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US says it will give Egypt $1.5 billion in aid in 2014

CIA map
CIA map

WASHINGTON – The US State Department, in response to a question from a member of the media, released the following information about how much financial aid the US is providing to Egypt this year:

Question: What is the breakdown of U.S. aid to Egypt? What money has been paid out and what is left?

Answer: The Egypt bilateral foreign assistance budget for FY2014 is approximately $1.5 billion and includes $1.3 billion in Foreign Military Financing (FMF) – $200 million in Economic Support Funds; and over $7 million for other security assistance programs, including International Military Education and Training, International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement, and Nonproliferation, Antiterrorism, Demining and Related Programs. The $650 million from FY2014 FMF will be the first of this funding to move forward, pending Congressional notification and approval.

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If you will recall there was a popular uprising & Morisi & the Brotherhood were deposed. The military took control as a result.
The officers in the Egyptian military are US trained. It is entirely possible that they got a taste of what is possible while here.
This just could be a turning point against the suffocating hold Islam has on the middle-east by a group of western trained people who have a vision of a non-mullah controlled world for Egyptians.

We’ve got plenty of money. If we’ve got money to incarcerate people over pot, we’ve got money to burn.

Imagine giving our own people 1.5 billion a year in direct aid instead of these corrupt sicko ruling class aristocrats in foreign lands. It’s staggering to think of. We could have a Blade Runner / Logan’s Run type futuristic civilization or at least as good as Dubai where every one lives a high quality of life. America treats it’s people like shit. Stoic Christian Thinking has Depleted us of our Due. It’s time to TRANSCEND.

Uhm, Phili, I don’t know what a Blade Runner civilization is going to cost, but $1.5B divided up between the 317 Million American citizens is $4.73 per person.

That’s right, under $5 a head.

While it’s not money that I wouldn’t pick up off the ground, I don’t think it’s the answer to all of our problems.

How about 50 Billion? That’s not counting private 71.2 Billion given away. I’d say 120 Billion every year could do a lot of good right here in the UNITED STATES. Over ten years 1.2 Trillion dollars is given away. Now what where you saying Mr.M?

$120B is $378.55 per person. That’s pretty much what the Bush stimulus package was, wasn’t it?

How about you forget about handing it out as an individual rebate and combine it to build infrastructure, wind turbines, roads, internet access, bridges, military aid even (since we’ll need it once we stop bribing other nations). Ever heard of the Hydrogen Economy? I’ve seen it myself: Pure Water H20 is the emission from the tailpipe on a hydrogen engine. I drank the water myself. Or you can give it to dictators, kings, oligarchs, plutarchs….your choice apparently.

Why would you infer that I had a preference in this? I simply did the math for you.

This is more Israel’s bidding. America is always working for Israel. Israel wants Egypt paid off, so America is going to do it. They are buying one less enemy in the region. I just can’t believe that America goes along with the Israeli lobby as much as they do. It’s really time to set all this on the table and take a good look at it. Yes, Israel deserves protection, but the terms of this protection need reexamination.

@Philly-Right, blame Israel because Obama wants to pay off his Muslim buddy’s. About what should be expected from a basement dweller like you.

LVS=really stupid.

US to Egypt Foreign Aid: Since the Camp David Accords in 1979, the United States has sent Cairo more than $1 billion annually in military aid, much of it because Egypt was seen as a lynchpin to peace in the Middle East.

@Phill-Dumber than anyone else-With the turmoil over there no one knows who will be in power next year. Wake up and get out of the basement dumb ass.

It’s 6289.9 miles from Cairo to the north end of Mason City. WTF do you know about the situation LVS above and beyond any of the rest of us?

Basically it’s time for the United States to end ALL foreign military aid, because it’s actually a violation of our Constitution as Ron Paul has numerously pointed out.

I’m not defending this but here’s an article from 2011 about this very topic written on Forbes.

The $1.5B appears to be what we’ve been sending all along.

I think all of this should be revisited as it clearly didn’t stop what we wanted to stop in the last 3 years.

I’m sure we can thank John Kerry for this. As long as it isn’t his money, he could care less.

Actually we have been giving Egypt this for years and even more under Dubya.

I was surprised to see when I looked it up that 2/3’s of all US foreign aid goes just 2 countries.
Egypt and Israel.

Personally I think this foreign aid crap has gotten way out of hand.


Why in the hell would we want to do something stupid like this? We can’t pay our bills here at home and the country goes deeper in debt every damn day. We need to throw every one of those politicians out and get someone in there with some common sense. we certainly have people right here at home that could use help. Why raise our taxes just to give it to a Muslim country?????

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