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Local Issues (by Peter Children)

Its bad enough to have only one newspaper in this city, but when the management and its staff…at least 90% are biased, it only makes it much worse.

John Skipper’s article in today’s Globe-Gazette ( March 5th) concerning the commission appointees to the Human Right’s board are now front and center in North Iowa. It had been the Globe’s position to stand aside regarding the controversy surrounding Bookmeyer and the council, but now it seems the wind has shifted on Washington Avenue and they are jumping into the fray. Of all the mayor’s who served this city since the Human Right’s Office was established here, not one…put it through the scrutiny that this current mayor has done. He was eager to cut the budget needed to keep the doors open…and when that failed he stalled on re-appointments to it’s board. You can see through this guy the same as if you were looking through a dirty window. He’s a slow learner; too bad his term isn’t up this November. His office should be relocated to the latrine where he’d be more accustomed to the smell that surrounds him. If Bookmeyer can stack the board of commissioners that serve the Human Rights office, they can in turn fire Lionel because he serves at the discrimantion of the board. Then Bookmeyer will have fulfilled his promise the the commomendant of I.C. Systems and their nine discrimination suits will disappear.

Now he has the enlisted alliance of the city attorney who’s pathetic interpretations of the city code are crafted to fit the mayor’s desires. He, in my opinion has little choice in the matter, its continued employment I’m told that is foremost on his mind. Well if he’s a betting man, he should know he just bet on the wrong horse…along with the wrong end of the horse….I might add. Tom Meyer works for the city council, they have the power to dismiss him if they see fit….why he is sucking up to the mayor is a mystery. Mayor Bookmeyer is nothing less than a train wreck and Tom Meyer could easily be an unlucky passenger who might end up getting his ticket punched when this train crashes.

In his State of the City address he spoke of more jobs in this community being his number one issue. There is little chance he’ll come close to creating any jobs here, and even a much greater chance he’ll lose his first. His priority seems to be Lionel Foster and little else. Lionel is a foremost expert on discrimantion; he was discriminate against after he drew his first breath….lots of luck there.

Since Bookmeyer took office there isn’t one positive thing that he’s been credited for. On the contrary, the only thing he has been successful at is deflating the moral in city Hall, bringing it I am told, by an insider who works full time in that building, to an all time low. There was that noted quotation; “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Where as he once may have commanded three votes at that table, I feel that might be coming to an end. I think Travis Hickey is starting to come out of the gas and now can see things more clearly. Solberg and Turncoat are a non-issue, they don’t really count in anything, they’re what is known as a non-event.

Peter J. Children|

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