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FBI stats: 76 law enforcement officers were killed in line of duty in 2013

policeWASHINGTON – An Iowa police officer was shot and killed while attempting to serve an arrest warrant. A Florida sheriff’s officer, responding to a report of a domestic disturbance at a residence, was shot and killed by someone inside the home. A Michigan state trooper was fatally shot during a routine traffic stop. And a West Virginia sheriff was ambushed and fatally shot in the head while he was eating his lunch in a marked car.

According to the just-released Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA) report, these four officers were among the 76 men and women killed in the line of duty during 2013 – 27 died as a result of felonious acts, and 49 died in accidents. Another 49,851 law enforcement officers were victims of line-of-duty assaults. Proof positive of the dangers that all officers willingly face, day in and day out, to protect the rest of us.

Felonious Deaths

The 27 felonious deaths occurred in 16 states. The number of officers killed as a result of criminal acts in 2013 decreased by 22 when compared with the 49 officers who were feloniously killed in 2012. The five- and 10-year comparisons show a decrease of 21 felonious deaths compared with the 2009 figure (48 officers) and a decrease of 30 deaths compared with 2004 data (57 officers).

Officer Profiles: The average age of the officers who were feloniously killed was 39 years. The victim officers had served in law enforcement for an average of 13 years at the time of the fatal incidents. Twenty-five of the officers were male, and two were female. Twenty-five of the officers were white, and two were black.

Circumstances: Of the 27 officers feloniously killed, six were killed in arrest situations, five were investigating suspicious persons or circumstances, five were ambushed, four were involved in tactical situations, four were answering disturbance calls, and two were conducting traffic pursuits/stops. One was conducting an investigative activity, such as surveillance, a search, or an interview.

Weapons: Offenders used firearms to kill 26 of the 27 victim officers. Of these 26 officers, 18 were slain with handguns, five with rifles, and three with shotguns. One officer was killed with a vehicle used as a weapon.

Regions: Fifteen of the felonious deaths occurred in the South, six in the West, four in the Midwest, and two in the Northeast.

Suspects: Law enforcement agencies identified 28 alleged assailants in connection with the felonious line-of-duty deaths. Twenty of the assailants had prior criminal arrests, and six of the offenders were under judicial supervision at the time of the felonious incidents.

Accidental Deaths

Forty-nine law enforcement officers were killed accidentally while performing their duties in 2013. The majority (23 officers) were killed in automobile accidents. The number of accidental line-of-duty deaths increased by one from the 2012 total (48 officers).

Officer Profiles: The average age of the officers who were accidentally killed was 41 years; the average number of years the victim officers had served in law enforcement was 13. All 49 of the officers were male. Forty-one of the officers were white, six were black, and race was not reported for two officers.

Circumstances: Of the 49 officers accidentally killed, 23 died as a result of automobile accidents, nine were struck by vehicles, four officers died in motorcycle accidents, four officers were killed in falls, two were accidentally shot, two drowned, one died in an aircraft accident, and four officers died in other types of duty-related accidents. Seatbelt usage was reported for 22 of the 23 officers killed in automobile accidents. Of these, 14 officers were not wearing seatbelts, three of whom were seated in parked patrol vehicles. Eight officers were wearing their seatbelts at the times of the accidents.

Regions: Thirty-one of the accidental deaths occurred in the South, nine in the West, five in the Northeast, and 4 in the Midwest.


In 2013, of the 49,851 officers assaulted while performing their duties, 29.2 percent were injured. The largest percentage of victim officers (31.2 percent) were assaulted while responding to disturbance calls. Assailants used personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.) in 79.8 percent of the incidents, firearms in 4.5 percent of incidents, and knives or other cutting instruments in 1.8 percent of the incidents. Other types of dangerous weapons were used in 13.9 percent of assaults. Expanded assault details have been included in the 2013 publication. Data for assaults during which officers were injured with firearms or knives/other cutting instruments are located in new tables, figures, and selected narratives.

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The more peter posts on here the more I want to cancel my subscription and never come back.

Where is the outrage over this? These officers were doing their duty and gave up their lives doing it. Then we have to read what a P.O.S. like Philosopus writes.

Here’s your homework assignment LVS: Google “white teens killed by police” , then Google “black teens killed by police”. Use the quotation marks to keep the search specific. You’ll begin to see the issue more clearly…well, I forgot it’s you…but hopefully you’ll begin to see the issue more clearly.

@Philospus-93% of blacks are killed by other blacks. White kids don’t put themselves in lawbreaking situations anywhere near as much as blacks. You are not comparing apples to apples. Of course that doesn’t surprise me at all knowing how goofy you are.


The World According To Garp (LVS) 🙂

@Philospus-what’s the matter, truth hurt you to much. Just because it doesn’t fit you idea of suppression you don’t like it. It is true. They bring it on themselves by thinking the world owes them a living. Who does that remind you of?

Care to post the companion article which states how many civilians were killed by police officers over the years?

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