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Iowans are asking why Attorney General Brenna Bird is at a New York courthouse today with Donald Trump

NEW YORK - Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird was a surprise attendee this morning in a New York courthouse to support her good friend Donald Trump, and Iowans are asking questions.
Brenna Bird is a Trump supporter with big aspirations.

NEW YORK – Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird was a surprise attendee this morning in a New York courthouse to support her good friend Donald Trump, and Iowans are asking questions.

According to Iowa Democrats:

Attorney General Brenna Bird is once again showing how she prioritizes photo ops over public service. However, Bird’s office has yet to answer one important question: is she courting Trump’s favor for her own political ambitions on Iowans’ dime? It has long been evident that Brenna Bird’s focus is not on serving her constituents in Iowa; it’s on fluffing her resume so she can be the far-right candidate in the 2026 gubernatorial elections. That must be why she’s spending as much time as she can courting the favor of Donald Trump, from supporting his claim that he should be immune from murder charges to now once again spending her time out of state this week as part of Donald Trump’s entourage as he stands criminal trial in New York for hush money payments relating to the 2016 Presidential election. But when the Des Moines Register questioned Brenna Bird’s office as to who paid for Bird’s travel, or as to why Bird was in New York and not Iowa in the first place, Brenna Bird’s office chose not to respond. “Iowans deserve to know whether their hard-earned money is going to a political photo op 1,100 miles from the State Capitol. Even more so, Iowans deserve an Attorney General that’s focused on serving her constituents – not her political ambitions,” said IDP Chair Rita Hart.

Artist rendering of Trump in court today, facing his long-time “fixer” Michael Cohen.

Reportedly, the politicians seated in court with Trump today include: N.Y. Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, Ohio Sen. JD Vance, Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville, Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird. According to reports, Trump has predicted that Brenna Bird will be the governor of Iowa someday.  She is a staunch supporter of Trump despite his criminal indictments, notorious bankruptcies, offering advice on how to hit on women by grabbing their reproductive organ and beat COVID by consuming bleach.

Donald Trump is facing dozens of criminal charges in New York for attempting to hide payments to a XXX actress Stormy Daniels as part of a conspiracy in order to keep the affair out of the news (New York state law). Trump has been held in contempt of court ten times thus far by the judge, for attacking witnesses and other bad behavior. He’s been warned that jail is the next step, and officials are prepared to put him there if the judge rules that way. Trump is losing cases one after another in New York, where he used to live, until he moved to Mar-A-Lago in Florida.  He owes hundreds of millions of dollars for scamming banks in his real estate dealings, and over $80 million to E. Jean Carroll, whom he sexually assaulted and defamed.

Later Monday, Bird posted to social media, “Politics has no place in a criminal prosecution. I am glad to stand with President @realDonaldTrump in NY today in opposition to the lawfare being waged against him. It is clear that Biden & his far-left allies will stop at nothing to silence President Trump’s voice and keep him off the campaign trail by keeping him tied up in court. It’s wrong, it’s election interference, & our country deserves better. President Trump, America is in that courtroom with you.”

(TOP IMAGE via Twitter or “x”. Brenna Bird (far right)in New York for Donald Trump court hearing.

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Damn right we want to know. Brenna Birdbrain needs to her a** back to the office, although she doesn’t do anything but damage when she’s there. We’re not paying her, Reynolds, to grandstand on our dime.

Apparently you are.

Do you approve of your tax money being spent on promoting someone’s aspirations for a higher office?

You guessing at that or has she said that.
Do you approve of Blinkin going to Ukraine every other week, seems like it.

Big money MAGAcrooks are grooming stupid women for higher office, so they can have puppets in all corners of our government, and destroy our democracy. They’ve already gotten the job done in Iowa, with IQ and ethics-challenged Reynolds and Birdbrain.

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