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Marine released after 214 days in Mexican Jail

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi was released from a Mexican jail on October 31 after spending 214 days in captivity, the U.S. State Department said.

“We are pleased Mexican judicial authorities ordered Sgt. Tahmooressi released on October 31,” a State Department spokesperson said. “He is now in the United States.”

The spokesperson said that throughout Sgt. Tahmooressi’s incarceration, the Department of State provided consular assistance and followed his case very closely, “communicating with him and family members constantly” and facilitating many visits by U.S. officials, Members of Congress, and family members.

The efforts made by Sgt. Tahmooressi’s family, legal team, and supporters – private citizens as well as from the U.S. legislative and executive branches – to work through the Mexican legal process to resolve this issue have allowed Sgt. Tahmooressi to receive required medical care. It was reported that he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder.

A petition had been sent to the White House asking for more involvement from the federal government in securing Sgt. Tahmooressi’s release. The petition stated :

“Sgt. Tahmooressi, living in a truck having just arrived San Diego to seek VA assistance with PTSD supported by a Purple Heart veteran Marine; a 2 tour OEF meritoriously promoted Sergeant gets lost at the border and with one wrong turns ends up in the Mexico customs lane with no way to turn back. His truck piled high with possessions as he searched housing including his U.S. legally purchased firearms/ ammunition. Not intending to drive into Mexico he explains he is lost. Arrested since 4/1/2014, since incarceration his life has been threatened; sustained a neck wound requiring hospitalization and chained in a 4-point restraint, 26+days. The affect of this unjust incarceration on a decorated combat Marine is despairing. Tahmooressi supported by U.S. Consular Services yet low hope.”

Following his release, Tahmooressi’s family said their “prayers have been answered” and asked for privacy.

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The Mexican president would have understood whatPresident Reagan would have said without him actually saying it. The US Marine would have been released immediately !!

The phone call would have went like this, “well, I sure like a good taco once in awhile. You know you should come up sometime to the White House my treat. Now about the US Marine. You know he is my boy and he has had some difficulty since returning from protecting the US. I’m sure we can have him released today, can’t we. I will be expecting him at the White House tomorrow. Thanks, Ronald Reagan.

I see it more like the talk Reagan had with the leader of iran just before reagan was sworn in as president. If my marine isn’t in US airspace when my hand goes on the bible, the bombs will be falling.

@maybe-good comment.

Obama is an idiot !! Ronald Reagan would have had him home within a week!!

Those corrupt mexicant police purposely set their exit roads up to trap and legally rob americans – Happened to my sister and husband – confusing road sign – the fine? Cash money they had on them. True story about 220 bucks for the slobs.

It is about damn time he was brought home. Obama will fight for and release Muslim’s but not a veteran who has fought for our country.

Thats the problem right there. Our fabulous President would have personally saw to it that he was immediately released if he were Muslim. Thats the way it is now. Next time we better elect an American. Period!!!

Glad he is released. GOOD job President Obama!

Obama had absolutely nothing to do with it.

I think anonymous was just being facetious . But what do I know??

I hope so because when it comes to obama I have no sense of humor.

@maybe-I heard that Gretta from FOX News was instrumental in getting him released too.

That I didn’t hear but I did hear the story on headline news and they said montel williams as well as the senators.

Obama could care less about this guy, after all, he is just a US Marine. Golf and protecting Muslim extremists are more important to this administration than an American soldier.

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