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Back Peddling, by Peter Children

(Submitted to by Peter Children)

Somebody should send Bookmeyer a canoe paddle because he’s trying to back peddle as best he can. He may have been digging a hole for his adversaries but fell into it himself.

It could be that the mayor misjudged the vulnerability of Weaver….his main opponent on the council table. Upon taking office….that had to be shock to him to begin with, I mean the mere fact that he won. I think John Jaszewski, his then opponent in the race for mayor spent all of about $6.00 and had grey hair on top of that, not a good thing. John was not young and probably bankrupt of any fresh ideas making him easy to beat, whereas Bookmeyer had just a little over $10,000.00 in his kick. To me his win brought home the classic quotation: “Bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote.” Bookmeyer is under the illusion that being mayor of a small city of 27,000 people is a major accomplishment….I’d compare it to running a hog feeding operation south of Rockwell.

Just think what it would be like in this town if this train wreck had four votes. You all better pray that Nelson reverses his decision to not run again, if he doesn’t I could see property values drop in this city. Same with Marsters; those two are the face of reason, stability and sound thinking surrounds them. Weaver….well sometimes Weaver is a pit bull, sometimes he’s the sentinel at the gate, ever mindful. Don’t let the homeless look fool you. I once had a friend who’d get into crap games here in the city. This was a game where several thousands of dollars was on the table. He’d enter the room and start screaming some obscenity or other, then he’d stagger and bump into the table. Everyone there thought he was horribly intoxicated. By the end of the night he’d have most of the money that was on the table in his pocket. Truth was he was stone sober….he was smart as a Fox. These three are the unmovable force that Bookmeyer didn’t count on.

As I said before, if Bookmeyer told anyone of the remaining ones to jump in front of the bus they’d fight to be first. Hickey looks like he’s lost, doesn’t say much, still trying to figure things out; Bookmeyer won’t like that, people who actually think might either change their mind or even worse….figure things out. Solberg looks like she is trying to figure out what she can sell to the city….that might be a conflict. Tornquist thinks the more he expounds on a subject, the smarter he’ll appear. In truth the effect is completely opposite. He should learn that at times, less is more..I once ran into him in a local resturant, he was eating with his family. I wanted to ask him a question….he cut me off quickly. He said, “Can’t you see I am with my family.” He’s an at-large council person meaning everyone in the city is his constituent. No time to attend to one of those voters types. If Weaver had been there with his family, he’d would have asked me to join them at his table. Now look up the word elitist and see if Tornquist’s picture is there. Truthfully he’s a long way from being an elitist, in fact he’s a long way from being anything; but that’s just this man’s opinion.

The biggest problem in our society is the fact that less than 20% of qualified voters go to the polls to vote. I always vote, never miss. To be able to chose who you want to represent you is the greatest privilege on earth. Why do you think everyone in the world wants to come here to live? Many young men and women….far too many, gave their lives in order for me to go into that booth and cast my vote. People say, “It was too cold to go vote, it was raining hard that day and I just didn’t feel up to it.” The next time you see flag draped coffins coming off military transports containing bodies of young people whose lives were cut short on foreign soil; ask yourself if they were able to tell their commander that it was too cold to go on that mission where they gave their life for us.

If you are ever find yourself standing in line somewhere and there is a young person in uniform in line behind you, insist that they move up to the head of the line or at least to the position immediatly a head of you. Trust me….you’ll feel much better about it.

What we are witnessing her in this small town, is the possibility that some people may have tried….or wanted to shut down a local agency that has existed in this community for close to 40 years. This agency is the safe harbor for countless people who need its services. Of course it is almost impossible to gather hard evidence to prove this claim….but convicting someone of murder has been done even when there was no corpse to be found. How is it done? Its called “circumstantial evidence.”

Lets consider the facts as we are able to:

Fact: We know Scott Bultje manages I.C. Systems. And we know he and his firm contributed $449.00 towards Bookmeyer’s campain.

Fact: We know Corey Bultje served as campain manager for Bookmeyer in his successful run for mayor.

Fact: We know a local compliant was filed through the office of Human Rights against I.C. Systems shortly after Bookmeyer took office; That case now sits in District Court where it has been for two years. In the first two primary hearing regarding it resulted in fines and decisions rendered against I.C. Systems.

Fact: We know I.C. Systems has a history of complaints from their employees. More here than at any other location according to Scott Bultje.

Fact: Bookmeyer requested an internal audit on The Office of Human Rights going back to 1974. At the time of this writing I am not aware of any other department currently being audited. Why the inherent interest in only this department?

Fact: A senior commissioner resigned after Bookmeyer’s comment on “old people.”

Fact: Three board seats remain vacant after three months of delay by Bookmeyer

Fact: Early in 2010 Scott Bultje notified each council member voicing displeasure towards the local office of Human Rights. While that is not considered suspicious in itself it adds credence to the link between he and Bookmeyer concerning this matter and further goes to prove this local office has proven without doubt to be a thorn in his side.

We urge you to comment based upon the facts presented here as to your thoughts on this matter. Answer yes if you think the mayor tried to use his office to shut down this department. No if yyou think otherwise. I am also aware that these answers could be easily manipulated.

Peter J. Children|

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