger! Everybody beware! Whatever, how about some substance with some real issues like our economy and jobs?

Well currently that’s the law so change the tax code. To continually single this guy out when that is the law and commonly done by wealthy people is getting boring.

Sure is boring hearing how much money he made and what percentage he chose to keep. I was TOLD how much I could keep, it made the decision quite easy for me. I am sure he can relate to me the common voter.

What a slanted Democratic article. It might as well say funded by Socialist (communist) Democrats. This is not a news article, it is 100% political.

Quick search for “biggest contributor in elections” and will show you AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees was the biggest union donor in 2010 spending 87.5 million. Yowzers!! That’s a lot of money boys and girls.

Mitt Romney’s private fundraiser at Glen Oaks Country Club

really in touch with the common Iowan. lol

I would imagine the country club members are the ones hosting the event. Romney will just attend it.

More of the same typical liberal hate-filled stupidness!!

Mitt Romney has done nothing illegal. He has investor accounts in foreign countries like 83% of the top 100 companies in this country do. He has paid all the taxes he owes. He makes his income on capital gains, which is taxed at the 15% rate instead of the 35% highest rate on wages. Part of the reason Mitt has become wealthy is because he understands the concept that people who earn capital gains pay less tax than those who earn wages. People who don’t know tax law can only stand there and point fingers because they don’t understand how it all works. If you don’t understand it, take a tax course and then tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing as Mitt does. If you wouldn’t you’re nuts.

Do you read what you type? He has obviously done nothing illegal. He has followed the law, and the laws that allow him to sit on his ass and pay less percentage in tax than the rest of the 99% of ALL Americans is what angers the 99% voting public when he continually defends his understanding of the common voter. He doesn’t. He hasn’t for a long time. He needs to quit trying to tell us he understands where we (the 99%) are going through. Guess it is a good thing that Greed isn’t a sin in the Mormon religion…

You think he sat on his ass to amass the wealth he has? LOLOL The guy has multiple advanced education degrees (law and MBA) and worked his ass off to get those and has used them to build his wealth. He is a mover and a shaker and those guys don’t sit on their asses. You have no concept of what an entrepreneur who makes it to his level does. You’re the one who is out of touch.
Happiness is what’s most important and you obviously aren’t. Money does NOT buy happiness. I would bet that Mitt was HAPPY giving away millions to charity and his inheritance to BYU. You would begrudge every cent.
We all hang out with people in our own socioeconomic and educational level. I don’t hang out with people who live like Romney does and I don’t hang out with tattooed drug users. That’s the way the world works for most people. We seek out people most like ourselves.

Mitt CHOOSES how much he wants to pay in tax by investing in foreign countries. So he sends money overseas instead of investing ALL of it locally in the country he wants to run? He’s plays all the loopholes he can to amass as much wealth as he can. Illegal? No. Greedy? Yes. Does he give some away? Yes. Does that make him a good person? Depends on how you look at it. Hitler loved his dog and made the trains run on time.

So what is considered middle class now a days?

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