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Oglesby takes sentence in stride despite questions in self-defense case

MCPD investigates incident in July of 2012 where Troy Oglesby's home was invaded by an intruder.
MCPD investigates incident in July of 2012 where Troy Oglesby’s home was invaded by an intruder.

MASON CITY – Troy Oglesby was sentenced today in court to 60 days in jail with credit served for all but 15 days.  Judge Rustin Davenport threw out a $625.00 fine and placed Oglesby on probation for a year.

The sentence was part of a plea deal worked out between the prosecuting attorney brought over from Hancock County, David Solheim, and Oglesby’s attorney, Rich Piscopo.

Oglesby had family and friends in the courtroom Monday morning to support him at the sentencing hearing, which stemmed from an incident that occurred in July of 2012 where he was charged with terrorism.  A young man acquainted with Oglesby, Kaleb Merle Tyler, had allegedly taken a sledgehammer and smashed the windows on Oglesby’s van, then entered Oglesby’s home and struck him in the ribs with the sledgehammer.  Oglesby had allegedly chased Tyler a short distance and fired two gunshots in his direction.  Tyler fled the scene in a car that was parked nearby that held four juveniles.

Oglesby told Judge Davenport that he was defending himself before the judge approved the plea deal.

After court, Oglesby said he was glad the ordeal was coming to an end.  He had faced upwards of 17 years in prison if convicted on the original charge.

Ogelsby, who is employed full-time and will not miss work to serve his 15 days, hopes to go back to his quiet life on the city’s southwest side, although he is nagged by the fact that Tyler got a “slap on the wrist” as he puts it for entering his home and injuring him.  Oglesby has said that Tyler had a relative working in the courthouse and a relative that was a former Mason City police officer.

Tyler was charged with criminal mischief in the third degree, an aggravated misdemeanor, after the incident but the judgement was deferred.  Tyler did have to pay $890.00 in court costs and fines.

Troy has offered to talk more about the circumstances surrounding the case at a later date.  He and his lawyer agree it would be best if some time passes so emotions are calmed.

Kaleb Merle Tyler received a deferred judgement after an incident at Troy Oglesby's home last year.
Kaleb Merle Tyler received a deferred judgement after an incident at Troy Oglesby’s home last year.


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What happened to those other guys in the car? Did they get charged? The ones who helped Calob Tyler?

Troy got hosed, he never should of even been charged, he was just protecting himself trying to teach this spoiled brat a lesson. I would never want to have Todd Blodgett for a neighbor or even sit next to him in a bar, but I really wish that Blodgett would of been the one this little creep broke in and attacked. Tyler would probably be dead now, his ex-cop gramps and gramma whose a legal secretary would of got no where trying to go up against what the Blodgett’s would push back at them. I hope who ever this brat tries to attack next time is a better shot, good riddance I think.

Your right the Tyler kid and Blodget both got short temper. Since Caleb likes black girls all we got to do is tell Tyler about Toddy Boy being in the KKK. Get him all worked up so they throw down. My moneys on Blodget, a crazy Nazi with a gun beat’s a smart ass punk with a slegehammer.

Was following this story. It seemed to be an unfortunate situation for Oglesby given the facts with regards to Tyler’s relationships with MCPD & the County Attorney Office. I still find the charges against Tyler absurd and unjust. I am sure Oglesby is relieved with the plea. I for one think the MCPD went overboard with the initial charges. Mr. Tyler is delusional if he thinks MCPD will always cover up for him. It’s only a matter of time if he continues this way of thinking.

Maybe not a ideal settlement but probably acceptable just to get it over with.

I’m not excusing or condoning Ogelsby’s actions in any way by these comments. However, in our society, we have all grown up watching TV shows and movies where cops and criminals automatically give chase to people and shoot at their getaway cars. It is so ingrained in our brains that that is what is done when someone tries to harm someone on the screen that one almost wouldn’t think twice, especially when attacked by a hammer in the middle of the night, when sound asleep and disoriented. I’m sure I’d want to stop the bastard who did it, too. I’d have to pull the reins in and remind myself that it wasn’t legal and you can only do that in the movies. Violence on the screen has way too much influence on our lives. That said, I’m glad he didn’t hit anyone and that he isn’t going to jail for murder. I hope Tyler learned his lesson and that he might not be so lucky the next time he tries a stunt like that. And I hope the friends who were with him figure that out and realize they should have stopped him. He deserved to be punished far worse for what he did. He could be the one in jail for murder for the rest of his life had he severed an internal artery.

Not a bad deal really. He did break the law firing the weapon. Not saying anything about Tylers actions. To bad the lawyer needs money. Could also take the tyler family to small claims court for damages.

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