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City of Manly council meeting minutes – January 2, 2014

This news story was published on January 6, 2014.
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City Hall Council Chambers Thursday, January 2, 2014
Manly, Iowa MINUTES 7:00 P.M.
The City Council of the City of Manly, Iowa met in regular session in City Hall Council Chambers on Thursday, January 2, 2014. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Mayor Isaacson. Council Members present were: Heagel, Ferden, Leake and Ryan. Absent: Council Member Badker. Also in attendance were Fire Chief Bob Rush, City Attorney Tom Meyer and Gene Watson.
Mayor Isaacson asked for approval of the agenda. Motion by Ryan to approve the agenda as presented, second by Leake and approved unanimously. Mayor Isaacson asked for approval of the Consent Agenda, including routine items, minutes of the regular meeting on December 16, 2013, claims paid from December 16, 2013 through December 31, 2013, per Resolution 2012-07, and approval of claims to be paid from December 16, 2013, through December 31, 2013. Motion by Ferden to approve the Consent Agenda, second by Ryan and approved unanimously.
Paid claims list – December 16, 2013 through December 31, 2013 – Per resolution 2012-07
IRS, fed/fica 12-20-13 payroll $ 2836.13
IA Dept of Rev., November Sales Tax 954.00
US Post Office, stamps 92.00
IA Insurance Division, Annual Cemetery Report FY ’13 15.00
Wellmark, insurance premium 2828.39
US Postmaster, January utility billing 191.47
Keith Dakin, utility deposit 90.58
Maxine Kruger, utility deposit 52.36
Tracy Mitchell, utility deposit 27.76
Aaron Pals, PD-cell phone reimbursement 30.00
Brown Supply, water supplies 209.09
Car Qwest, street vehicle maintenance 170.00
Centurylink, telephone 540.52
City Shoe, boots 148.00
DataTech, W-2’s/1099’s 123.15
HACH, water supplies 214.18
Hoyt Repair, garbage truck repair 70.92
IMFOA, 2014 Membership 40.00
Mastercard, postage/sewer supplies 152.16
Matt Parrott, utility bills/permit envelopes 741.88
Menards, parks 510.08
Midwest Wheel, supplies 136.95
NAPA, supplies 110.44
NIACOG, NoRISC dues 236.49
Northwood Electric, bulbs 229.31
Christopher Piper, PD-cell phone/headlight reimbursement 39.97
Principal Financial, life ins. Premium 47.75
Staples, office supplies 96.36
Tractor Supply, supplies 72.96
US Cellular, internet 71.43
Martin Marietta, sand 133.56
Superior Lamp, industrial lights 1178.97
Worth County Engineer, fuel 1045.79
TOTAL $13,437.65
Bound Tree, EMS supplies 260.49
Joe’s Collision, Eng #1 batteries 196.00
TOTAL $456.49
Alliant Energy, utilities $ 238.00
Angela Mosiman, crafts 1.50
Iowa History Journal, subscription 35.95
Baker & Taylor, books 406.15
Milford Memorial Library, book 34.00
Mastercard, supplies 675.47
Marilyn Pinta, supplies 9.62
TOTAL $1,400.69
Claims to be paid December 16, 2013 through December 31, 2013
Electronic Engineering, FD-tower service 44.55
Huber Supply, FD-oxygen 29.52
Sandry Fire Supply, FD-broken light 144.84
Alliant Energy, FD-utilities 429.03
Centurylink, FD-telephone 51.64
Bob Rush, FD-chief pay 600.00
TOTAL $1,299.58
At this time the Public Forum was opened.
Fire Chief Rush updated the council regarding a change on the Fire Department’s budget that was previously submitted
Public Forum was closed.
1. Resolution 2014-01
A Resolution appointing the City Clerk for a term of one year. Motion by Leake to approve Resolution 2014-01, second by Ferden. Roll Vote as follows: Aye, Heagel, Aye, Ferden, Aye, Leake, Aye, Ryan
2. Resolution 2014-02
A Resolution approving a restricted maintenance fund for the Manly Cemetery.
Motion by Heagel to approve Resolution 2014-02, second by Ryan. Roll vote as follows: Aye, Heagel, Aye, Ferden, Aye, Leake, Aye, Ryan
3. Resolution 2014-03
A Resolution approving a Perpetual Care Fund for the Manly Cemetery.
Motion by Ryan to approve Resolution 2014-03, second by Leake. Roll vote as follows:
Aye, Heagel, Aye, Ferden, Aye, Leake, Aye, Ryan
4. Manly Senior Citizens/Gene Watson
Gene Watson addressed the council regarding replacing the outside stairway to the apartment above their building. They would like the stairway built to the east of their building in the empty lot between city hall and their building. Additional information was needed regarding the plans. With a backup plan in mind, The Senior Citizen’s Center will move forward on applying for a grant to building the new stairway.
5. LTD Broadband
Discussion was held regarding the request for internet service in Manly. Motion by Ryan to approve the internet service for LTD Broadband under the conditions of proof of current insurance and the equipment be placed on the small water tower, second by Ferden and approved unanimously.
6. Worth County Beautification
Discussion was held regarding some donations that have been pledged already. More information was requested for the next meeting concerning pricing.
7. FY’13 Budget Amendment
Clerk updated council regarding an upcoming budget amendment needed.
8. Pool Manager
Discussion was held regarding the 2014 pool season. Motion by Ryan to hire former pool manager, Marcia Christiansen at $10.00 per hour, second by Ferden and approved unanimously.
9. Adjust Water Rates
Per Ordinance 92.02 RATES FOR SERVICE. Annual recommendation from the City Clerk to adjust the water rate base.
10. Budget Workshop Date
Discussion was held regarding the upcoming budget workshop for FY ’15 set for Wednesday, January 15, 2013.
11. Mayor/Council/Clerk Updates
City Clerk informed the council Data Tech would be on site Wednesday, January 22, 2014. The Mayor approved city hall to be closed for the day during this meeting and computer modifications planned by the company.
Meeting adjourned at 8:01 P.M.
The next regular council meeting and scheduled budget workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, January 15, 2014.
Kevin Isaacson Dee Dunbar
Mayor City Clerk

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