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Clear Lake Fire Department busy Friday night at OP and Silver Boot (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Clear Lake Fire Fighters Respond to Fire at OP on Feb. 1, 2013.
Clear Lake fire fighters respond to fire at OP on Feb. 1, 2013.

by Jody Spear and Kelly Meyer –

CLEAR LAKE – Two fires broke out in Clear Lake Friday afternoon, and authorities were still on the scene at both locations as darkness and a snow shower set in.

Around 4:40 pm, Clear Lake and Ventura Fire Departments were dispatched to The Other Place in Clear Lake, located at 200 Hwy 18 West.

There were reports of flames and smoke coming out the roof the business.  At the scene, heavy smoke could be seen coming from vents on roof in the back part of the restaurant. People were evacuated and safely standing behind the building. It was said by a bystander who refused to be identified that the fire broke out in the kitchen.

Clear Lake and Ventura police along with the Iowa State Patrol assisted with traffic control.

About an hour later, at 5:45 pm, Clear Lake fire fighters responded to a report of a fire at the Silver Boot Motel at 1214 S. Shore Dr. Flames and heavy gray smoke were seen coming from the ceiling of Unit 220.

First priority was getting the occupants out of the building, which again was accomplished at this location.

At 6:12 pm, fire fighters were done at the OP and all responded to the Silver Boot.

A call to the Silver Boot was answered at 7:00 PM and the receptionist said “everyone is out of their rooms now. It was a fire between two rooms, in the wall. There’s still smoke coming out.”

She indicated that people would likely be able to stay in their rooms this evening and only a small part of the hotel would be closed off.

Watch video:



More photos:

Inspecting Vent

View of the back of OP and the venting area

Weather Started to get bad as the work to put out the fire

Fire Fighters at the OP in Clear Lake for a Fire

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