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If you want to play in the big leagues, you gotta bring a bat. (By Peter J. Children)

Of the six council seats, on the Mason City Council, two appear to be without merit.

Turncoat brings out his Dog & Pony show at every meeting…a lot of paper work, more veribage than anyone wants to hear, in fact its painful to listen to this guy pontificate about what should and shouldn’t be….especially after he was caught lying. Better men would have resigned….but to totally ignore the tapes that were presented indicates total ignorance or a blind belief that the public is as dense as he believes it to be. If memory serves me correctly, this guy ran unopposed once and the second time it was believed he ran against a weak opponent. In my opinion, he has a distorted view of how things need to be done, his view is a simple concept commonly known as being self centered. However when he ran against Sharon Steckman to become a state legislator he got his lunch handed to him good.

The other malcontent is Solberg. She looks like a deer that got caught in the headlights. I watch her mannerisms closely when she sits at the table…she twitches a lot which is probably just a nervous reaction to being at that table to begin with. In my opinion she suffers from low self esteem, all the classic tells are present. She has no love for Weaver…or Foster for that matter. Remember that she once applied for a position as a commissioner on the Human Rights Board but was rejected and the rejection probably scarred her for life. She makes no effort to hide the fact that she hates Lionel Foster. That alone makes her a willing co-conspirator to Bookmeyer to sack Lionel. She has a penchant to be litigious having been involved in close to eight legal actions to date, but she is still young and there is certainly more time to add to that total. Her attorney will undoubtly be reading this text to assess its value before the bench.

Many who read these words may think I am picking on these people; you’d be wrong. For when you chose to enter the public area with a purpose to delegate and shape public policy that will effect the lives of the people living in your community; if that is what you want, then you must be able to be stripped bare in public. If you look at politicians on a wider landscape you will see the blemishes of their past never evaporate entirely. A hundred years from now there will be people talking about Clinton getting oral sex in the Oval Office. I am sure no one other than the two principles witnessed it, but there is little doubt that it happened. The fact that he lied to Congress will never be eradicated from his history….its simple; its what he always was….and always will be. Did I mention he pardoned 230 drug dealers on his last day in office. Harry Truman once said, “If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.” Wise advice for those seeking elected positions in which you are paid. They are unlike those who serve voluntarily on the many boards it takes to run the city. Human Rights Commissioners are not paid as an example.

Past aggressions have sunk many a political career in our time, too numerous to mention, I am sure the majority of those reading these words can relate to what I am saying. I suppose having the public elect you conjures up a heady feeling, maybe one where you might begin to believe you’re smarter than you know you are. We are witnessing that now with the two above mentioned. Like when they send the wrong person to the electric chair……. or to the council table. Eventually most mistakes are corrected, and hopefully these two will fall under that category. For now I think both of these two who vote every issue with Bookmeyer are neutered to the point they can do no harm. I am predicting that you will begin to see a lot more 4-2 votes than 3-3 votes as in the past.

Peter J. Children

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