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Mason City mom discovers anti-gay pamphlet in children’s trick-or-treat bucket

From Tiffany Mussman of Mason City:

A couple nights ago was Halloween and as I do every year I took my children trick or treating here in Mason City and as always had a blast.

Later that evening I was inspecting my daughter’s treat bucket and among the loot I came across a small booklet entitled “Birds and the Bees.” Naturally I inquired further.

As I opened said booklet inside I discovered comic book like pictures. The setting for the story was a classroom of small children and a teacher. The teacher tells her students that they will be getting two visitors to their classroom.  Enter “Charles” and “Larry.”  The teacher informs the students that Charles and Larry are a gay couple. The men begin to speak to the class about their jobs etc etc, likes and dislikes and how they plan to adopt a child very soon. The pictures of the men (also drawn in cartoon) are depicted each with a demonic type creature on each if their shoulders. One of the students stands and says, “my Dad says you are queers!”

The teacher reprimands the child for foul language. Now, we fast forward to the end of the school day. The children ate discussing what happened in the classroom. The children go on to say that because of our laws their teachers are required to expose them to homosexuality.

The children also go on to explain to each other that being gay is an abomination and that if anyone ever “try to make you gay” you should run away. It goes on and on.

As a mother and a Christian woman, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Couldn’t believe that this was in my daughter’s treat bucket. I also couldn’t believe that this garbage is in circulation. Look, believe what you want to believe. On the back of this obscene piece of literature was a stamp reading “Plymouth bible baptist church.” Practice whatever you feel is prudent in your religion. I don’t doubt for a moment that this congregation believe these teachings to be true, but as a woman of faith I know my God does not want me to pass hate or judgement upon others. That we are taught to love our neighbor. We are taught forgiveness, grace and mercy.

The depiction of homosexuality in this booklet, was in my opinion nothing more than a below the belt attack on the homosexual lifestyle. Nothing more than a way to pass hate and poison on to our younger generation.

In closing I would like to say, it is our job to protect our children against poisonous candy and treats on Halloween. Now we have to protect their minds and their innocence against religious extremists and other forms of passive aggressive hatred. I tried to submit this letter to the Globe Gazette, to no avail. This needs to be heard! People need to know that their are people in the world who will stop at nothing to poison the minds of our youth. Remember to teach “treat others the way you want to be treated. To love your neighbor. To spread joy, not hate.”

Thank you.

Tiffany Mussman


NIT scanned a few images from the pamphlet that Mrs. Mussman found, see them below.  The pamphlet was created by Chick Publications, which says it has been “equipping Christians for Evangelism for 50 years.”

Please leave your thoughts and comments.  Did anyone else find anything out of the ordinary in their trick-or-treat buckets?


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