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Op-ed: Urdahl goes both ways (by Peter Children)

This news story was published on March 11, 2012.
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It might be legal to solicit funds from the other political party.

In this case the “other” political party is Republicans – and Democrat Jay Urdahl’s fund raising letter, contrived and crafted by Dr. Gary Blodgett along with his friend, Jay.  On the surface it says many things that are not written on the paper.

It speaks of a man who is obsessed with money, who will reach into as many pockets as humanly possible to get his hands on a dollar.  The Republicans on the other hand see him as a secret agent…sort of a mole who will put their issues before the party he ran under which supported him lo these past twenty-four years, and that happens to be the Democratic party.  You could say he goes both ways.

The letter in question was not sent to a large audience, only around 40 went out I am told but it was said to be a high value list that at the last election brought him in $1,500.00.  This year the good doctor is asking for $5,000.00.  Whatever does come in will never be spent on campaigning, it will go directly into his account and never come out again.

I think Urdahl will make some sort of showing as an attempt to look like he was really competing; you have to go through the motions when you go around with your hand out…you need to show some effort. Maybe get the old yard signs out once more, some used brochures should do the trick nicely.

Urdhal has neutralized just about everyone he thought might run against him….this is done by making promises, shifting things around in the courthouse or redrawing his district to make some ineligible, but there is one guy standing in the wings just waiting to announce. I know of one unnamed source that has committed $5.000.00 to him, and there are others who will add to that pot in a heartbeat. Used yard signs won’t cut it this time around…

Peter J. Children

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3 Responses to Op-ed: Urdahl goes both ways (by Peter Children)

  1. Bob Lee Reply Report comment

    March 11, 2012 at 11:36 pm

    This election is just a prelude of the city council/mayoral race in 18 months or so. The current baffon sitting in the mayors office will definitly have to run against someone of substance and principals next time around.

  2. Dell Ray Reply Report comment

    March 11, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    This guy and his band of cronies need to retire!!
    Curious to see the list of donor’s when it comes online. This is what I’d like NIT to expose. All those that gave this SOB more money!!

  3. Laura Grohl Reply Report comment

    March 11, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    Cost a Supervisor: ~ $47,000/year. Cost of the look on that dude’s face: priceless.