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DM Register sells subscriptions Sunday at Mason City Hy-Vee

Hy-Vee East
Hy-Vee East

MASON CITY – The Des Moines Register seems to mean business in Mason City, as they had salesmen in town Sunday selling subscriptions at the Hy-Vee grocery store.

Two gentlemen were perched right inside the front entrance at Hy-Vee East, behind a stand with stacks of Des Moines Register newspapers. They were dressed in red shirts that said “Des Moines Register” and said they worked for the newspaper. As folks came into the store, the men approached each and offered free newspapers and reduced -price subscriptions.

“Get your Register, here!” one of the men exclaimed. They didn’t take “no” for an answer easily.

Nearby, the Globe Gazette’s Greg Wilderman, head of advertising, pushed a shopping cart, nervously watching the two men sign up subscribers, one after the other. The shoppers had big smiles on their faces as they seemed to realize that they were getting a great deal – maybe realizing they could perhaps leave their Globe Gazette behind forever.

They gave NIT’s Matt Marquardt a free paper and although he refused to buy a subscription, had a nice chat with the salesmen.

“I’m curious. How well are you doing today?” Marquardt asked.

“Real well. Selling plenty of subscriptions today,” one of the men said. “They send us all over the state.

Skipper is one of the reasons some refuse to look at a Globe Gazette - giving the Register the green light in Mason City.
Skipper is one of the reasons some refuse to look at a Globe Gazette – giving the Register the green light in Mason City.
“We always do great in towns where everyone hates their local newspaper,” the man continued, as Greg Wilderman pushed his creaky shopping cart around a corner, spying the two men working, perhaps wondering about his future at the Globe and whether or not it is worth it to show up to work Monday.

“Well, you have come to the right place,” Marquardt told the men. “People are sick of how the Globe lies and bullies people. I bet you could sell hundreds of subscriptions today. I wish you well.”

Later, Marquardt said “The Register has the Globe beat here in Mason City. Crisp, clear photos that are not blurry and amateur like in the Globe. Real pros covering state and national issues. Full of inserts that do not appear to be missing, like the Globe. Plus, they don’t employ John Skipper, that’s their biggest advantage. I still snicker every time I think about that used $2 million printer the Globe is installing. Someone needs to tell Warren Buffet how Lee Enterprises is spending his investment.”

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Some people/news papers and online news reporters are not afraid to do real news reports on who ever and what ever…to afraid that they will make “others” “butt hurt”….
I hope the DM Register put the Glob out of business…props to the DM Register and NIT FOR GIVING us the REAL NEWS!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MATT!!!

I got the free one and used it to start the fire in my fireplace!

I signed up. I like the coupons. My husband likes the sports section and also the USA today section. On Sundays I always buy a Des Moines Register, so it was a win win for me. I won’t spend a dime on the Glob.

– Anonymous

And, as far as Warren Buffet goes, you need to do some more research on that. Mr. Buffet is very pro local newspapers.

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The Des Moines Register is there several times a year doing the same thing. As a previous poster says, if you want to read about local community news you aren’t going to get it from the Register.

Well, good luck getting it from the Globe!!! They miss about 90% of what is really going on in Mason City. If u want to get the news– NIT has it all, local, state, regional and national..

And, then KIMT. That is the biggest loser for local news. They intro with ” Now for your local news” and start talking about Rochester, Austin, albert Lea and if they have time.. they will report on Mason City.

Keep up the good work– NIT!!!

Maybe the GLOB will wake up once they have lost all of their customers. The advertisers will not like this at all.

I’ve got “news” for you. The Register does not cover Mason City.

Even more news:

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