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The funniest thing about pride month is same-sex marriages do not result in children so they are essentially breeding themselves out of the population and are celebrating

Funniest thing about your post is that you don’t know shit about same-sex marriages. Many same-sex marriages do have children. They can adopt or, if they are women, can bear children themselves. Secondly, same-sex couples don’t necessarily have gay children. Finally, nobody is celebrating what you think they are celebrating.

l am?

Good. I am glad you are finally coming out. Your life will be better because you don’t have to live a lie.

l live a lie that you are straight.

If I were gay, I would have no problem admitting it. You, however, would.

Surprised the WNBA has Racist THUGS how’s this NEWS?

IF they can Openly RIG a Trial which will be Overturned, can WE trust them with another Election with Mailin Ballots from States with Corrupt Voter Rolls NO Signature Verifications, Counting Ballots with NO Date marks Harvested AFTER Nov 5th, as they DID in 2020 or NO Picture I.D.’s?

“Refusing to indulge another person’s psychosis is not a phobia!!”

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? They have a name for that.

And that name fits No1 of 1 perfectly.

Please cite specific evidence of rigging.

It’s said Biden has a 36% Approval Rating….That MANY want 4 more Years of this SHIT!…That’s INSANE!

So says Newsmax, which lies every day, all day.

President Biden will issue an executive order today that allows him to dramatically limit asylum claims at the Southwest border — granting himself the power that congressional Republicans twice have denied him,
He always had the power….just needed someone to blame.

Why would the republicans deny him that power?

He just thinks they did..he had it all along

Biden is probably getting his campaign funding from the drug cartels, since he’s making sure the drug trafficking isn’t being interrupted.

The ONLY WAY he won’t win in NOVEMBER will be pure corruption! Americans who love America WANT TRUMP!

They want trump in jail. You forgot that part.

At least Trump could stand to go to trial…what about Joey?

I don’t know. You should ask him.

Yeah, let’s talk about a laptop, shall we?? LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP
Former President Donald Trump’s legal team turned over more materials with classified markings and a laptop belonging to an aide to federal prosecutors in recent months, multiple sources familiar with the investigation told CNN.
The Trump attorneys also handed over an empty folder marked “Classified Evening Briefing,” sources said.
The previously undisclosed handovers – from December and January – suggest the protracted effort by the Justice Department to repossess records from Trump’s presidency may not be done.
The Trump attorneys discovered pages with classified markings in December, while searching through boxes at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago residence. The lawyers subsequently handed the materials over to the Justice Department.
A Trump aide had previously copied those same pages onto a thumb drive and laptop, not realizing they were classified, sources said. The laptop, which belonged to an aide, who works for Save America PAC, and the thumb drive were also given to investigators in January.
Special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation, which is pursuing possible criminal charges related to Trump’s handling of national security records and obstruction of justice, had subpoenaed Trump last May for all classified records in his possession.
FBI agents seized classified documents and other presidential records during a search last August. The Trump team also found additional documents in a Florida storage facility and turned them over to the FBI.
The discovery of two documents with classified markings in the storage unit was made after a team hired by Trump’s lawyers searched it along with three other Trump properties: Trump Tower in New York, the Bedminster golf club and an office location in Florida.
Those four searches came amid lingering concerns from the Justice Department that not all of the documents from Trump’s time in the White House had been returned to the federal government.

This is ok because his lawyers turned over the material after they found it. Biden was different. His lawyers turned over what documents he had after they found it. Prosecute Biden not trump. See the difference?

Everything you just said is exactly backwards, thus a lie

Biden quote
.Our justice system should be respected, and we should never allow anyone to tear it down. It’s as simple as that.”
So if a GOP judge and prosecutors do the same thing to a Dem it will be OK?

Yep, if it is warranted as trump’s was, however, if you have a judge like Cannon, then all bets are off.

Little prejudiced there buddy or your TDS is flaring up again

Thanks for your concern but I am just fine. Have been fine since Thursday.

Mike Madrid is a GOP political strategist and a principal at Grassroots Lab, a campaign management and lobbying firm located in California.
There’s no question this verdict is bad politically for Trump. It’s just a question of how bad. Twenty percent of GOP voters have consistently shown up to vote against him in the primaries and it’s far more likely this verdict locks them down in opposition to Trump being their nominee. Any loss of GOP voters exceeding 10 percent would be both unprecedented and devastating. Trump is far beyond this dangerous level of GOP defections.
Don’t be surprised if there’s a small bump in the polls for Trump as low information voters will respond in support of him, effectively rallying around the flag. But losing higher propensity college educated voters remains Trump’s problem. The same thing motivating higher GOP turnout in support of him is precisely what is causing growing numbers of more educated Republicans to defect.
On Tuesday, June 4 we will see the last round of state primaries in Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and Guam. If Trump’s support levels are brought below the consistent 20 percent he has been losing in Republican primaries, he could recover. If however we see more than 20 percent voting for Nikki Haley or other candidates, Republicans are likely headed for disaster.

This guy speaks directly to you in the second paragraph.

Second paragraph is a perfect example of dem/libs. Look back at what Joey has done to the citizens of America.
Doesn’t say much for the college educated voters

How so? I think of the four cases being brought against trump, this one was the weakest and, perhaps it will be thrown out on appeal. But it certainly has to throw a scare into trump’s camp because it shows how easily provable the crimes committed by him are. The more information that comes out about his theft of documents will be the one that offers him jail time.

Theft of documents? Joey had them from when he was a senator and that was illegal.

Yep. They are still finding them at Mar a Lago.

Our Country Lost Itself when WE began Losing Ourselves, Our Values, Our Beliefs & Surrendering to OUR Own Selfishness.

It’s sad that they convicted him but a man that commits second degree attempted murder, walks away in a small town courthouse. This country is messed up. We need Trump back.

I knew you would be on here today, moaning about the terrible trial that finally has trump realizing that he isn’t above the law. You should figure that out too.

Who walked away from an attempted murder charge? And what would Drumpf have to do with anything at the local level?

Larry is a perpetual victim, just like his cult leader. Everything is someone else’s fault and everyone lies and cheats except him. He is a tool.

Trump guilty despite no evidence, Biden not guilty despite overwhelming evidence! The new way of justice in America!

There was plenty of evidence that trump violated the law. That is why he is now a convicted felon. If they would have found him innocent, would the trial still be “rigged”?

This is what innocent looks like.


Democrats are corrupt
Legal service is corrupt
What do you expect

So I guess it’s time to go after the Clinton’s, Obama, and Bush.

This country is so corrupt. Will we ever be able to dig ourselves out?

This is a dark day for American democracy, and a stark reminder of the dangers of political vendettas

Yes, it is open season to prosecute every politician in the past and present. Even foreign governments can now prosecute our politicians….

Most corrupt un-American administration ever .

The Dictatorship Party has unleashed a Lion!

LOL you mean a whiny, p*ssy little punk-a**. Nobody with any brains respects him.

When an administration is as corrupt as the current one, from the president on down to judges and courts, it is time for a change.

No, it is not. It is a day to rejoice in that this country still holds criminals accountable.

Only on ever tried in New York

On what charges?


Glad you see that there are no charges against Obama, Clinton and the Bushes. trump, however, is a convicted felon.

Not yet Yup, great impartial justice system we have. Hope it doesn’t backfire on you

The left has no idea what they have done. All I hear is we have to stop Trump. This single mindedness will be the downfall of the left.

It’s the beginning of the downfall of MAGA. This is the backlash of the wholesale destruction of women’s rights. You have no idea what you’ve unleashed there. They’re really angry, and they’re done taking this crap.

As are a lot of people….Nov will tell

IF they can Openly RIG a Trial which will be Overturned, can WE trust them with another Election with Mail In Ballots from States with Corrupt Voter Rolls NO Signature Verifications, Counting Ballots with NO Date marks Harvested AFTER Nov 5th, as they DID in 2020 or NO Picture I.D.’s?

Hmmm. Wonder how many rounds does it take to Wear Down the Firing Pin in my M4? Will I need additional ones?

Still HATE Commies even IF they Call Themselves Democrats OR Progressives!

Still hate Nazis even if they call themselves MAGA. In fact, the number of people who hate Maga Nazis is growing by the day.

I know they call themselves commies

You have to be able to lift it before you can fire it. I am not worried.

Again with the death threats. Guess I’ll be calling the FBI.

You don’t have too, they are watching you

“to” not “too”. Do I have to post the rules again?

Nobody rigged anything, openly or otherwise. Since you clearly have no idea what proper judicial procedure looks like, go back and study the exhaustively researched case against the dimwitted criminal, and you MIGHT learn something.

Practice what you preach…even a blind man can read the laws better than you

Men only Carry Pic’s of their Wife in a Wallet to remind them WHY there’s never No Money in IT!

LOL got turned down again, eh?

Didn’t have enough for your wife?

Biden or His Handlers who are actually Running OUR Country HAD to Go FULL ON RACIST for Memorial Day as HE Slips in the Polls with Blacks. A Day to Honor our Fallen in Battle for OUR Country, He could have mentioned Crispus Attucks a Black Man & the 1st American to Die in the Revolutionary War but NO! He could have Honored the All Black Men of the Mass 54th of the Civil War but NAW! HE could have Honored the WWII Tuskegee AirMen or the ALL Black 761st Tank Battalion under George Patten during the Battle Of the Bulge but NOPE!… NO… BIDEN went the Civil Rights Movement not even Honoring MLK or Rosa Parks & Others as there was someone FAR more Worthy. A Drug Addict with Meth & What Doctors Claim a Lethal Dose of Fentanyl in HIS System when He Died, Facts that were Omitted in the Trial to Convict a White Policeman….. NO….It was George Floyd DAY!

LOL he didn’t have time for a 3-day speech, to mention all those people. Gotta pick a theme and stick with it.

You mean Joey can’t remember or talk over 5 minutes.

Well, trump speaks for hours and says nothing. “I have broken more Elton John records, he seems to have a lot of records. And I, by the way, I don’t have a musical instrument. I don’t have a guitar or an organ. No organ. Elton has an organ. And lots of other people helping. No we’ve broken a lot of records. We’ve broken virtually every record. Because you know, look I only need this space. They need much more room. For basketball, for hockey and all of the sports, they need a lot of room. We don’t need it. We have people in that space. So we break all of these records. Really we do it without like, the musical instruments. This is the only musical: the mouth. And hopefully the brain attached to the mouth. Right? The brain, more important than the mouth, is the brain. The brain is much more important.”

Representative Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) boasted about slipping in a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) provision to increase the number of minority pilots during an interview on Roland Martin Unfiltered.
“We were also able to get monumental legislation into the FAA Reauthorization Act that really flew under the radar, thank God,” Crockett said. “But this was funding to make sure that hopefully we can increase the number of African Americans and Hispanics that are entering aviation which can be very expensive, but can obviously be very lucrative.”
Another proud moment in a Democrat’s life

That is right. Good for her. She is allowing minorities an opportunity to find employment in a profession that was not previously readily available to them because of the cost. Glad to hear it.

Are you worried that someone might be taking a job away from you? Or are you just triggered because someone you consider beneath you is being given an opportunity?

No problem if they are held to the same standards and qualified.

They could all be publishers, equal to this site.

In his 1909 plan of Chicago, Daniel Burnham included a boulevard to run through a lakefront park. By 1910, North Lake Shore Drive extended from Ohio Street through Lincoln Park to Belmont Avenue.
In 1911, after long legal battles, Aaron Montgomery Ward won the fight to reclaim the City’s lakefront for open space and public use. Thanks to Ward’s perseverance, the Illinois Supreme Court declares the downtown lakefront as “forever open, clear and free of buildings.”
Too bad nobody in Clear Lake did this. The greedy rich are doing their best to buy up all the houses for Air B&B’s, and seal off the lakeshore for themselves.

l didn’t have the funding.

Or the intelligence.

How much did you buy?

trump will do anything to pick up a vote…..
“Trump also promised to pardon Ross Ulbricht, who founded and from January 2011 to October 2013 ran an online criminal marketplace called Silk Road, where more than $200 million in illegal drugs and other illicit goods and services, such as computer hacking, were bought and sold. Most of the sales were of drugs, with the Silk Road home page listing nearly 13,000 options, including heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and LSD. The wares were linked to at least six deaths from overdose around the world. In May 2015, Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison and was ordered to forfeit more than $180 million.”

The party of law and order.

Did not see where Trump said that.

Go listen to his speech to the Libertarians last Saturday.

Silk Road also permitted ads soliciting hitmen to commit murder-for-hire!!

Where was the justice dept?

Ulbricht is in prison. Thank you justice department. trump will pardon him.

Like Joey will pardon Hunter…if they have the courage to find him guilty.

Pardon Hunter for what? His illegal gun possession? Wow, that compares to Ulbricht selling millions of dollars worth of drugs. I doubt that Biden will pardon his son. He doesn’t make excuses for him now and if he is found guilty, he probably won’t serve any jail time. Just. Like. trump.

I would like to see trump sentenced to community service for his crimes. It would be appropriate if he were out picking up trash on the beach.

That would be better than cleaning the streets of poop….

I don’t think they would let him take your job away from you. He is not an illegal immigrant – just a convicted felon.



If you’re out anywhere after midnight, your odds go way up of being robbed, wrecked, shot, altercation, and even killed. Many Coaches have warned their athletes about this phenomenon.


Are they being stopped and why are they trying to enter? Or Are You Allowing Chinese Communist to enter?
They only have Concerns. Sounds like they are letting them do as they please, slip on into the bases.
How many Chinese Balloons are out there, are the National Security bureau allowed to slip into the country?

Something bad is going to come of this, I want credit,in the very near future,for saying this.
Bidens “Intelligence?” Services must be held accountable for the carnage as they spend their time trying to get Trump.

Maybe if Drumpf, Greg Gutfield, and other knuckle-dragging, small-p*nised MAGAmorons would stop importing Communist Russian spy whores and giving them access to bathrooms full of our top-secret documents, we wouldn’t have so much trouble.

Apparently you troll guys with small p*nises, little kinky there.

Not that difficult to figure out. The more exterior compensations, the more there is to compensate for.

Glad you know , like l said a little kinky there.

Not really. It’s obvious to everybody. Women laugh about it behind your back.

The biggest threat to this country is Barack Obama

LOL he’s retired, bothering nobody, and you’re still scared of the Big Bad Black Man!

Wow, you need to wake up and Put down the kool-aid

You first.

Sorry. beer for me, kool-aid for the libs.

That’s not what your mother says.

Yes, this is a foreign threat. And should be taken seriously. But maybe Americans should worry about the domestic Communists, Socialists, and Fascists in our own country.

National security is severely compromised and the American citizens in danger. This administration needs to be held accountable for their treasonous behavior.

Shades of Joe McCarthy.

Is history going to repeat itself?

It already is and will increase if trump gets into the WH again.

Good, l could use 4 more good years

Most people who lived during McCarthy’s time in the Senate would not call them “good years”.

It’s the MAGA Nazis, like you, who are the real threat, if you sober up long enough.

l’ll put down the beer if you give up the meth.

Everybody knows you’re the meth-head. Either that, you’re bi-polar, off your meds, and in a manic phase.

Sorry, not a lib or dem

That explains your hallucinations.

How about NOT teaching them to hate their country and everyone in it that dares to have a different view.
Politicians that have created this huge divide in this country are now saying they are concerned. Maybe they should have been concerned enough not to play party politics.

Starting with Drumpfers.

And tire manufacturing requires…oil, not to mention the disposal of prematurely worn tires. The “green” narrative is 100% BS.

Yea, Larry, let’s destroy this place where we live.

And live in a bubble.

We may have to if we keep destroying the Earth.

Thanks to Bruce RATstetter, and MAGA owned and operated Dim Reynolds, we’re halfway there already.

Which half?

Your half.

Ah…. the better half

Again…time to bring back the gallows and pay-per-view the execution. Evil people need to start getting reigned in like in the old days.

So lynchings should come back? That’s what you little weak white boys want, isn’t it?

Nice analysis
Only complete partisan hacks whose brains completely broke due to Trump Derangement Syndrome think Alvin Bragg has a legitimate case.

What analysis? TDS is your disease. Defending a man who paid off a porn star to keep quiet about their tryst while married to another porn star who was pregnant with his child is weird and stupid.

Our current Administration has done everything they can including inviting illegal entry into our country. We can do better than this mess!!

TDS ? Pot calling the kettle black there oh woke one.

Thanks for calling me woke. That is a compliment.
Woke is now defined in this dictionary as “aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice),” and identified as U.S. slang.

Lucky you,

Too bad you don’t fit into that “aware” category.

l am aware you are a vote wasting woke lib.

Too bad nobody woke you up.

The ICC is run by terrorist supporters. Having said that, I bet the democrats are all on board with this. They talk outta both sides of their mouth.

LOL it’s a court, that’s all. You haven’t had good luck with those in your life, have you?

In a Time magazine interview, Drumpf left the door open to firing any U.S. Attorney who refused his orders to prosecute someone; pardoning the people convicted for Jan. 6-related offenses; and allowing states with strict abortion laws to monitor women’s pregnancies. Now he wants state governments to p*ssy-grab with him! Does he really think women are going to stand for this?

Apparently you do.

Can you even read?

l read you comments, you have a good future writing for with the dems.

How come you trumpettes refuse to believe what trump says?

You say l am a Trump lover..l say you are a Brandon kisser and cliff diver

Answer the question, please.

OMG, I hope there’s video of this somewhere. It must be hilarious!
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Presidential candidate Donald Trump was booed and heckled by many in a raucous audience at the Libertarian National Convention on Saturday night, a marked change from the adulation he receives at rallies from his fervently loyal supporters.
Libertarians, who believe in limited government and individual freedom, blame Trump, a Republican, for rushing through the creation of a COVID-19 vaccine when he was president and for not doing more to stop public health restrictions on the unvaccinated during the pandemic.
When Trump took to the stage in Washington, there were loud boos and jeers. A smaller section of the crowd, Trump supporters, cheered him.
Shortly before he appeared, one Libertarian Party member shouted: “Donald Trump should have taken a bullet!”
Trump’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the hostile reception.
Trump, who was president between 2017 and 2021, immediately mentioned the total 88 felony charges he faces in four federal and state prosecutions.
“If I wasn’t a libertarian I am now,” he said. He denounced the administration of President Joe Biden, his challenger in the Nov. 5 election rematch, and Biden’s fellow Democrats as being part of a “rise in left-wing fascism”.

Never forget that being a homemaker and mother is one of the toughest, most demanding but most important vocations you can have.

If you like it so much, you do it.

Jealous or just hateful?

What was jealous or hateful about that?

Apparently you won’t change to do it.

If, when talking to the police, it seems to turn into an interrogation, your only response at that point should be, “Am I under arrest?”
If no, leave. If they won’t let you leave repeatedly, “Am I under arrest?”If they continue to detain you, say, “Let me leave now or get me a lawyer.”
At that point, if they read you your rights, simply repeat, “I want a lawyer,” again and again until they get you one.
Do not answer any more questions. The only thing out of your mouth should be, “I want an attorney.”

You seem really well-versed on what to do when picked up by the police, so obviously it’s happened to you many times. You also seem very anti-law enforcement.

Perry Mason taught him well.

I have been through the Police Academy for civilians. Respect and honor the police and always have.

That isn’t what you were saying the other day on this site.

So have I, and nothing you’ve said is consistent with the training.

That was a good movie, which one did you play?

The problem with good people is that they feel that they have to cooperate in order to still be good. That usually leads good, and innocent, people to getting into all sorts of trouble.
Never talk to cops.
One has to wonder how many people have been put to death over false confessions under police interrogation. They don’t care about justice, they just want a win………….

My, my, my, listen to you. That long criminal record of yours still keeping you from getting a job?

Larry doesn’t need a job. He is closing in on 85 or so and relies on his SS for his income. His years as a corporate shill (lower management flunkie) didn’t provide him with a comfortable retirement and now he is just a bitter old man who yells at kids to stay off his lawn.

What makes you think Plant Manager, or V.P. of Operations, or World Manufacturing Manager are low level positions. You are sure showing your stupidity again.

Made up titles for a flunkie. Why don’t you have any retirement savings?

I have NO criminal record gay boy. Get your shit together

Too bad for us that supidity isn’t a crime because then we would have been rid of you a long time ago.

Step one. Don’t talk until you have an attorney present. You have rights

People with nothing to hide, hide nothing.

The problem with good people is that they feel that they have to cooperate in order to still be good. That usually leads good, and innocent, people to getting into all sorts of trouble.
Never talk to cops.
One has to wonder how many people have been put to death over false confessions under police interrogation. They don’t care about justice, they just want a win.

Yes. Police interrogation methods are harsh … and they are allowed to lie to you . The pressure of it is immense. I back the blue but there needs to be positive change in some areas

Step one. Don’t talk until you have an attorney present. You have rights

It sure doesn’t sound like you back the blue. Got picked up again, didn’t you?

LOL you are really on a rant! Did you get another DUI this holiday weekend?

Didn’t take LONG for the TRUE Racist to Crawl out from under their Rocks to Go After Caitlin Clark. POS on the VIEW, even One of the WNBA Black Players Jealous of all Her attention because She’s WHITE, Tall & Pretty! No Mention She Broke EVERY Men’s & Womens Scoring & Assist Record & Carried Her team TWICE to the Championship Game while at Iowa. Has Skills until NOW at Shooting Ridiculous 3 Point Long-Range Shots like Steph Curry in the NBA.  IF it weren’t for HER there would STILL be NO Chartered Flights for the WNBA Players today, Packed Arena’s & after ALL these Years an Actual Audience watching WNBA Games…. BTW She Scored 85pts & 25 Assist in 1st 5 Games only 3rd Rookie to DO That….ALWAYS about the RACE!!! Y’all have Cried WOLF FAR Too DAMN LONG!

Weren’t for Caitlin Clark…All those Bitches would STILL be Flying Coach…STFU with ALL the RACIST Bullshit!

Shut the f*** up.


And now one more day!

Those super-ethical Republicrooks are at it again. 3rd generation Nixon “Dirty Tricks” squad.
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A political consultant who sent artificial intelligence-generated robocalls mimicking President Joe Biden’s voice to voters ahead of New Hampshire’s presidential primary faces a $6 million fine and more than two dozen criminal charges.
The Federal Communications Commission said the fine it proposed Thursday for Steven Kramer is its first involving generative AI technology. The company accused of transmitting the calls, Lingo Telecom, faces a $2 million fine, though in both cases the parties could settle or further negotiate, the FCC said.
Kramer has admitted orchestrating a message that was sent to thousands of voters two days before the first-in-the-nation primary on Jan. 23. The message played an AI-generated voice similar to the Democratic president’s that used his phrase “What a bunch of malarkey” and falsely suggested that voting in the primary would preclude voters from casting ballots in November.
Kramer is facing 13 felony charges alleging he violated a New Hampshire law against attempting to deter someone from voting using misleading information. He also faces 13 misdemeanor charges accusing him of falsely representing himself as a candidate by his own conduct or that of another person. The charges were filed in four counties and will be prosecuted by the state attorney general’s office.
Attorney General John Formella said New Hampshire was committed to ensuring that its elections “remain free from unlawful interference.”

Just remember that good ol’ DNC motto “Vote early, vote often!”

Just remember the good ol’ RNC motto, “Grab all the p*ssies, steal everything you can, and think of elective offices as your family businesses.” Just ask Fat Pat Grassley and Linda Upmeyer.

 Democrats are getting smarter don’t put out your regular shit. And I hope Conservatives are getting smarter and realize what is going on. Democrats lies and obsessionNever forget that being a homemaker and mother is one of the toughest, most demanding but most important vocations you can have.

You do it if you like housekeeping so much.

That mean you’ll have the babies?

You first, tinylimpboy.

Father like son . Most likely this was taught by Muslim grandpa through generations . It’s their culture . Death penalty , cut the head off of the snake .Enough

The rotten apple didn’t fall far from the tree. These Muslim people are brought up to hate.

They are really proud of what they did, they tell about it willingly and openly because they have their Muslim  religious justification for it. This is why they even published a lot on many platforms to brag and rejoice about it.

As are you, clearly.

You’re just mad you didn’t think of it.

“So cops yet again display why they can not be trusted. Schaffler should count himself lucky he wasn’t killed like the active duty airman in Florida in his own apartment. Everyone everywhere needs to be aware of and ready to die any time there is an interaction with cops. They have shown time and again they will lie, taze, beat, arrest, kill first-justice later….particularly when the cops are in the wrong.”

“This is not indicative of all police officers. Please there are some great officers out there now. I was not there. I don’t know what the hell is going on. If he did something wrong then guess what he should pay for what he did if he did not do anything wrong yes he should not pay. But my point is respect police officers the weather they are right or wrong and before you trolls say anything Scotty Sheffler is still my favorite golfer”

Realized you cooked your own goose with this crap, eh?

So now Republicans are openly anti-law-enforcement! Have secretly been for years, just showing it now.

That’s like saying all democrats are old and dumb, cuz Joey is. Big paint brush there.

Or all Republicans are old, dumb and racist, cuz trump is.

Trump Scared the shit out of AOC…

AOC has the mind and voice of a 12 year old girl….

So the world can basically take over America if it can vote in its leaders

It’s already happened with Communist Russian-backed MAGA! We’ll have it back for the real American people soon.

That’s Drumpf and you know it

LOL yeah, no. She just doesn’t scream about it like he does.

Such a corrupt system we have today! I’m still voting Donal Trump 2024. I still see way too much corruption with the Biden administration with his China dealings and nothing happens. Coke in the white house nothing happened, Bideninflation, Border crisis, War issues. Enough is Enough. Time for change!

Vote for him? You can’t even spell his name! The corruption is in MAGA, ultra-rich white American billionaires who want nice white slaves, nice white coke in the Drumpf kids’ noses. Rich corporations are the ones causing inflation, deliberately, and the only way to do that is to increase interest rates, which the Biden administration is doing, and it’s working.

Any facts to back that up, besides the spelling?

Sure-No one has any money left after Bidenflation. Democrats are to stupid to know that. Gay blades all live together and are too busy making out.

We need to segregate democrats because simply they don’t fit in a normal sustainable society

Democrats are anti-America and should be voted out! Stop electing these idiots.

YOU’RE “Anti-America.” You don’t even speak English well.

Not what the Founders wanted, or put into our Constitution. What is your ignorant definition of a “normal sustainable society?”

The depriving of basic human dignity people enact towards each other never seems to end

It started at the top with the illegitimate then-P*ssy-grabber In Chief.

Do you know the term “Reich”? If you do, you know where it was last used to describe a movement in Germany during the 1930s and 40s. What that group did – “depriving of basic human dignity” – was horrific and inhuman and your cult leader uses that word to describe his next term in office. “We need to segregate democrats” follows right in that vein. Congrats. lowlife, you are a true Nazi.

Last night, at a rally in New York, Trump accepted the endorsement of alleged gang members, rappers Michael Williams (Sheff G) and Tegan Chambers (Sleepy Hallow). In 2023 the two men were indicted with 30 other people on 140 counts, including murder, attempted murder, illegal possession of firearms, and at least a dozen shootings. Sheff G was released from jail in April after posting a $1.5 million bond.

I have lost all faith in our justice system after watching this sham trial. That judge ought to be disbarred for his actions.

You never had any faith in it, because you keep getting arrested. LOL

Yup and your picture is in the post office

Of course Democrats are the party of America last

Never been arrested. How does it feel?

California is an absolute lost cause. Run by people who got out of a mental ward.

You know all about mental wards

The problem is that the Left knows full well that they’re descending into antisemitism – and they don’t care. Welcome to the deep pathological narcissism of liberal Commies.

The left/liberal/woke are offended by anything biblical, or a traditional way of life, or any individual responsibility….

That’s the Drumpf Nazis, and always has been.

I have come to greatly appreciate Bill Maher over the last year or two. He is not WOKE left as are so many of today’s television presenters. He has a great sense of humor and I appreciate the way that he stood up to Sunny Hostin. Also, he has said before that Israel is the only country in the world which is not allowed to win a war. Way to go, Bill!

“Stood up to Sunny Hostin?” LOL Like she was picking on his poor little self. Aww. LOL

Just running her mouth like most dem/libs do.

Her job is to talk, and she does it well.

Bill Maher never said that about Israel, but he is a staunch supporter of them. That is his right. He also didn’t “stand up” to Hostin. He countered her opinion with his own. Not that hard to do. He also thinks trump is an insurrectionist. “Maher, who is out with his new book “What This Comedian Said Will Shock You,” later told Gutfeld it’s “bothering” him that Trump appears to be winning the 2024 election because “he’s an insurrectionist who doesn’t believe in democracy” and “he’s also insane and a criminal.”
Still admire him?

Respect his opinion…..

Are you No1 of 1? If not, I didn’t ask for your opinion.

The entire on-air staffs of all Alpha Media stations in Iowa have been fired, including, in Mason City: Tim Fleming, Bob Fischer, Jared Allen, etc. Bought a sports sponsorship? You’re not getting it. Bought a local news sponsorship? You’re not getting that, either. All AI or just bad music. Spotify is better.

Any updates on this? Not hearing anything.

Biden’s Re-Election Problem isn’t the MAGA Republican Votes HE was NEVER going to get. HIS Problem is the NEW MAGA Democrats that HE Created by Screwing UP Our Country this BAD!

The Biden administration stinks of corruption and constitutional violations of Americans.

The woke left gets offended because they don’t fully believe the insanity they are trying to peddle to the rest of us themselves.

Why haven’t any of them been charged? The trump administration couldn’t go a month without one of the cabinet members or upper staff resigning in disgrace.

Garland charge them…that’s funny sh*t there

Yea, he would charge them as he has done in the past. But, of course, they would take it to the SCOTUS and get it thrown out. Fly those flags you traitorous bastards.

Fly the US flag everyday at our residential residence.

I’m not talking about the American flag. Read up on the SCOTUS judges. What residential facility are you in? Prairie Ridge?

Looks like We’re going to have to Change ALL Our History Books Now that Minnesota has Changed its State Flag & State to Minne-Somalia. Will Michigan be Next?

More racist bs from the bigot from the North End.

Did they change their flag or not?

Yes but not for the reason the bigot pointed out, “The new flag design features a dark blue polygon at the hoist—the color representing the night sky and the shape, in the approximate outline of the state, representing the land on which all Minnesotans live. A white eight-pointed star on the dark blue field symbolizes the North Star and the aforementioned state motto. The rest of the flag, a lighter blue, symbolizes the state’s abundant waters.”
They changed it because it was offensive to Native Americans of the Ojibwe tribe who refused to fly it. The Right objected to it because they don’t care that someone was offended.

Especially not a idiot like you.

Just another episode of “What can leftists be offended by this week”. They should make a tv series. Oh, wait, they have “The View”

Being offended is a choice. Choose to not be offended by someone else’s opinion and continue on with your life.

Pot? Meet kettle.

Your opinion doesn’t mean shit, you commie asshole

Are you offended? Imagine that.

Not by a Whiny Little Bitch like You

America is not the problem its the corrupt leadership and all these people who came here to destroy it

Love my country – hate this government!

And this from North Iowa’s Whiny Little Bitch

Proud of my country. Deeply ashamed of our illegitimate government.

Joe questions, what does 2+2 equal. Trump questioned, what would you do with the college protesters. Joe, what flavor of ice cream would you like today. Trump, what would you do about the wars in the middle east? LoL. If this will really happen.